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Geospatial Data at the

Google Earth, Google Maps, KML. Primary Data Areas. Satellite and aerial imagery. Delaware ... e.g., for overlay on Google Maps. ArcIMS image and feature services ...

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Geospatial Data at the

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    Slide 1:Geospatial Data at the University of Delaware

    John Callahan Research & Data Management Services Information Technologies, University of Delaware

    Slide 2:Our Audience - GIS@UD

    45+ departments and research centers Plus 6 public computing sites Dedicated 27-seat GIS Classroom UD-GIS@udel.edu email listserv Approx 110 members! GIS@UD website http://www.udel.edu/gis/

    Slide 3:GIS Software at UD

    ESRI site license ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Engine, MapObjects ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, ArcSDE, Image Server ArcPad, ArcLogsitics Route, Business Map ERDAS IMAGINE Safe Software FME Google Earth, Google Maps, KML

    Slide 4:Primary Data Areas

    Satellite and aerial imagery Delaware basemap data USGS topographic maps and data Census data UD Campus data

    Delaware Imagery

    Slide 6:Delaware Imagery

    Delaware statewide orthoimagery 1937, 1954, 1961, 1968, 1992, 1997, 2002 1977 and 2007 soon to come! Landsat imagery 6 or 7 bands, derived products (NDVI)? Other imagery as needed SPOT, MODIS, AVHRR

    Slide 7:Imagery - Distribution

    All raw data on shared file server in RDMS GIS research lab Portable hard drives or blank DVDs TIFF, JPG, IMG, MrSID

    Slide 8:Imagery - Distribution

    Delaware Orthoindex Viewer ArcIMS 1992, 1997, 2002 Only

    Slide 9:Imagery - Distribution

    ArcIMS and WMS image services for each year for orthos Other data as necessary

    Slide 10:Delaware Basemap Data

    Delaware DataMIL State framework data and topo maps Many other datasets not included Soils, climate, schools, census, etc...

    Delaware Basemap Data

    Slide 12:US Census Data

    RDMS part of state affiliate program One of two primary data distribution points GIS research lab Delaware tables, stat packages, CensusCD ArcIMS WMS services & data downloads SF1, SF3, TIGER

    Slide 14:UD Campus Data

    Building footprints Sidewalks, streets, parking Emergency phones Landmarks, named areas Recreational areas, parks Aerial imagery Shuttles/Buses (near future)?

    Slide 15:UD Campus Data

    Each layer available as SHP and GML MXDs for all layers available Tile-based images available e.g., for overlay on Google Maps ArcIMS image and feature services All layers and false true-color imagery Background service

    Slide 17:In Summary...

    Most use mapping sites for viewing data Many use web for downloading data Many use ArcGIS Desktop To display or extract ArcIMS services Popular in classroom setting and student projects

    Slide 18:In Summary...

    Some request data on DVDs/HDs Few request data in special formats GML, MapInfo Almost none (on campus) use OGC web services

    Slide 19:Lessons Learned

    All data served through map services Focus on clients your audience use Always make original data available Function and content more important than speed Show people what is possible

    Slide 20:In the Future...

    2007 and 1977 statewide aerials ArcGIS Server services ...and template web sites. KML versions ESRI Image Server Lidar and derived products Globe/3D service with 3D models of campus buildings and landmarks

    Slide 21:Thank You

    John Callahan Research & Data Management Services IT - User Services University of Delaware diodata@udel.edu 302-831-1978 http://www.udel.edu/gis/

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