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Drug Rehab Centers in California

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Drug Rehab Centers in California - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dope and dopamine: heroin’s impact on the brain

Feeling pleasure, pain and other sensations is a natural, dynamic phenomenon that occurs within

the human body. Through a set of bodily-made substances known as endogenous opioids, an

individual can effectively react to different environmental stimuli due to the chemical changes

the opioids stimulate. However, when a person is controlled by a manipulative and addictive

drug like heroin, foreign and potent chemicals replace the natural elements inside the body. As a

result, these pathways of reward are abused with the high demands from one’s dependency and

leads to an adapted need for more stimulation.

One pathway that is hijacked by a serious addiction is the production of dopamine. A history of

scientific findings has paved the understanding of heroin’s effect on the brain, including its

specific impact on an addict’s dopamine levels. In an imaging study that measured the

availability of dopamine and serotonin in heroin users, results highlighted a noticeable conflict

between previous research trials (Cosgrove et. al. 2010). Two major trends existed: chronic

heroin use was either associated with lower dopamine availability or no major differences at all.

Another interesting finding was that studies that found less dopamine examined addicts after 10

days of detox, while studies that found no chemical changes observed subjects still actively





heroin and dopamine

still has a lot of deeper



may influence a unique

effect on the nervous



chemical changes may

occur after a person

becomes abstinent. As

research in the field










regarding heroin’s psychological influences progresses, the most innovative mental health

facilities in California can apply this new knowledge and help at-risk and underserved

demographics get effective support.


California Detox Helpline is how people in need of recovery receive the resources to start.

Detoxification is the first step towards sober living and the right program can save a person from

the distressing feelings of withdrawal. With this helpline, a former addict can separate from a

destructive drug and connect to the best cognitive behavioral therapy San Diego, Los Angeles or

any other city in the Golden State. Whether you or a loved one’s addiction involves opiates,

alcohol or any other abusive substances, a better life can begin with a single conversation by

contacting a helpline consultant online or by calling 855-780-2495.

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