what you need to know about carpet cleaning and caulking windows n.
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What You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning And Window Caulking PowerPoint Presentation
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What You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning And Window Caulking

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What You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning And Window Caulking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Effective Carpet Cleaning For Stain Removal\n2. Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY\n3. Caulking Windows\n4. Where Do I Need to Caulk Windows?\n5. Top Ten Reasons You Should Maintain Caulking and Sealants on Your Properties\n\nFind out more at: \nhttps://myaurum.com/toronto/\nhttps://myaurum.com/commercial-services/window-caulking/\n\n

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Presentation Transcript
  • Effective Carpet Cleaning For Stain Removal
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY
  • Caulking Windows
  • Where Do I Need to Caulk Windows?
  • Top Ten Reasons You Should Maintain Caulking and Sealants on Your Properties
effective carpet cleaning for stain removal
Effective Carpet Cleaning For Stain Removal
  • Carpet Absorbent Technique
    • This technique is ideal for cleaning carpets that have organic dirt and other materials that can be dissolved in water. When cleaning the carpet with this technique the normal procedure involves making sure water that contains solvents is sprayed on the stained spot on the carpet. The carpet then soaks up the sprayed water and also dissolves the stain, then a thorough vacuuming of the spot is done to remove the stains. This is arguably one of the easiest and most effective means of cleaning carpets.
  • The Bonnet Technique
    • This cleaning technique is most suited for the removal of stubborn stains from the carpet. The technique involves the use of special biodegradable detergents and a rotating brush to scrub off strains and dirt from affected areas of a carpet. This technique is also very effective and requires a minimal amount of water.
effective carpet cleaning for stain removal 1
Effective Carpet Cleaning For Stain Removal
  • The Shampooing Technique
    • This technique involves the use of either a wet shampoo or aerosol foam shampoo. When using wet shampoo the carpet is usually soaked in a shampoo solution, then thoroughly vacuumed and dry afterward. And in the end, you get nothing but a sparkling result. On the other hand, the aerosol foam shampoo method involves the spraying of the shampoo on the carpet, then the solution is given time to dry, then vacuumed afterward to remove the dirt. Bear in mind that, shampoos such as ammonia-based shampoo often leaves a foul smell afterward when used for carpet cleaning.
  • The Steam Cleaning Technique
    • This technique is actually the most common carpet cleaning technique today. It simply involves the thorough vacuuming of the carpet with the aim of removing solid dirt materials. Then afterward hot steamy water is used to the remove the stains that are found on the carpet. However in most cases, when applying hot steamy water to the carpet, detergents are added and left for about 15-30 minutes in order to properly absorb and dissolve the stains thereby making it easy for the stains to be removed. However, the downside of this technique is the fact that it takes considerable time for the carpet to dry.
professional carpet cleaning vs diy
Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY
  • DIY Carpet Cleaning
    • When you undertake a DIY carpet cleaning what usually goes down is the normal carpet vacuuming and removal of stains with the aid of DIY stain removal products that you can get at local stores.
    • Carpet vacuuming especially when it's done regularly could be very helpful in the maintenance and longevity of the carpet. This exercise gets rid of accumulated dust, dirt particles and microorganism that are present in the carpet, thereby not only keeping the carpet in a good state but also improving the quality of air in the home.
    • When removing stains from the carpet with chemical-based stain removal products, it's advised that you observe caution so as not to damage the carpet. Most of these chemical based stain removal products are very powerful. This is why on these products pack and body you will often find instruction for its use always written in clear terms.
professional carpet cleaning vs diy 1
Professional Carpet Cleaning VS DIY
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning
    • Meanwhile unlike the DIY approach to carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaners devout lots of time, money and research in order to come up with carpet cleaning procedures that would produce safe and excellent results. In addition, professional carpet cleaning outfits have on their payroll, personnel that is well trained in the use of high-end materials, products, and technology. Furthermore, this personnel boast of several years of professional experience and have dealt with numerous and severe cases of stain removals and general carpet cleaning.
    • So when it comes to pricing of professional carpet cleaning, it most times depends on the nature of the carpet that is to be cleaned. That's to say, when confronted with a heavily stain carpet the cost of cleaning the carpet is expected to be higher than a normal dirty carpet. This is because more manpower, high-end stain removals, and chemical will be used to clean the heavily stained carpet.
caulking windows
Caulking Windows
  • Why should you caulk your windows?
