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5 Therapies for Autism Disorder

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5 Therapies for Autism Disorder - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn about autism disorder and know where can you get the best treatment in India.

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5 therapies for autism disorder

5 Therapies for Autism Disorder

Child Psychologists and occupational therapists in

Delhi use exercises, activities and strategies to help kids

develop the skills they need to become more

independent.There are certain therapies which are provided

by these well experienced therapists in the therapy centers

in Delhi they work in. These include:

applied behavior analysis aba therapy aba therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy- ABA therapy

is most effective and begins when children are younger

than age 5, although older children with Autism disorder

can also benefit from this therapy. ABA helps teach

social as well as reasoning skills and works to manage

challenging behavior. It’s based on teaching these skills

through observation and positive reinforcement. You

have to be very patient with therapy as its time


Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)Therapy-

RDI is a relatively more trustable and recommendable

therapy for autism disorder. RDI training is most

effective when children start getting therapy at initial

stage. To find out, early invention sign of the autism.

Click here.

RDI focus to teach children how to think flexibly and engage

in social relationships with family and friends. It focus on the

social interaction or communication skills of the child.

pivotal response therapy prt pivotal response

Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) - Pivotal Response

Treatment- PRT is used to teach language, decrease

disruptive/self-stimulatory behaviors, and increase social,

communication, and academic skills by focusing on

critical, or “pivotal,” behaviors that affect a wide range of

behaviors. The primary goal of pivotal behaviors is

motivation and initiation of communications with others.

PRTis to produce positive changes in the pivotal

behaviors, leading to improvement in communication

skills, play skills, social behaviors and the child’s ability to

monitor his or her own behavior.

Verbal Behavior (VB) Therapy – It describes all of the

parts of language as a system and includesthe basis of

languages and behavior. VB is designed to motivate a

child to learn language by developing a connection

between a word and its value. VB may be used as an

extension of the communication section of an ABA


Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)Therapy-The goals are

to foster social gains communicative cognitive and

to foster social gains – communicative, cognitive, and

language – in young children with autism, and to reduce

atypical behaviors associated with autism. ESDM is

appropriate for children with autism or autism symptoms

who are as young as 12 months of age, through preschool

age. ESDM focus on behaviors involved in capturing and

holding children’s attention, fostering their motivation for

social interaction by using joint play activities as the

medium for treatment, developing nonverbal and verbal

communication to foster social interaction.

These therapies are given by the well experienced and

trainedoccupational therapists. Occupational therapists

in Delhi can work with kids on many different types of fun

activities which won’t let the child get bored.

For more on developmental disorders such as autism,

Read: 5 Early Signs of Autism in a Toddler.

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