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Edelstone Lab & Computing

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Edelstone Lab & Computing. At UIC and the College of Medicine. Staff. Office is back by blue lockers Lee Katman, Joe Lee, Richard Chua and Alberto Camarena, plus our GAs Computer help office hours: ~7:30 am - 5 pm We do a lot of running around before 8:30 am Contact info MDPChelp@uic.edu

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edelstone lab computing

Edelstone Lab & Computing

At UIC and the College of Medicine

  • Office is back by blue lockers
  • Lee Katman, Joe Lee, Richard Chua and Alberto Camarena, plus our GAs
  • Computer help office hours: ~7:30 am - 5 pm
    • We do a lot of running around before 8:30 am
  • Contact info
    • MDPChelp@uic.edu
    • http://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/student_services/edelstone
what do we do
What do we do
  • AV & Lecture Capture in classrooms
  • Edelstone and classroom facilities
  • Computer lab
  • Student computing support
  • Dean’s office computer support
  • Telemedicine
  • Other duties as assigned
our services for students
Our Services for Students
  • Assistance with computers, printers, scanner, and software in student lab
  • Help you set up wireless acccess for campus
  • Assistance for personal computer (virus, spyware)
  • Advice on computer hardware or software purchases
  • File recovery when possible
back up your data
Back Up Your Data!!
  • Everyone loses data, it’s a question of WHEN not IF
  • Use an external drive, burn to DVD, save to UIC web disk, etc.
  • Don’t let this be you –



(this guy took sample sounds from a dying hard drive and built a song around it. He didn’t win the contest, but I like the song better than the winner, http://odeo.com/episodes/632955 )

com student computer lab
COM Student Computer Lab
  • 25 PCs and 6 Macs
    • 2.8 to 3.2 GHz,
  • 5 Printers
    • Four fast black & white HP laser printers, one moderately quick one
com student computer lab7
COM Student Computer Lab
  • Variety of standard software
    • Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Photoshop, etc.
  • Scanner
  • Copier by Blue Lockers
printing u print system
Printing: U-Print system
  • Start a print (File, Print)
    • Do NOT change default printer
  • Go to ANY Print station
  • Login to see list of all documents you requested to be printed
  • Select job to print
  • Have 12 hours before the job is gone
  • Can print from wireless too
u print
  • Charges
    • 8 cents per sheet of paper
      • Print on one or both sides of sheet for 8 cents (duplex)
      • Given free $15 per semester for printing (187 sheets or 375 pages) “quota”
      • If you exceed your quota, add money to I-card using Dragon $.
u print10
  • FAQ
    • If you don’t use up your $15 credit, you lose it at the end of the semester. It is NOT from your fees.
    • You get three $15 credit allocations per year: Fall, Spring and Summer. This does not roll over.
    • The $15 starts at the beginning of each semester, 1 week before undergrad start
    • Bad print? Give us cover sheet for refund or we can send it through again without charge
saving your files downloads
Saving your files/Downloads
  • USB Flash/jump/thumb drives
  • Webdisks
  • Burn to CD/DVD
  • Files saved on computer will be deleted
  • If you download files, note where they go - save to desktop
  • You cannot install software
  • http://webdisks.uic.edu
  • Access your files from anywhere on the net
  • Use in conjunction with the Blackboard Content System to grant access to the files - one user or many users - with a few clicks!!
  • Post documents, web pages, datasets, presentations - anything
  • The files are stored on the ACCC's central server and backed up daily. Everyone has an automatic 100 MB of storage space
  • More info athttp://accc.uic.edu/itl/webdisks/
other campus computing labs
Other Campus Computing Labs
  • Goldberg building (N.E. corner Taylor & Damen -- 1 block S. and 1 block W.)
  • Student residence halls
    • Charge for wireless access in dorm
  • East side of campus (Main Library, SEL and other locations)
    • Same software as Edelstone Computer lab
    • Same U-Print system with same $15 quota
wireless computing at uic
Wireless computing at UIC
  • Much of our building has wireless access
  • Many places on campus allow wireless connections
  • Can print to campus printers
  • Requires some configuration/set up
  • For more info:
    • http://accc.uic.edu/network/wireless/
  • See us if you need more help
  • http://blackboard.uic.edu
  • Each course may be set up differently
  • Some courses post test scores or final grades
  • Read the syllabus—you may be expected to check Blackboard several times a week
  • May need Powerpoint or Acrobat Reader to read presentations
  • Lecture captures should be linked here in Fall
  • We have one for general College of Medicine use
software accc under software
Software: ACCC(under Software)
  • ACCC E-Sales (under Software)
    • Microsoft Office $55-$75
    • Microsoft Windows Upgrade $60
    • Symantec Anti-virus **Free**
    • SecureW2 (Win wireless access) **Free**
    • Statistical software and more (prices vary)
software hardware microstation
Software & Hardware: MicroStation
  • http://www.microstation.uic.edu
  • Mostly for Hardware purchases
  • Dell and Macintosh computers
    • Includes reduced priced laptop bundles
    • See an on-line price? Take to MicroStation
  • Some parts and accessories
  • DO NOT BUY Microsoft Software here
  • Across the street in bookstore or at SCE
how to get started
How to get started
  • Sign up for Medsummer listserv
  • Install AntiVirus and set up your Wireless
    • http://e-sales.accc.uic.edu
    • http://accc.uic.edu/network/wireless
    • Follow directions to configure for printing too
  • Home Broadband - set up UIC VPN to access library resources from off campus
    • http://accc.uic.edu/software/vpn/
  • AntiSpyware
    • Spybot, AdAware - http://download.com
  • We are available for help
once you ve settled in
Once you’ve settled in
  • UIC email account on Mailserv
  • SPAM filters
  • Blackboard
  • Contact course directors
  • Check out study spaces
    • http://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/student_services/college_of_medicine_study_rooms
physical plant issues
Physical plant issues
  • Lost and Found
  • Temperatures
  • Food and Drink
  • Edelstone Fridges
  • Doors
if you have problems
If you have problems
  • READ signs and directions
  • TRY to fix it
  • TELL someone
  • MDPChelp@uic.edu
  • 312-996-0362 - my direct line
  • From the College of Medicine home page, click on Current Students, then Edelstone Computer Center or go to
    • http://chicago.medicine.uic.edu/student_services/edelstone
  • For this presentation, from the Edelstone Web page, click on Student Orientation Slide Show
today is
Today is…
  • Chimborazo Day
    • at6310 m, the nearest point on earth to the sun. What's that? Mount Everest is taller, you say? Yes, it is true, Mount Everest has an elevation of 8848 m which technically makes it taller, but the earth's diameter at the equator is greater than at Mount Everest.
  • Casey at the Bat Day
    • First published in the San Francisco Examiner on this day in 1888
  • And June is also
    • International Surf Music Month