    • Having gaps in your windows is a very a bad feature that could cause lots of harm to your home. This is due to the fact that these gaps make your home vulnerable to leaks and moisture which are detrimental to the safety of your structure.
    • Another great reason for caulking windows is that it helps you save money on energy bills. How? With those gaps in your window, the heating of your home is always sabotaged because these heats escape through the gaps in your window leaving you with an insufficient heat and also an exorbitant energy bill. So by caulking windows, these gaps are sealed, energy is retained, well utilized and the bills are lowered too.
  • When is the ideal time for caulking windows?
    • The ideal time for caulking windows should during the warm weather months. This is because during this period the mid-range temperature that is usually above 40 degrees makes the caulking more adhesive. Another reason why caulking windows during the warmer weather is ideal is the fact that, the process of caulking windows demands that you the windows stay open till the job is complete. And if you choose to caulk your windows during cold weather months, it won’t be ideal to leave your windows open, as it will expose occupants to not only the cold weather but also causes a great deal of discomfort.
where do i need to caulk windows
Where Do I Need to Caulk Windows?
  • Basically, window caulking depends largely on the kind of siding and frames you choose to install. Therefore if you have a window frame like vinyl, chances are, it will most likely hold tight the glass than the wood frames. So for vinyl siding, all you need is applying a small amount of painter’s caulk on the edges exactly at the point where the glass connects your window frame. Although this only serves aesthetic purposes.
  • However, in a situation where you have a wood siding and also wish to install a wood-framed window, you are expected to carry out a thorough filling of the gaps with a clear silicone caulk in order to prevent leaks and moisture penetration through the window.
  • Where are the places to avoid during window caulking?
    • The window’s weep hole is one of those places you should look out for when window caulking. The window's weep hole is the small hole that is found at the bottom of the exterior frame in vinyl windows. This hole is there to serve as a vital exit for moisture found behind the window.
    • The point in the window where the trim meets the siding is another vital area to avoid when caulking your window especially in cases where the trim flush against the siding.
top ten reasons you should maintain caulking and sealants on your properties
Top Ten Reasons You Should Maintain Caulking and Sealants on Your Properties
  • Seals all the gaps in the window.
    • Window caulking enables you to effectively address the issue of leaks and moisture that find their way into your home. since it fills the gaps and holes, your windows will be thoroughly fitting and airtight.
  • Very effective in removing Water or Paint
    • When embarking on window caulking it's advised that you go for the water-based caulk. This recommendation is owing to the fact that water-based caulks have performance capabilities of silicone caulk. These caulks are suitable for water clean-up and paintability of surfaces.
  • Saves Money
    • Knowing the ideal caulk for your window would save you a lot of money especially when you consider the level of damages/cost that related to leaks and moisture in buildings.
  • It's Energy Efficient.
    • Energy maximization is a major feature that homeowners don't joke with. Nobody wants to spend an exorbitant amount on energy bills that that was not even fully utilize. Therefore window caulking is that perfect mechanism to use in ensuring your home is energy efficient.
  • Applicable on different surfaces
    • The beauty of window caulking lies in the fact that, it can be carried out on wide-range of surfaces. All you have to do is get hold of the caulk that best suits your window surface. There are many options available including silicon, butyl rubber or acrylic latex. Regardless of your choice be assured that you will still get that desired result.
top ten reasons you should maintain caulking and sealants on your properties 1
Top Ten Reasons You Should Maintain Caulking and Sealants on Your Properties
  • Ideal for Fighting Mildew
    • There are different types of caulks that are perfect for the prevention of mildew in your home. Caulks such as bath/kitchen caulk have the capability of saving your home from different mildew related problems. Fortunately, by using the appropriate caulks and sealants, mildews would be history.
  • Provides Enhanced Comfort
    • Window caulking improves the overall comfort of your home. It ensures that the gaps in the windows are sealed properly. This, in turn, helps to eliminate the prospect of wind and air penetration and also ensures that heat doesn't escape through those gaps thereby offering occupant maximum comfort.
  • Improves Value of Homes
    • By window caulking your home and eliminating leaks and moisture, your home is made safe from structural damages that are caused by leaks and moisture. This increases the value of the home whenever you want to cash-in on it.
  • Non-Toxic
    • Caulks and sealants that are used in window caulking are all non-toxic and eco-friendly too. Therefore there are no related health hazards to its usage.
  • Preventing Insect Invasion
    • When you window caulk you seal off those gaps that insects creep into the home from thereby rendering your home insect free.
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