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Bought to you by X-treme sports shop PowerPoint Presentation
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Bought to you by X-treme sports shop

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Bought to you by X-treme sports shop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bought to you by X-treme sports shop. December 2003. The proof. Trick tips:. Hardflip. As you can see in the table above, Rowley sales were leading over the 4 most popular decks on sale. Here it is in even simpler terms (see chart below).

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The proof

Trick tips:


As you can see in the table above, Rowley sales were leading over the 4 most popular decks on sale. Here it is in even simpler terms (see chart below)

A hardflip is pretty much like a frontside pop shove it and a kickflip together, the only difference is that i

1. Compress for some pop and put your front foot slightly off the board nearer to the back and your back foot in the frontside pop shove it position.

2. It seems like it helps to keep your shoulders square with the board and ollie higher for this trick.

3. You pop the board a bit like a frontside pop shove-it, but flip it like a frontside kickflip. This is tricky, but keep trying.

4. Now you have to get your feet out of the way so the board will flip freely.

5. Put your feet in the catch position. See how the extra pop helps?

6. Flatten out and straighten the board, then extend your legs.

7. Centre yourself.

8. Roll away.







of the


Some skate makes actually make gear to keep the skaters from reaching an early and extreme retirement. These usually come in the form of Knee, Elbow and wrist pads and Helmets(as featured in this issue). Helmets, usually used in Vert skating, are used to stop skaters from taking injuries to the head, which in most cases can be fatal. Here are some of the finest helmets money can buy:

The deck:

Flip Rowley Motorhead New Wave Deck 7.75 x 31.63

Flip union jack

This is one of the safest helmets around, it is durable, light and is stylish.

Overall Rating: 8/10

The Science behind it:

small waves run lengthwise along the board, from rail to rail. The ripples are only used on the top and bottom plies, creating surface tension that results in a stiffer, stronger deck without resorting to harsh concaves. These boards tend to slide faster, too, because less surface area is sliding along the rail, box etc.

Pig Wheels III

This is similar to the flip alternative, but the straps are a little awkward on it.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Toy Machine Skull

This is the most durable, straps are easy to fasten and the style can suit all skaters.

Overall Rating: 9/10




Design a Deck


Simple, all you need to do is design a deck bottom. The 3 winning designs will be produced as the X-treme sports shop home deck

Just send your

design to:

Deck Competition

35 Charles street

West Bromwich

West Midlands

B70 8HG


En Fuego