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Carla Pendergraft, CMP Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Carla Pendergraft, CMP Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Media for Meeting Planners Carla Pendergraft, CMP Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau What Social Media are You Using Personally ? (Poll) Facebook Twitter LinkedIn MySpace YouTube Flickr Other What Social Media is your Agency Using? Facebook Fan Page Twitter

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Carla Pendergraft, CMP Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Presentation Transcript
carla pendergraft cmp waco convention visitors bureau

Social Media for Meeting Planners

Carla Pendergraft, CMP

Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau

what social media are you using personally poll
What Social Media are You Using Personally? (Poll)








what social media is your agency using
What Social Media is your Agency Using?

Facebook Fan Page


LinkedIn Group or Profile







definition of social media
Definition of Social Media

“Social media websites enable people to post, comment, share content, and participate in a community.”

social media characteristics
Social Media Characteristics
  • It’s about conversations and communities
  • Relationships, not selling
  • It requires a new way of thinking.
  • Push vs. Pull; Telling vs. Asking
  • Allows your audience to connect with you and with each other.
u s social media communities
U.S. Social Media Communities
  • Facebook: 400 million users
    • 700,000 Fan Pages
  • Twitter: 75 million users
  • YouTube: 100 million visitors/month
  • LinkedIn: 50 million users
  • Flickr: 4 billion images
  • Blogs: Over 112 million
  • Wikipedia: 12 million registered users, 20 million pages

And new social communities are added every day.

social media s reach
Social Media’s Reach
  • Social networking now accounts for 11% of all time spent online in the US.
  • A third of adults post at least once a week to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • A quarter of adults publish a blog and upload video/audio they created.
  • ~60% maintain a profile on a social networking site.

Source: Forrester Research, 1/10

barriers to using social media
Barriers to Using Social Media
  • Fear of potential legal issues
    • Unfamiliarity with best practices for social media policies
    • Open Records Act
    • Open Meetings Act
  • Lack of interest by top management
  • Hostility of IT Dept. – fear of viruses, etc.
  • Unsure of return on investment – time drain
  • Unfamiliarity with the tools themselves
  • Fear of mixing personal with business
what if you don t have access
What if you don’t have access?
  • Start your own presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Learn to use the tools on your own, at home.
  • That way, when you’re given access, you will already know how to use them.
meeting planning and social media
Meeting Planning and Social Media
  • FooCamps, unconferences, BarCamps – All sessions are provided by participants
  • Wikis are potentially the most powerful tool out there for Meeting Planners.
  • Twitter and Facebook are starting to be used by meeting planners.
wikis for meeting planning
Wikis for Meeting Planning
  • Well suited when people don’t work in the same office but must collaborate on projects, plans, etc.
  • Email is not efficient for discussing ideas
  • Wikis are web pages anyone can edit
    • Ad-supported: free
    • No ads: $5/month
    • No ads plus custom domain name: $20/month
  • Find these convention’s pages on Facebook, and notice what they are posting about.
    • Links to main convention website
    • Asking them to apply for scholarships
    • What sessions would you like to see?
    • Things to see and do in the host city
    • Info on room block status
    • What was your favorite part of the convention?
state bar of texas20
State Bar of Texas
  • Tweets by their web manager
  • YouTube Video Contest
  • Links to convention page on website
saved twitter searches
Saved Twitter Searches
  • Use a Tweetdeck to save a search on your organization’s name or other key words.
  • Anytime anyone in the world uses those key words, you’ll see the tweet.
  • You don’t have to be their follower to see it!
twitter for planners
Twitter for Planners
  • Learn to use hashtags so twitterers can follow specific conversations about the convention or topic.
    • #sxsw
    • #nsbeconvention
  • Set one for your convention.
  • Encourage and publicize its use. Ask your followers to help spread it to their followers.
twitter for planners23
Twitter for Planners
  • Try using a twitter chat room to segregate the tweets during a live meeting.
  • Some put the chat up on a screen live behind the speaker or within speaker’s view
  • Others have a moderator who monitors the chat and feeds questions or comments to the speaker. Much more controlled.
twitter for planners24
Twitter for Planners
  • Some planners are setting up a Twitter account specifically for the convention.
    • @nsbeconvention
    • @OAR_Convention
      • “OAR's Annual Convention & Expo to keep attendees informed of schedule changes, news, and notification of social events.”
    • @sxsw
      • Official user of the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Conferences and Festivals
      • Several other twitter accounts for SXSW parties, etc.
twitter backup
Twitter backup
other social media tools
Other Social Media Tools
  • YouTube – upload some videos and display them on your website and/or Facebook page.
  • Flickr – Create a photo gallery of pictures from the various events you conduct.
  • Blogs – Create one at or and put a link to it on your website.
summary social media
Summary – Social Media
  • Blogs:
  • Blog search engine:
  • Bookmarks:,
  • Photo albums:,
  • Social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Create your own social network: Ning
  • Create a social website:
additional social media
Additional Social Media
  • Wikis:, pbworks
  • Videos: YouTube,,
bonus software tip sheet
Bonus – Software Tip Sheet
  • User name checks:
  • Email newsletters:
  • Surveys:
  • Exchange huge files:
  • Webinars:
  • URL shorteners:
  • Twitter management tool:
  • Post to several sites at once:
  • Share powerpoints:
double bonus favorite software
Double Bonus Favorite Software
  • Online file conversion:
  • E-learning:
  • Skype: phone calls via the internet
  • track your video stats