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Winter skin care tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter skin care tips

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Winter skin care tips
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Winter skin care tips

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  1. Winter skin care tips

  2. It is very important to keep your skin moist and avoid dryness during the winter season. There are many ways to do this. Cold weather can be very drying, even to the more flexible skin. Here we point out a few tips that you can do to prevent blistering skin during winter time.

  3. Tip 1: Moisture your skin with sunscreen. The UV rays are intense and harmful, even in the winter.

  4. Tip 2: Avoid regular hot water bath. Excess hot water can dry off your skin.

  5. Tip 3: Drink more water and stay hydrated. The cold weather may not make you feel thirsty, but your skin requires hydration as much as in the summer.

  6. Tip 4: Use oil-based moisturizers. They will keep your skin moist for a longer period of time than water-based moisturizers.

  7. Tip 5: Go natural. Make use of coconut oil, honey and aloe to soften up your skin. These products will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling good.

  8. Tip 6: Create a body scrub with olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt and apply it at least twice a week to chuck out the built-up dry skin.

  9. Tip 7: Wear gloves. Keep your hands protected from the cold air with gloves and prevent your skin from cracking.

  10. Tip 8: Safeguard your lips against dry air and sturdy sun by wearing lip balm.

  11. Tip 9: A humidifier is a great advantage for those who experience dry, itchy skin in the winter.

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