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Alkaline Water Ionizers PowerPoint Presentation
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Alkaline Water Ionizers

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Alkaline Water Ionizers
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Alkaline Water Ionizers

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  1. Welcome To Amazing Water Anti-Oxidant | Anti-Aging | Anti-oxidant Enhanced Electrolyzed Alkaline Functional Water

  2. Anti-Ageing AMAZING Water's powerful detoxifying qualities eliminate deep stored waste that in turn empowers your body to shed weight and water retention. AMAZING Water's smaller water clusters also help rejuvenate the skin's overall appearance by penetrating the very deep pathways within skin cells. As a result, the skin is better cleansed and receives essential nutrients on a much deeper level.

  3. Anti-Hangover AMAZING Water is very detoxifying, as its smaller than normal water clusters are able to penetrate cells much quicker and deeper than nearly any other water or performance beverage. As a result, your body is able to hydrate up to six times faster, deliver essential nutrients quicker and eliminate toxins much easier. AMAZING Water's strong detoxifying abilities leave your body cleaner, your cells stronger and your immune system healthier.

  4. Anti-Oxidant AMAZING Water's alkalinity allows its molecules to carry more oxygen than normal with an extra attached electron (hydroxyl ions). As a result, these molecules are able to seek and neutralize free radicals in your body and prevent free radical damage to your cells. These natural antioxidant benefits leave your body rich in oxygen and energy.

  5. 7X Faster Hydration Because of the science behind it, AMAZING Water has smaller water clusters than standard water. These smaller water clusters penetrate cells easier and far quicker. Thereby delivering oxygen, nutrients and replenishment up to six times faster than nearly anything else you can drink. AMAZING Water's smaller water clusters combined with its electrolytes are able to detoxify and refuel your body at far superior levels than nearly any other water or performance beverage.

  6. Performance& Energy AMAZING Water's combination of electrolytes, smaller water clusters and antioxidants penetrate and replenish cells extremely quickly while also delivering more oxygen to your body. As a result, your body receives quick boosts of oxygen and energy that increase performance levels in any activity. Even better, when AMAZING Water is combined with vitamins and supplements, it's smaller water clusters are able to deliver the nutrients to cells much quicker than standard beverages.

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  8. Products 500 ml PET Bottle

  9. 1 Litre PET Bottle

  10. Welcome to Amazing Water ( India ) Pvt. Ltd. AMAZING WATER is India's first ever brand to manufacture and produce Enhanced Electrolyzed Alkaline Functional Water with pH value of 9.5 in PET bottles in a Joint Venture with principals ; Oxy - H2O & Beverages and Amazing Water Ltd. U.K. Our manufacturing plant is located in Mangaon-Maharashtra on Mumbai - Goa high way in a pristine and green environment with absolutely zero pollution any where. The plant is State-of-the Art fully automatic system with entire patented technology and plant & machinery set up by India's 50 years old leading water treatment co - Metito Water Care India with technical association from USA and Japan. AMAZING WATER is unique in that it is subjected to a proprietary purification and bottling process that ensures incredible water purity , paired with an Alkaline level of Ph 9.5 at the time of bottling. To further ensure freshness , taste and high pH level , AMAZING WATER is bottled in light blue color PET bottles.

  11. Domestic Ionizer When using a high-quality Water Ionizer at home, you can not only enjoy the health benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water, but you can also use the byproduct which is Acidic Ionized

  12. Alkaline Bottled Water The most fortune way to maintain a healthy life is with a standard quality of Alkaline Water delivered by Amazing Water India Pvt. Ltd. We are the leading manufacturer and distributor of alkaline water with a pH value of 9.5. There is a proverb saying, “Being Healthy is more important than being rich” and we have an ability to prove this. Amazing Water has unique trade mark of water purification and bottling process ensures breathtaking water purity. The qualities of the alkaline water bottles are remarkable and we assure to provide freshness, taste and high level of pH in the bottles.

  13. The Alkaline water is anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, anti-hangover, 7 times faster hydration with astonishing performance energy. There are a number of brands available in market, but the bottled alkaline water brands are the most suitable and assurance brand which serve it best. The taste of alkaline bottled water is tasty, fresh with high level of pH level because it is packed with air tight jar. Alkaline Water tends to be anti-aging because it has powerful detoxifying qualities which help to get rid of weight and water retention. It helps to make your skin glow revitalize the skin’s overall appearance. It gives vital nutrients on a much deeper level and makes your skin glow. It is an essential remedy to improve the immune system because it has anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.

  14. Here are the benefits of Alkaline Water: • Antioxidant Properties: The alkaline water has antioxidant properties that help to work against harmful free radicals. • Cleansing Features: It helps to prevent viral infection, stomach virus, with other illness and assist to keep the immune system clean.

  15. Physical appearance benefits: • Alkaline water plays a major role in physical appearance benefits because it revitalizes the skin and keep it hydrated. • Other Health Benefits: • There are other health benefits which help to reduce the arthritis, strain problems and lubricate muscles, joints of a body. • We offer diverse sizes of alkaline bottle water at economical rates to a large scale with 100% assurance.

  16. Alkaline Health Water Everyone drinks water but more often what kind of water we drink matters. These days alkaline water has great hype among users because of its health benefits and maximum PH value. Alkaline water has 9.5 PH value and seems to be ideal anti-oxidant for human body to ensure life-long virtuous health. To enjoy vibrant healthy life it is essential to drink alkaline water on regular basis. It helps to develop health, fortify immune power, counter against the aging process and purify human body. It alsoretains appropriate hydration and rich quality nutrition in body.

  17. Alkaline ionized water is used for drinking and cooking that provides consumers with numerous health benefits: • Detoxifying: It has anti-aging property and dynamic detoxifying qualities that diminishes the deep stores unwanted waste from the body. • Alkalizing: It helps to balance the PH value and revitalize body to work in ideal conditions. • Weight Control: It helps human body to reduce extra weight and water retention. • Antioxidant: It has antioxidants properties that assist to deactivate harmful free radicals and increases the oxygen level in the body.

  18. Oxygen Rich: increases oxygen in the blood. People consuming oxygenated alkaline water can never face the challenges with the hazardous diseases like cancer or any other. Immune Power: It fortifies an immune power in numerous ways thus preventing the dangerous bacteria and virus from entering in the body. Super Hydrating: It has super hydrating power that permits small clusters to enter into cell more easily. Removes pesticides: Robust alkaline water more than 10Ph level helps to eliminate pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Mineral rich: It contains high quality minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium which are crucial to human health.

  19. LOCATION Amazing Water ( India ) Pvt. Ltd. Mangoan, Mumbai - Goa Highway, Maharashtra, INDIA Phone : 022 69 99 6690 Mobile : +91 85 54 857021 E-mail :

  20. Thank You