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Green Halloween . { Inspiring families to think outside the candy box ™ }. What is Green Halloween ® ? A non-profit, grassroots initiative to create healthier and more Earth- friendly holidays, starting with Halloween.

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green halloween

Green Halloween

{Inspiring families to think outside the candy box™}


What is Green Halloween®?

  • A non-profit, grassroots initiative to create healthier and more Earth- friendly holidays, starting with Halloween.
  • Seeks to inspire families to make healthy and sustainable holiday choices (while keeping all the fun).
  • An educational initiative reaching people via retailers, community events, print materials, a high traffic website, and media/PR (print, radio, television, web).
  • Supports healthy “green” brands by creating a market for and enthusiasm around healthy & sustainable consumables .

Why become a Green Halloweenretailer?

  • Position your company at the forefront of the green holiday revolution.
  • Gain local, regional and national exposure for your company’s green goals via PR placements
  • for the Green Halloween initiative. (And get the media talking about you.)
  • Expand merchandising possibilities by partnering with Green Halloween
  • to carry our Green Halloween ® or The Green Year® logos on your products.
  • Meet increased customer demand for high-quality, affordable, healthy and Earth-friendly
  • Halloween merchandise available at their local grocery store.
  • Develop unique community approaches to the Green Halloween model
  • (honoring qualities and priorities of each community/store.)
  • Expand products and merchandising, including possibility of exclusive
  • Green Halloween items and store-brand Green Halloween products.
  • Expand to other holidays and celebrations.
the green halloween explosion milestones
The Green HalloweenexplosionMilestones

2007 - Inaugural year, pilot program aimed to capture interest in the Seattle area in creating a healthier, more Earth-friendly holiday.

Partners include Whole Foods Market, a local hospital and a family magazine as well as other sponsors, within the space of only one month, Green Halloween takes area by storm.

2008 - The Green Halloween concept goes nationwide. In addition to Seattle, five cities (including San Francisco, Los Angeles & Phoenix) became “official” Green Halloween locations. Eco-Diva Sophie Uliano announces on Access Hollywood, “Greening Halloween has become a huge trend – it’s enormous.” Clif Bar & ChicoBag co-branded products sell out.

2009 - The revolution grows even larger with the addition of more cities, including NYC, more press and more enthusiasm from parents, teachers and entire communities, cost to coast. Partnership with Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps is born.

2010 – Green Halloween becomes a program of EcoMom Alliance, launches partnership with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in North America and expands network of cities, including Chicago.


Exposure for our partners

  • Event signage (featuring logos) at community events
  • Print ads (featuring logos) in regional parenting magazines
  • Brands featured in TV & radio news segments
  • Prominent web presence (logos/links) on pages (a high traffic website)
  • Logos/links featured in national e-blasts
  • Brands named in dozens of Green Halloween articles online
  • Brands named on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites
  • Inclusion as prize partner in the highly publicized Green Halloween/ChicoBag design contest
  • Brands named as “Green Halloween products” for in-store promotion at select retailers (e.g. featured with GH shelf tags)

The Top 2 Questions Parents Ask When They Hear About Green Halloween:

“What should I buy?”

“And where should I buy it?”


2009 Exposure for top level partners

  • In 6 major markets and across the U.S.

Internationalmediaexposure for

Green Halloween®

Igniting consumer interest for the products your store will carry

Over the last three seasons, Green Halloween has generated widespread media interest in the United States and Canada. Here is just a fraction* of the coverage:

  • Access Hollywood
  • Martha Stewart radio
  • Radio Disney
  • NPR
  • KTLA (Los Angeles)
  • Green Patriot Radio
  • The Buzz of Vancouver
  • News 95.7 (Canada)
  • Featured in two books:

The Green Parent and

Celebrate Green!

  • KIWI magazine
  • Working Mother magazine
  • Natural Home magazine
  • Home Style magazine
  • USA Today
  • Seattle Times (cover story x2)
  • Natural Awakenings magazine
  • Calgary Herald
  • The Vancouver Sun
  • Fox TV (NYC)
  • The CW (KSTW)

* For more press, visit


A few of our 2010 national partners

actively helping us to expand Green Halloween®

& driving consumer interest for your products

Connecting GH product partners with a growing # of Halloween events in select cities nation wide

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s non-profit

In cities nation-wide

Supporting GH with prominent

ads on their high-profile website

Launching a national GH treat bag

design contest for the 3rd year

Igniting enthusiasm for GH in teens

Hosting the GH initiative in 2010 with exposure to the EM network worldwide



The two most common questions we hear are:

What do we buy? and Where do we buy it?

We’re excited to refer people directly to your store.

Including Green Halloween in your store has the potential to attract new customers and help retain current ones.

Why should your competition nab your chunk of the $4.75 billion customers spend on this popular holiday?



