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Floor Plan

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Floor Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Floor Plan. Two Distinct Areas. Display wall - Maroon carpeting Presentation Area – Audience – Grey carpet Stage – Diamond plate tile Total 30' x 30‘ Floor Covering. Display Wall Mock with Kiosk. Display Wall – Recommended. Display Panel – Call outs . What’s Your Maintenance Strategy?.

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Floor Plan

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Presentation Transcript
two distinct areas
Two Distinct Areas
  • Display wall - Maroon carpeting
  • Presentation Area –
    • Audience – Grey carpet
    • Stage – Diamond plate tile
  • Total 30' x 30‘ Floor Covering
display panel call outs
Display Panel – Call outs

What’s Your Maintenance Strategy?

Predict Prevent React

graphics display wall
Graphics – Display Wall
  • Integrated Condition Monitoring – Paper – Bearing heat
  • Store Room – Paper – Replacement drive part
  • Remote Monitoring Svs. – Paper – Bearing vibration
  • Network Services – Engine line – Crimped Cable
  • Training – Bottling – Operator at panel
  • Onsite – Bottling - Broken motor
  • Phone Support – Paint – PLC – program new function
  • Repair – Bottling – Conveyor needs to be replaced

Sample List of Issues and Services

graphics display side
Graphics – Display Side
  • Display Wall - 3D illustration featuring 2-3 industries
  • Services call outs (x8) to highlight needs on the manufacturing floor relate them to specific offerings.
  • Training (Web Portal kiosk) 17” VersaView (Chris Wood)
  • Two side panels describe the Assessment offerings and detail the Predict, Prevent, React Maintenance Strategy
  • Two Kiosks - CSM Mission statement
    • Training web portal
    • CSM Sales Portal
    • CSM Assessment Tool
graphics display side continued
Graphics – Display Side (continued)
  • Two SSD’s
    • Network Services (Gary Slivka)
    • Condition Monitoring (Tom Alford)
  • Two digital signs – Booth highlights & schedule
    • Combination electronic and static graphics
    • Video feed from stage when presentations are live
graphics stage side
Graphics – Stage Side
  • Stage backdrop factory scene behind cage
  • Redefining Plant Maintenance (3D lettering) DM
  • Show stage plasmas
    • On-screen show teaser tells audience what & when
    • Intro screen graphic support
    • White paper speaker support (supplied – reformat)
    • In the Box Game interface
    • In the Box Score board
    • Schedule
  • Lead counter headers – Customer Support & Maintenance
Banner Copy

Services, Support & Training

  • Predict
  • Prevent
  • React
theater schedule morning
Theater Schedule Morning
  • 9:00 Predict
    • 3 minute Talent
    • 1 minute Overview of Predict, Prevent, React
    • 10 minute Predict strategy (white paper style)
    • 20 minute HOL – Vibration Monitoring Lab (Tom Alford/Pat Carle)
  • 10:00 Prevent
    • 3 minute Talent
    • 1 minute Overview of Predict, Prevent, React
    • 10 minute Prevent strategy (white paper style)
    • 20 minute HOL – Training Lab (Chris Woods)
  • 11:00 React
    • 3 minute Talent
    • 1 minute Overview of Predict, Prevent, React
    • 10 minute React strategy (white paper style)
    • 20 minute HOL – How to troubleshoot your Network (Gary Slivka)

“In the Box”


during breaks

introduction talent
Introduction - Talent
  • Introduce Maintenance strategy concept

Predict - Prevent – React

  • Introduce the white paper presenter
  • Split personality – no costume design
white papers
White Papers

PSB to provide white papers – Studios to create script and assist with graphic support (timeline?) (who?) Burrows, Broderick RCMs?

  • Predict
  • Prevent
  • React
hands on labs
Hands On Labs


  • Vibration Monitoring Lab (Tom Alford/Pat Carle)
  • Training Lab (Chris Woods)
  • How to troubleshoot your Network (Gary Slivka)


  • PC specifications
  • Demo equipment specifications
  • Curriculum development
  • Schedule sign up plan
game show
Game Show
  • Total time 20 minutes every hour
  • Describe how to play – (3 minutes)
  • 4 contestants (4 minutes each)
  • Close the game (1 minute)

Who Wants to a Maintenance Engineer ("In the Box")

Game premise: Your machine is down and all we'll tell you is it's the result of a failed part. Use the following Rockwell Automation tools and resources to help you restart the machine. You must start with a job aid and work your way through the available resources (or we could assign each resource a number and they would pick one out of a hat - that would be the only resource they could use to solve the problem - this may work better).

The visual would show a very basic "machine" with the following to represent components of it: a handle to pull, a wheel to spin, a bag to punch, a horn to sound, crank to turn.

The horn is the defective part - won't sound. Replacement part will be in boxes on storeroom shelves - but hard to find. A large downtime monitor will show elapsed time it takes to find the right part and install it (also will show current time to beat). Will need to solve problem as soon as possible. Winner is person that gets machine operating again in least amount of time (finds and installs right part). In the end moderator will say that best solution is to start with an asessment, that way we can collaborate with them to provide the right integrated solution with the right combination of reactive, preventive and predictive components to meet their maintenance strategy and business objectives (solution will not always be replacing a part). All service rep roles are played by Kiff.