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Web-Centric Collaboration & Information Sharing

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Web-Centric Collaboration & Information Sharing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web-Centric Collaboration & Information Sharing. Overview/Status of the Defense Collaboration Network International Collaboration Network. DCN/ICN Team Nov 10, 2000. OSD LAMP Program Robert S. Kidwell, ManTech VP & Sr Tech Dir enterprise Integration Center. DCN/ICN.

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Presentation Transcript
web centric collaboration information sharing
Web-Centric Collaboration & Information Sharing

Overview/Status of the

Defense Collaboration Network

International Collaboration Network


Nov 10, 2000

OSD LAMP Program

Robert S. Kidwell,

ManTech VP & Sr Tech Dir

enterprise Integration Center

dcn icn
  • What is the DCN/ICN
  • Current Capabilities & Technologies/ Tools
    • Information Services
    • Collaboration Services
  • Summary

What is the DCNICN

  • An information Technology Infrastructure that Utilizes the “Internet” as a Backbone to Encourage and Provide Defense-Wide and World-Wide Information & Collaboration Services: Concerning all Aspects of the DoD Digital Environment Strategy
      • Service Oriented
      • Remote collaboration by specific group(s)
        • International Industry Commission for electronic Business (IICeB),
        • NATO CALS Management Board
        • Electronic Tech Manual Interoperability Working Group
      • Searches on Digital Environment Technical/Management
      • Documentation
      • White Pages/Yellow Pages for Individuals/Organizations
      • Enterprise Defense Initiatives and Implementations
the dcn icn pilot program

Critical Grading Period

The DCN/ICN Pilot Program

Our Goal: To Develop, Introduce, and

Support DCN/ICN Pilot Programs at

Specific “DoD” Program Offices,

International Affiliations

1999 -


  • Core Collaboration Services
    • Web-Centric E- Mail and Electronic Mail Lists
    • On-line Threaded Text Conferencing with Subject Forums
    • File Sharing, White-Boarding, Application Sharing
    • Audio-video desk-top collaboration
    • Web-Centric Comment/Annotation
    • Web-Centric Voting
    • Web-Centric Conference Program Management
  • Core Information Services
    • White Pages of DoD/Industry Organizations
sample pilot programs
Sample Pilot Programs
  • Current Pilot Programs
    • OSD Logistics Transformation Leadership Group
    • OSD Corrosion Information and Distribution Center
    • OSD Logistics Architecture 2010 Working Group
    • NATO CALS Management Board
    • Korea Defense CALS -ADD
    • 21st Century Commerce (Expo 2000)
    • DoD Tri-Service IETM Working Group
    • CM Central
    • XML/EDI Central
    • Foreign Customs EDI
    • International Commission for electronic Business and Congress (IICeB
nato cals management board
NATO CALS Management Board
  • NATO CALS Handbook WG
  • NATO CALS Metrics WG
add korea defense cals
ADD Korea Defense CALS
  • Technology Exchange
  • Repository for technology presentations, IWSDB reviews.
  • Calendar for Events/Activities
add text conference
ADD Text Conference
  • Collaboration Tool by Topic
  • Post Messages with attached files.
dcn icn capabilities
DCN/ICN Capabilities
  • What is the DCN/ICN
  • Current Capabilities & Technologies/ Tools
    • Collaboration Services
    • Information Services
    • Customer Help and Technical Support
  • Summary
collaboration services
Core Collaboration Services

Web-Centric E-Mail

Exploder Lists

Threaded Text Conferences

Web-Centric Calendar

File Sharing

CorePlus Collaboration Services



Application Sharing

White Board

Text Chatting

Shared Web Navigation

Audio and Video Conferencing

Collaboration Services
current technologies tools capabilities

Internet-Based Collaboration Services - unlimited user accounts


World Wide Web

Browsers, Web Servers

Scripting Languages (Client and Server)

Web-Database Technologies (Cold Fusion, AcitveX Data Objects)

Markup Languages (HTML, XML)

Active Server Pages

Electronic Mail (Web-Centric)

Windows (GUI)