Participation in Green Halloween will enable you to broaden relationships with new and existing vendors who sell the products your customers want.

green halloween in your store may include
Green Halloween® in your store may include
  • Stocking healthy and/or eco-friendly food and non-food products (see next slide) in a range of prices.
  • Stocking Green Halloween promotional items such as customized (with your name/logo) Green Halloween bags, door signs and t-shirts with a percentage of sales going back to EcoMom Alliance, Green Halloween’s non-profit beneficiary.
  • Signage throughout store – i.e. [Your store’s name]: YOUR GREEN HALLOWEEN HEADQUARTERS
  • Aisle tags – indicating ideal Green Halloween products (see next slide)
  • A central display area including Green Halloween bags, door signs, t-shirts, etc. along with some of the products listed in next slide.
  • Advertising Green Halloween in store flyers, e-blasts and newsletters.
  • Green Halloween events throughout the month of October such as cooking classes, activities, and in-store tables.
  • Handing out Green Halloween treats and treasures at any of your October community events (outside the store).
here are just some of the potential green halloween products you may choose to sell in your store
Here are just some of the potential Green Halloween products you may choose to sell in your store


  • LARABAR minis (kids flavors)
  • Granola bars (e.g. organic from Cascadian Farm)
  • Surf Sweets or other organic candy (sold in bulk or in special Halloween packs)
  • Clif Kid’s fruit twists
  • Endangered Species (or other Fair Trade/ organic) Bug Bites mini chocolate bars
  • Honey sticks
  • Agave sticks
  • Fruit leathers
  • Small packs of dried fruits and/or nuts
  • Lesser Evil popcorn or other small packages of popcorn
  • Annie’s small packs of cookies or crackers
  • Individually wrapped bags of organic, herbal tea for kids
  • Glee Gum minis or other individually wrapped, or small gums
  • Nirvana chocolate coins


  • Stickers (may be custom)
  • Seed packs (may be custom)
  • Temporary tattoos (may be custom)
  • Polished rocks, stones, seaglass/tumbled glass
  • Mini natural play-doh
  • Mini cookie cutters (pumpkin, apple, acorn, etc.)
  • Soy crayons (or soy crayon “rocks”)
  • Pencils made from recycled money (or other product)
  • Xeko trading cards – give out as one card per child
  • Jokes, fortunes and puzzles
  • “Pumpkin Points” redeemable for products in your store
other potential green halloween products invitations d cor costumes gifts etc
Other potential Green Halloween products(Invitations, décor, costumes, gifts, etc.)
  • Orange tree-free Halloween invitations/note cards
  • Orange and/or black 100% beeswax candles
  • Green Halloween/ChicoBag reusable trick or treat bags
  • Fair trade skeleton streamers
  • Other eco-friendly and/or ethically sourced décor items
  • Gourds and pumpkins
  • Sarah’s Silks or other costumes made from natural materials
  • Celebrate Green! book (written by Green Halloween’s founders)
  • Green Halloween door, lawn and window signs
  • Green Halloween t-shirts
  • Non-toxic face paint pencils
  • Shakable flashlights
the consumer s perspective
The consumer’s perspective

Halloween is a $4.75 billion dollar industry celebrated by millions of Americans and even more worldwide.

But the proliferation of interest in healthier and more sustainable holiday traditions, sparked by the Green Halloween initiative, has created unprecedented opportunities for companies such as yours to showcase their products as ideal holiday goodies – ones which kids will love and parents can feel good about.

Some relevant statistics:

  • Over 70% of people give goodies to trick-or-treaters
  • Approximately 598 million pounds of candy is sold during the Halloween season, accounting for a total of 1.52 billion in sales
  • Over the past 5 years the sales of organic and all natural products have increased 18% to 25% year over year, even with downturn in economy
  • During the back-to-school season, more than 41% of those surveyed said they will seek out "green" products
  • 65% of U.S. consumers report they read nutritional information on food packaging more often than they did two years ago
  • Three-fourths of new moms and 65 percent of experienced moms say they actively seek out foods with nutrition benefits
  • Moms control 80% of the household spending decisions

The phenomenal interest in Green Halloween over the past three seasons offers a clear indicator that consumer interest in all things green and healthy carries over to holidays. Moms, especially are seeking ways to keep their kids healthy, without “taking away” from holiday fun.



Our retailers play a crucial role in our ability transform the way America celebrates.

Our model allows us to raise money and awareness in support of (and in collaboration with) fantastic non-profits who are also working hard to make the world a better place. Some of our past and present non-profit partners include:

  • EcoMom Alliance – Inspiring and empowering women through education and community action to help reduce the climate crisis and create a sustainable future.
  • Healthy Child, Healthy World– Creating healthy environments For children.
  • HealthCorps – Dr. Mehmet Oz’s health movement fighting the obesity and mental resilience crisis by getting American students and communities across the country to take charge of their health.

We look forward to growing the Green Halloween® revolution with you in 2010 and beyond.


Corey Colwell-Lipson

Founder & Director of Green Halloween®



For more information about Green Halloween,