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All You Need To Know About Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

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All You Need To Know About Sympathy and Funeral Flowers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In many cultures, sending sympathy and funeral flowers is a common practice. It’s a traditional way to convey respect and condolences after a death. When somebody has lost a friend or a family member, it can bring extraordinary solace to get a blossom game plan with a few words of sympathy. It gives a basic, inspiring and touching way to express to the bereaved that you’re standing with them at the time of their loss.


What are the types of flower that are ideal for sympathy or funeral?

  • Lily
  • Rose
  • Gladiolus
  • Aster
  • Chrysanthemum or chrysanths
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Carnation or Clove Pink
  • Delphinium

How To Differentiate Between Sympathy And Funeral Flowers?

  • Remember, Sympathy flowers are usually a personal way to express sympathies or condolences directly to the home, or workplace to the grieving family. The bouquet of sympathy flowers is usually designed in such a way that it easily fits onto a table-top, and offers an inspiring peace and solace to the bereaved at the time of their loss.

Generally, sympathy flowers are white in colour, albeit different shades are acceptable. While choosing the sympathy flowers, you get a wide range of options, you can select designs of common bouquets, or a simple houseplant, or even beautiful orchids. The most important thing which you need to keep in mind while sending sympathy flowers is that the mesmerising scent and beauty of the flowers can have a soothing effect on the mind of the recipient and can even evoke lots of compassion.


Costs for sending sympathy flowers are different, but the basic cost lies around £12 to £15. People are choosing online services to send sympathy flowers in a much easier and cheaper way. However, it’s best to take the flowers and visit the bereaved family yourself.

On the other hand, traditionally funeral flowers are viewed as the arrangements of different flowers which are sent to the funeral services. Funeral flower arrangements are usually a basic arrangement in which majority is one-sided and round in shape, and they are created quite carefully to ensure that they reflect as a highly visible floral tribute at a funeral service.


This is the reason why most funeral flowers are placed on a stand, table or laid on the coffin. Just like as with sympathy flowers, funeral flowers are an excellent way to convey sympathies, and are frequently sent to funerals when a person can't actually visit the funeral home. The display of funeral flowers is an important element in adding colour and elegance to a burial, which helps to make a highly compassionate ambiance of a grief-stricken event.


Flower specialists offer a wide range of funeral flower arrangements, and the costs start from £50. Keep in mind that if your loved one has died and he/she had a Pre-paid funeral plan, then that funeral plan might be covering the cost of flowers that are arranged at the event.


You need to consider a few important points, while planning to send funeral flowers at the church, funeral home or cemetery. First of all, find out the wishes of the family, whether they need floral display? If the answer is yes, then where these flowers are to be taken – at the funeral home or cemetery? Also, find out the time of the event.


If you are not able to talk to the grief-stricken family directly, then you can contact the funeral director for all these details. If you’re planning to get a Pre-paid funeral plan, then you should also ask the service providers to include floral service in the plan. Floral arrangements that come with Pre-paid funeral plans cost quite less than the prices offered by the florists. Ensure, you choose a Pre-paid funeral plan that covers the floral arrangements also, this way you can take away the financial burden from your family members.


The Other Things You Need To Consider

  • While you’re choosing sympathy or funeral flowers, you can pick either customary bouquets, or choose flowers were dearest to the deceased. For instance, you can pick colours that signify an event about the deceased’s life. A red, white and blue floral tribute is often selected for war veterans or even elderly people.

Messages To Be Send With Funeral Flowers

  • So you don’t have much idea on how to express your sympathy and condolences? Even a simple bouquet with message card will let the grief-stricken family of the deceased know that you’re with them in their difficult times. Even short sentences like “With deepest sympathy" or "My thoughts and prayers are with you" will be enough to touch the heart of the bereaved.
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