exchange opportunities for ibml in year 3 l.
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Exchange Opportunities for IBML in Year 3

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Exchange Opportunities for IBML in Year 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exchange Opportunities for IBML in Year 3. Aisling Conboy – International Exchanges and Partnerships Coordinator. Where can I study?. Europe – Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany Canada – Montreal Mexico – Tec de Monterray All partners are listed on our website

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exchange opportunities for ibml in year 3

Exchange Opportunities for IBML in Year 3

Aisling Conboy – International Exchanges and Partnerships Coordinator

where can i study
Where can I study?
  • Europe – Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany
  • Canada – Montreal
  • Mexico – Tec de Monterray
  • All partners are listed on our website
  • Please note that you can either go through a business school exchange, or through the International and Graduate Office. Application deadlines are the same. For information on IGO opportunities please contact Allison Handley
do i have to study abroad
Do I have to study abroad?
  • Study abroad is optional for year 3 IBML students
  • All IBML students have to study abroad in year 4
  • Going abroad in both years can give you the advantage of studying and living in 2 countries that have different languages
  • Therefore - Yr3 - OPTIONAL
  • - Yr4 - COMPULSORY
will i receive funding for my year abroad
Will I receive funding for my year abroad?
  • Students who study abroad on Erasmus are entitled to a grant for up to 10 months study
  • If you receive an Erasmus grant in yr 3 you are not entitled to a grant in yr 4
  • Students are only entitled to one Erasmus grant for study in total
  • As study abroad is compulsory in your fourth year make sure that you consider the financial implications of study abroad for 2 years
  • For students studying French you may wish to go to Lausanne in Switzerland. The Swiss government operate a shadow Erasmus scheme where you can receive a grant equivalent to Erasmus
  • You may receive the Swiss grant for a year of study and the Erasmus grant for a further year, thus receiving funding for 2 years study in Europe
when to i apply
When to I apply?
  • Application deadline is February 1st 2007
  • You are not guaranteed your first choice, need to put your preferences on the application form
  • You need to make sure that the university you are applying to offers the classes you need (IBML 3)
  • We will do our best to match your preferences, though some destinations may be more in demand than others
what forms do i fill in
What forms do I fill in?
  • 1 - Application Form - You will fill a form in indicating your preferences and also curriculum forms, signed by your departments to approve the class choices
  • 2 - Curriculum Choice Forms - You must find matches for your classes you would have taken in year 3 at Strathclyde and seek department approval. You need to fill in a curriculum form for each of the university choices
who do i contact in my departments
Who do I contact in my departments?
  • Marketing – Susan McGillivray –
  • HRM – Chris Moore -
  • Economics – John Scouller -
  • Management Science – Robert Van Der
  • Accounting and Finance - John Capstaff -
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management – Erwin Losekoot
  • Modern Languages – Gerry
how long can i study abroad for
How long can I study abroad for?
  • We recommend that you study abroad for one year – as you will have just settled in at you new host university and then have to leave again
  • Staying for a year gives you more opportunities to travel during holidays etc
  • You have the option of either an academic year or a semester abroad
  • If you go away for a semester you will also spend a semester at Strathclyde. E.g. France for semester 1 and Strathclyde for semester 2 or Strathclyde semester 1 and France semester 2
will my credits transfer
Will my credits transfer?
  • IBML yr3 – You need to take the equivalent classes to what you would take at Strathclyde in year 3 of your course
  • The year abroad is not a holiday and you will have to work hard and pass all your classes that are approved before you go
  • We will receive a transcript of your grades and decide whether you have passed the year at the end of your studies overseas and make a recommendation to the exam board at Strathclyde on your progress
what are the benefits of studying abroad
What are the benefits of studying abroad?
  • Overseas travel
  • New friends
  • Independence
  • Enhanced career prospects
  • New perspective on international business
  • Experience of studying at 2 well respected business schools
  • Improved Language skills
do i pay tuition fees
Do I pay tuition fees?
  • As an exchange student you will pay the tuition fees at Strathclyde (if applicable) as if you were to study here during your year/semester abroad
  • Student Loan - you can apply for a loan as usual though you must let the award agency (e.g. SAAS) know that you will be on an exchange
  • If you study in Canada or Mexico, you will need to make sure that you have the funds necessary and also that you can afford the extra expense of flights etc
how much does it cost flights
How much does it cost? Flights
  • –
  • TORONTO from £249OTTAWA from £249HALIFAX from £249CALGARY from £349VANCOUVER from £349 return
  • Ryanair, Easyjet, Flybe cheap lights to Europe
  • Glasgow to Paris £121
  • Flights from Glasgow to Mexico from £500 return
how much does it cost insurance
How much does it cost? Insurance
  • All students have limited coverage under the university’s insurance policy
  • Health Insurance
  • Europe – students can get a free European Health Insurance Card, apply online at
  • North America – private health insurance is required –
  • Canada - HEC Montreal cost is $480 per year = £233GBP
  • Mexico - $700USD = £345GBP
how much does it cost visa
How much does it cost? Visa
  • Students studying outside the EU need to get a student visa for study abroad
  • Apply after you receive an acceptance letter from the university
  • Fees apply
  • Mexico ($160 USD=£79)
  • Quebec, Canada - Québec and Montréal require a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ) from Québec Immigration and aStudy Permit ($125CAN=£60) for entry to Canada
  • Proof of funds requirement – bank statements etc
what do our students say
What do our students say?
  • “Studying abroad in Germany was and will always be the best year of my life. Being able to integrate yourself into a foreign culture and become more independent is a great feeling. Going home is the only bad thing! I would recommend it to anyone."Cameron MacInnes, IBML student, University of Mannheim, Germany (2006-07)
what do our students say17
What do our students say?
  • "Studying abroad really gives you the opportunity to develop your language skills. Learning and working in a foreign language means you are continuously learning new vocabulary and will give you greater confidence to speak it too."Iain Stewart, IBML, Bordeaux Ecole de Management, France (2006-07)
what do our students say18
What do our students say?
  • "The best part about studying abroad was meeting new people from all over Europe and experiencing a new culture. I would recommend that everyone does it because it turns out to be the best year of your is so much fun and seriously changes your outlook and improves your language."Rachel King, IBML, University of Granada, Spain (2006-07)
where can i get further info
Where can I get further info?
  • Students - Talk to exchange students here who have come from our partner universities – find out from the students what their university and city is like- Talk to Strathclyde students who have studied abroad
  • Exchange Office
  • - Read the folders that are kept in the exchange office on locations and universities
  • Website
  • - Follow the web links on our website to our partners exchange partners websites
where can i get further info21
Where can I get further info?
  • Aisling Conboy
  • Exchange Office, 3.16 Sir William Duncan Building
  • Office Hours – Mon, Wed & Friday 10 – 12
  • Email -
  • Web