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Cleveland’s Nature Preserve PowerPoint Presentation
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Cleveland’s Nature Preserve

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Cleveland’s Nature Preserve - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cleveland’s Nature Preserve

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  1. Dike 14 Cleveland’s Nature Preserve …our children need wild places within their reach to connect with nature

  2. Dike 14 is located 3.5 miles east of the Cuyahoga River Cleveland Harbor Cuyahoga River

  3. Dike 14

  4. Dike 14 Dike 14 is the only natural area along the Cleveland Lakefront, and the only accessible natural area near Cleveland

  5. Dike 14 Cleveland’s students, teachers and families need to have access to Lake Erie and a natural area for enjoyment and environmental education right in the heart of the city.

  6. Dike 14 Why is Dike 14 Important? The development of Dike 14 as a nature preserve will provide access to the public and an economic stimulus, drawing visitors from around the Cleveland area and birders from around the country.

  7. Dike 14 Why is Dike 14 Important? The City of Cleveland is developing a plan for our lakefront to make the lakefront more accessible and to stimulate economic development. Part of the plan includes discussion of the future use of Dike 14.

  8.  Bio-monitoring - survey the land and identify and map plant species, birds, and butterflies Sample Garden - create a garden outside the gate with sample plants of what is inside for education and identification EE Activities - assist in developing hands-on science EE activitie for use on Dike 14. Outreach - Help to inform the Cleveland community about Dike 14 and its value to Cleveland. Dike 14 Projects Ideas Photos: US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service and Earth Day Coalition

  9. Dike 14 What is the Future of Dike 14? Value - Enjoy & Learn about Nature • The size of Dike 14 and its strategic location offer an excellent opportunity for neighborhood access to Lake Erie and rich and diverse wildlife. • Many children in Cleveland live less than a mile or two from the shore of Lake Erie but seldom have an opportunity to actually see the lake. • There are children growing up in Cleveland who never have a chance to see a bird’s nest, hear the wind in the trees along the lake shore or discover other wonders of the natural world • Dike 14 can provide children, teachers and families with a unique connection to outstanding natural resources located in the heart of our community.

  10. Dike 14 Value - Economic -& Tourism • The Ohio Department of Natural Resources identified community preferences for the future development of the site including public access, maintaining the site as a nature preserve (open green space) and promoting the site for nature education as a remarkable resource for children and schools. • The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Greenspace Plan included Dike 14 as exceptional wildlife habitat and an opportunity for tourism, nature and science education • Audubon Ohio designated Dike 14 as an Important Bird Area (an international designation that identifies areas that are most important for maintaining bird populations, and focuses conservation efforts at protecting these sites). • Audubon notes that the dike’s location provides a “rare refuge for wildlife along an otherwise urban shoreline.”

  11. Dike 14 Local Cooperating Agency (LCA) • The Local Cooperating Agency is the dike’s local sponsor, and must provide access to the Army Corps for the construction of a CDF. • The Cleveland-Cuyahoga Port Authority is the Local Cooperating Agency for Dike 14. • Now that the dike is closed, the Port Authority must maintain the dike’s walls and drainage system. • Today the LCA would also pay 25% of the funding for construction of a new CDF.

  12. Dike 14 Who Owns Dike 14? • The State of Ohio owns Dike 14 as Public Trust Land, and has leased it (submerged lands lease which expires in 2016) to the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority solely for the purpose of allowing the US Army Corps of Engineers to build and fill the dike.

  13. Dike 14 Who Controls Dike 14? • Currently, the Port has administrative control solely for the purpose of maintaining the dike walls and drainage system for the Army Corps until the dike's future use is determined. Administrative control of the dike was turned over to the Port in 1999 when the Army Corps closed Dike 14 as a Confined Disposal Facility.