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Alta Murrieta Mustangs

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Alta Murrieta Mustangs. Behavior Expectations 2008-2009. Good Morning! Alta Murrieta. Where do I go when I get to school?. Walk to your line-up area or classroom and put your backpack down on your classroom line or hooks outside your room. Proceed to the blacktop and play equipment area.

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alta murrieta mustangs

Alta MurrietaMustangs

Behavior Expectations



Where do I go when I get to school?

  • Walk to your line-up area or classroom and put your backpack down on your classroom line or hooks outside your room.
  • Proceed to the blacktop and play equipment area.
  • If you are buying breakfast—go to the MPR and eat at tables.
  • Freeze when bell rings and wait for aides to blow whistle to line-up.

Bikes, Scooters and Skateboards:

  • Walk them onto and off campus (No Riding on Sidewalks)!
  • Park and lock them at the bike rack area.
  • Wear your helmet and ride safely!
  • No shoes with wheels (heelies).

School gates open at 8:15 am.

  • Line-up when the first bell rings at 8:45 am.
  • Remember to freeze until you here the whistle blow then walk to your line.

Please sit at the tables when you are eating snack or lunch. Do not get up until you have cleaned your area and the aide dismisses you.

lunch and snacktime rules
Lunch and Snacktime Rules
  • Sit at the table properly.
  • Raise your hand and wait for permission to leave the table.
  • Do not shout.
  • Do not “burrow” another student’s lunch.
  • Discard trash in proper containers
  • Eat only in designated areas. Do not eat on the way to the tables.
  • Do not move around. After you have selected a seat, please stay there.
general playground rules
General Playground Rules
  • Ask aides if you need help.

Let an adult know of any problems or injuries you have. Be safe and Follow playground rules.

  • Playground boundary: Do not cross yellow lines.
  • Interference on purpose is not allowed in any game.
  • Clothing: Wear shoes that are closed in or have straps around back. No ties around the neck.
  • Lines are in—all games.
playground ball rules
Playground Ball Rules
  • Hold playground balls and equipment when the bell rings and freeze until the aide dismisses you to line up. If you have a ball carry it to the ball cart.
  • Balls are not to be thrown at anyone unless the person is trying to catch it.
  • Soccer balls may only be kicked on the grass field
  • No kicking red rubber balls. Use them on the blacktop only.
  • The last recess is always in charge of collecting and returning all equipment.

Pick Up Balls Here..

Always use lines when waiting for your turn at any game please…


Basic Wall Ball Rules:

  • No more than 4 players.
  • Ball must bounce inside the court (Lines are in).
  • Ball may be hit with 1 or 2 hands, open hand or fist.
  • Balls must be served from within the court. Server has 3 tries to make a good serve.
  • After 3 wins, you must leave the court to give others a chance to play.
  • If the player hits the ball over the wall, the player is out.
  • **If the ball is hit over the top of the wall for any reason other than playing the game (anger or for fun, etc.) that person may not play handball the rest of the day.

6 players on half-court & if more than 10 players use full court

  • No full court press
  • When a foul has been committed, the other team takes the ball out, no foul shooting
  • No jump ball. If the player stops dribbling, you may not crowd around him and try and grab the ball. If you do, the player with the ball gets to “take it out” free. If no one crowds around the player with the ball, he has five seconds to get rid of it.
  • The team with the ball has ten seconds to get it over the half court line.
  • Only one person my guard one person at a time. No reaching to steal a ball. Players must remain two feet away from the player they are guarding.


  • Swings are not to be twisted or wrapped over the bar.
  • Swingers are to not to touch one another, and are to swing themselves—no pushing.
  • Always seat upright and swing straight forward and back.
  • No jumping off.
  • Stand back while waiting.
  • A turn is 30 full swings.
  • Do not play behind or between swings.

Slides & Bars

  • Go down slide only, one person at a time.
  • Slide down on your bottom, feet first.
  • Cross ladder bars one person at a time in one direction only.
  • No running or tag!
  • No climbing on outside of play equipment.

Server must let other player hit the ball at least once.

  • No ropes.
  • No sitting or hanging on the pole.
  • Winner serves.
  • Challenger chooses direction ball is hit.
  • You may hit the ball twice in succession and not again until it has traveled around the pole or your opponent has touched it.
  • Primary grades can catch and hold the ball. Upper grades no holding the ball while in play.

Character Counts at Alta Murrieta…

Character Counts at Alta Murrieta !


Running Coupon

Earn your chain and feet…

The student with the most feet at the end of the year will get taken to lunch by Mr. P

  • Magic Mustang/Character Counts Slip
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship

Golden Book

Please ask your teacher to tell the class how you can earn a trip to Mrs. V’s office to sign it…

playground consequences
Playground Consequences
  • Verbal warning- warning #1
  • Student benched (Playground Citation issued)-#2

and Restricted from area or apparatus

  • Detention/Parents Called (Referral issued sent to the office)#3

Character Counts Referral

If you get a referral you may be placed in the Character Counts room for recesses. 3 referrals may result in being suspended from school.


School ends at 3:00 pm.

  • No playing after school.
  • Go straight home.
  • If you get a ride please do not go past the orange cones.

Where Do I Go When School is Over?

  • Bus Riders
  • 1st - 5th Grade Car Riders:Wait at the Front Loop for parent to pull up.
  • Bike Riders and walkers exit by the bike rack and cross the street at the crosswalk.
  • Walkers may exit through the back gate.
personnel hygiene school policies
Personnel Hygiene/School Policies
  • Please make sure to wash clothes weekly and avoid wearing the same shirt more than twice a week.
  • Ask mom and dad for deodorant.
  • No Make-up!
  • No boyfriend/girlfriend/dating…

Pillar of the month:


Behavior Expectations