Nepal trade union congress
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Nepal Trade Union congress. Youth Organising Campaign Through Study Circle. SUMMAY PROJECT OUTLINE (SPROUT). Background.

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Nepal trade union congress l.jpg

Nepal Trade Union congress

Youth Organising Campaign Through Study Circle

Background l.jpg

  • This training course“ Youth organizing campaign through study circle “aims to develop study circle organizers and leaders on the issues of organizational ,economic and social policies for promotion of decent work, in particular for young women and men.

  • Each year, massive number of young workers join the labour force but often forced to be unemployed or under-employed, working in insecure and underpaid jobs under exploitative conditions.

Background and justification l.jpg
Background and Justification

  • Nepal is land lock country. Land is still the major form of wealth and main source of income with $220 GNP per capita. Literacy is rate is low as 45% and 62% are males and 28% are females. The total population is 23.1 millions and size of labour force is as high 11.2 millions and growing annually at a rate of 2.3%.

  • Unemployment rate is 4.89% .but underemployment is as high as 45% of the total labour force and further increasing because of the political turmoil and uncertainty in recent years has hindered economic development process and crucially affected employment situation. .Formal sector employment is declining and livelihood reliability on informal sector employment is increasing at a very fast rate . Organising rate is still not more than 9% because organising wide spread informal sector workforce is not going to be easy.

  • NTUC has already completed the study circle campaign in Brick kiln (Construction sector) with the support of ILO. From this programme, NTUC has been able to increase the number of membership to a great extent.

Background and justification5 l.jpg
Background and Justification

  • NTUC would like to expand its network much bigger and well-equipped, skilful and result –oriented trade union activist can meet the globalization challenges. In this context, study circle within its affiliates and regional level will make a concrete trade union awareness and massive campaigning in the affiliates, regions and district levels.

  • NTUC through the training programme would like to organize the youth workers through the study circle in promoting membership.

  • In the trade union sense, a study is a group of fellow trade unionists, which meets on a regular basis to discuss on trade union policies and decent work. Study circle will be the great methodology in promotion of decent work for the youth.

  • Detail of the study circle will find in annex 1

Target group parties involved l.jpg
Target Group & Parties involved

Target group of this campaign are:

  • Young workers of the labour force of which 8 affiliates of Informal sector .

  • six regional committees of NTUC,

  • Potential Leader of the Affiliates, regions and district level organizer / leader of Affiliates and Enterprises.

  • Implementers :

    • organizing departments of NTUC

    • Federations and regional committees

    • Technical and financial support from ILO

  • Decision-makers :

    • Management Committee of NTUC

  • Development objectives l.jpg
    Development Objectives

    This project will contribute to :

    Strengthening of Nepal Trade Union Congress capacity for the development of policies and strategies in the area of organizing.

    Immediate objectives l.jpg
    Immediate Objectives

    At the end of the project :

    • Participants will be able to study in depth the operation of “study circle”

      2. Participants will be able to conduct,coordinate,organize and facilitates the potential leaders or members in study circle sessions.

    Key outputs direct results l.jpg

    1) For immediate objectives 1

    25 (At least 33% women) Study circle organizers are trained and set up as main study group .

    For immediate objectives 2

    (i) Minimum 60 (At least 33% women) Study circle Leaders are trained by the main study group .

    (ii) A total of 500 (At least 33%women) new members are trained within 6 months of project start up.

    Key Outputs/Direct Results

    Activities l.jpg

    Immediate objective 1 :

    developing the study circle organizer at national level (first training).

    Output 1.1:25 organizers trained and set up as main study group

    Activities1.1.1:NTUC is to prepare the following document;

    • study circle guide lines

    • youth Employment document

    • Right at work

      Activity 1.1.2 :NTUC is to hold the first meeting with study circle organizers

      Activity 1.1.3: (10 days) Training for study circle organizer

    Activities11 l.jpg

    Immediate Objective 2

    (i) Developing the study circle leaders at regional level (second training).

    Output 1.2:Minimum 60 study circle leader trained by main study group.

    Activity 1.2.1NTUC is to hold the meeting with ILO in Nepal and exchange experiences with each others to improve the areas.

    Activity 1.2.2 NTUCis to get the material to distribute in training for study circle leader .

    Activity 1.2.3 NTUC is to finalize the date of programme(7 days).

    Activities12 l.jpg

    Immediate objective 2

    (ii) Developing the 500 members/cadres (Approx. 50 study circle).

    Output 2.1 :study circle leaders will develop a programme

    Activity 2.1.1 :Regional committees of NTUC are to hold the meeting with study circle leaders about further programmes.

    Activity 2.1.2:Regional committees of NTUC are to finalize the programmes in region.

    Output 2.2 :50 study circle will start.

    Activity 2.2.1 :Regional committees of NTUC are to manage and coordinate all activities .

    Activity 2.2.2 :Study circle leader is to start the study circle session (one to five )

    Main inputs l.jpg
    Main Inputs

    Necessary resources required to implement the proposed activities :

    • Human resources :

      • ILO

      • NTUC

      • ITUC

    • Financial resources :

      • ILO

      • Affiliates

      • NTUC

    • Equipment:

      • Computer , Laptops and LCD Projector

      • ILO literature on Employment and ILS

    Indicators of achievement l.jpg
    Indicators of Achievement

    For immediate objective 1

    • Trained the study circle Organizer in national level

      For immediate objective 2

    • 60 study circle Leaders will be trained from the six regions of 3 training .

    • At least 500 youth workers will be organized through study circle.

    Monitoring reporting evaluation procedures l.jpg
    Monitoring / Reporting / Evaluation Procedures

    A (1). The first report of the training for study circle organizer for national level is to be submitted soon after the result of training by the NTUC

    (2). The second report of training for study circle Leader for regional level is to be submitted after the completion of the all six training.

    • The third report of training for study circle leader is to be submitted within one year.

      B. NTUC (national body) monitors training progress.

      C. Joint meeting of NTUC with the Donor on the Completion of the Training Program.