Object-Relational Databases

Initial Tools

Text Conferences in Allaire Forums

Web hosting of documents or presentations

E-Mail exploder list

FTP hosting/file transfer capability

Video Conference Server Software

Web-Based Calendar



Current Technologies, Tools, & Capabilities
core services collaboration


Core Services - Collaboration
  • Web-Centric Calendar
  • Web-Centric E-Mail
  • Video Conferencing
    • Video, Audio, Application Sharing, Text Chat, White boarding
  • Text Conferencing
  • Email Exploder List
  • Comment/Annotation
  • Voting
web centric calendar
Web-Centric Calendar
  • Calendar of Events
  • Single, Periodic, Duration (multiple days) Events

COTS: iCal 2.1

BrownBear Software

web centric e mail
Web-Centric E-Mail
  • Web Browser Accessible
  • Attached Files
  • Address Book
  • Search Engine
  • Multiple Personalities (accounts)
  • Auto-response
  • Mail Forwarding


Version 5.05.0002

desktop video conference
Desktop Video Conference


User Interface

  • Audio*, Video*, Text Chat
  • Whiteboarding,
  • Application Sharing (e.g. MS Word, Excel, AutoCad)
  • File Transfer

NetMeeting Client is a freecomponent of

the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web

Browser. DCN/ICN provides locator service.

* Microphone,

Desktop Video Camera needed.

demo text conference
Demo Text Conference

User Interface


  • Conferences
    • Forums
      • Threads
        • Message
  • Search
  • New Messages
  • Attached Files

COTS: Allaire Forums 2.05 – Now Open Source

e mail exploder list show members
E-Mail Exploder List (Show Members)
  • E-Mail to All Members of a Group
  • Selectively E-Mail one or more members.

COTS + Developmental:

Gordano NTMail 5x

comment annotation tool
Comment/Annotation Tool
  • Web-Centric
  • Comment on Documents
  • View Comments – all or by type of comment
  • Download Files
  • File Upload for Administrators
  • Comment Disposition for Administrators.

Developmental: ColdFusion

  • Web-centric voting tool
  • Question Types
    • Multiple Choice
    • Rank Order
    • Yes/No/Abstain
  • Vote Result Charts
  • Remote Administration
information services
Core Information Services

CALS/EC Interest Organizations

CALS/EC Initiatives and Implementations

CALS/EC Publications and Repositories

Electronic Publishing

CorePlus Information Services

CALS/EC Technologies

CALS/EC Events

Document Management System

CALS/EC Specialists and Partnerships

CALS/EC Test and Certification Resources

Information Dissemination

Information Services
core services information
Core Services - Information
  • ManTech-CALS Archive of Deliverables
  • Document Management System
  • ManTech CALS Information Repository
  • Conference Management System (Tracks, Sessions, Speakers, Presentations)
dcn icn cals archive
  • CALS/IDE Project Deliverables
  • Other CALS Interest Documents
    • CODE Report
    • ODIS Report
  • Search Engine
    • Keywords
    • Meta Tags
document management system
Document Management System
  • Web Version of Windows Explorer
  • (Folder,File) Hierarchy
  • Expandable/ Collapsible Tree of Folders/Files
  • Edit Folder/File Attributes (title, abstract, date)
cals information services
CALS/Information Services
  • Organizations
  • Initiatives/ Implementations
  • Technology Transfer
  • Repositories – Product Life Cycle
    • Acquisition
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics
    • Test & Evaluation
    • Operations
    • Support
conference management system
Conference Management System
  • Manage Tracks, Sessions, Speakers
  • Track Chairs Vote on Speakers
  • Remote Administration
  • Speaker Management (bio, contact sheet, abstract, presentation)
dcn icn customer support
DCN/ICN Customer Support
  • Core Collaboration Tools – FAQs, Guides, Knowledge Bases, Tech Support
  • Core Information Service Tools – Help Pages, Guides
dcn icn technical support
DCN/ICN Technical Support
  • Browser Detection
  • Problem Reporting Form
  • Problem Reporting Text Forum
summary of future activities
Summary of Future Activities
  • Sustain/Enhance Internet, Web-based Collaboration/Information Services Support for Pilot Programs
    • Performance and Security Enhancements
      • LAN Infrastructure (100 MB Cables, Switches, Hubs)
      • Public Key (SSL) for Selected Pilot Programs with Remote Administration Requirements
    • Technology Refreshment
      • Security, Content Publication and Delivery
      • Subscription/Notification Service – MS Office Service Extensions
      • Windows 2000 Server for Production Servers.
    • Enterprise Workflow Tool
    • Expanded Video Conference Server (H.323 compliant)