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transnational public actions

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transnational public actions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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transnational public actions. public actions taking place all over Europe on the same day Give Belarus a Voice, Peace Day, Visa-free travel, I want my flag back and It’s Time for Change… it’s Time for Europe!. belarus action. peace day action. v isa free travel. europe day.

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transnational public actions

public actions taking place all over Europe on the same day

Give Belarus a Voice, Peace Day, Visa-free travel, I want my flag back and

It’s Time for Change… it’s Time for Europe!



many former JEFers in European institutions

contact to MEPs and to the federalist intergroup at the European Parliament

membership in other youth organisations

press work


current activities

European Parliament

elections 2009 campaign

JEF Manifesto

with concrete demands and proposals which the candidates to the European Parliament are urged to support.

Campaign launch on 12th December 2008 @ 12.00


JEF manifesto

…We expect brave and innovative decisions. We want concrete benefits from the EU in our everyday life. Therefore, we demand:

a European Economic Policy for ensuring growth, employment and sustainabledevelopment, in particular to benefit young people;

a European Energy and Environmental Agency for ensuring global leadership in thebattle against climate change and managing a European Energy Reserve to guarantee astrategic independence of the EU;

a Solidarity Clause to ensure Member states

protection against terrorism and



JEF manifesto

European Blue Helmets enabling the EU to contribute to peace-keeping in the world in theframework of a real European security and defence policy;

a Citizens’ Right of Initiative in order to listen to the voice of European citizens;

a European Civilian Service to promote EU citizenship among young people;

European symbols to be officially recognised by all European institutions.


JEF manifesto

We ask the candidates for the next European Parliament elections (June 2009) to support these proposals.

Furthermore, we ask the European parliament to exercise the right to initiate a treaty change process - as established in the Lisbon treaty – to produce the necessary constitutional and legislative framework for these reforms and to give the European citizens a true federal government.

We invite European citizens and civil society to sign up to our Manifesto.


EP elections campaign

The JEF Manifesto will used as a lobbying tool to approach the candidates standing for EP elections 2009 and ask them to support the proposals and/or add new ideas to it.

Cooperate with other civil society organisations and encourage them to endorse the manifesto or specific parts of it.

Run this project based on thematic pan-European actions connected to a concrete topic: …it’s time for a global Europe, …it’s time for a citizen’s Europe, …it’s time for a greener Europe.

party time
party time…

that’s it


more information:

Our websites:,,,

Our webzine: or (IT)

JEF groups on Facebook

Videos on Youtube

Basic info on Wikipedia