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The Many Places Amazon Coupon Codes Can Hide

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The Many Places Amazon Coupon Codes Can Hide

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  1. The Many Places Amazon Coupon Codes Can Hide Where would you start looking for Amazon coupon codes? The obvious answer would be on Amazon, but it is probably the worst place to look. It is not that Amazon does not provide an amazing number of coupon codes, it is just they are not usually listed right on their site. If they are not on their own website where should you look? Coupon Clearinghouses Gather Information for You The starting point is to check into a variety of coupon websites. These sites accumulate coupon codes they are made aware of from readers and from their own research. You can usually find great coupons this way. Their list of codes will commonly include recently released codes and many which have already expired. Make sure you read the details of the coupon listing completely before you start expecting a big discount.

  2. Where do the readers who contribute the codes get them? That may be one of the best questions you can ask. They get their coupon codes from being on the marketing lists from Amazon and their vendors. Amazon has a variety of newsletters and bulletins which go out to readers every day. Many Amazon shoppers choose to stay off of these lists not realizing how expensive a mistake that is. It is within these newsletters and bulletins that Amazon informs their customers about special offers and the latest Amazon coupon codes. If you have a certain product category you shop for on Amazon on regular basis make sure you sign up for their new product announcements and updates. This of course means you will need to read these announcements or you will still not find the new coupons. Luckily for you, if you do not want to keep reading all of those newsletters you can work with sites which focus on accumulating all the information for you. There are sites dedicated to collecting every Amazon coupon code available. This makes it very easy to find the latest ones.

  3. Turning to Vendors for Added Bonuses Areas most people overlook are the actual vendors selling through Amazon. Many of these vendors have their own product announcement newsletters and customer appreciation specials. If you have a few brands of products you are passionate about you should take the time to sign up for their newsletters and product notices, too. You will discover the vendors will send out two types of specials. The first special is usually to buy directly from them. This can sometimes be a good way to save money, but it is not uncommon to discover they sell the exact same product for a lower price through Amazon. The second type of special is an announcement they have approved a special Amazon coupon code for their customers. This can be the best of both worlds. You are getting an exclusive discount, but since it is coming through Amazon you may be paying even less. For the most success in saving money combine the use of a good coupon site plus join both Amazon and vendor newsletters.

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