effective ways to promote your books with l.
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Effective Ways to Promote Your Books with Twitter PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Ways to Promote Your Books with Twitter

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Effective Ways to Promote Your Books with Twitter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Twitter is a great tool to use by itself, or in conjunction with other social media tools, when you want to give a bit of oomph to your book promotion.

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  • It is a great tool to use by itself
  • It is also great in conjunction with other social media tools
  • Effective to use in promoting your book


create a great specific and interesting profile
Create A Great, Specific andInteresting Profile
  • Ensure your profile is highly related to your niche
  • You will have more followers
  • Have a compelling photo and description


tweet good information regularly
Tweet Good Information Regularly
  • It keeps your name in

Your follower’s minds

  • Tweet useful and

specific information

  • Increases your potential

sales audience

  • Tweet your new blog posts as well


schedule your tweets
Schedule Your Tweets
  • Fantastic way to continue communication
  • It’s a free service
  • Enables you to tweet while you sleep
  • Check out social services like Social Oomph, which gives you even more options


retweet and credit other people s tweets
Retweet and  Credit OtherPeople’s Tweets
  • Find and repost relevant tweets
  • Great way to build


  • Shows your respect

to the community.


develop relationships with fellow authors
Develop Relationships withFellow Authors
  • Tweet one another to create network
  • Networking is essential for positive success
  • Follow other authors on Twitter and show them your appreciation


the more you put in the more you will get out
The More You Put In, The More You Will Get Out
  • Tweet often
  • Work on your social

profile on Twitter

  • Update your Tweets



use of tags
Use of #tags
  • It basically categorize information
  • You can see what the latest #tag

trends are

  • Find ones closest relating to your niche and then join in
  • More networking opportunities and potential followers await



By following the tips mentioned, you should begin to build up your own list of followers reasonably quickly.


  • Network
  • Build up relevant followers
  • Communicate useful information



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