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10 Best Cloud Telephony Services Provider For Business PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Best Cloud Telephony Services Provider For Business

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10 Best Cloud Telephony Services Provider For Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 Best Cloud Telephony Services Provider For Business

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  1. 10 Best Cloud Telephony Services Provider For Business

  2. Cloud Telephony Technologies have evolved and so have the techniques you used for communicating with your customers. When you look out for the ideal cloud telephony for business, you desire to get a complete array of facilities that are economical as well as well as beneficial.

  3. The World is Moving to The Cloud 72% of Developers Claim the Cloud Already Figures Into the Apps They Design. By 2016 1/3 of the World's Apps Will Be Cloud-Based. In 2016 95% of all Software was Built for the Cloud.

  4. Data Storage 2015-2016

  5. 90%of Fortune 500 Companies already using Cloud Telephony

  6. $127 Billion STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE Opportunity Coming In Cloud Computing To survive today’s challenges, identify what you can still do better than traditional rivals and disruptive start-ups, and invest in it. INNOVATE YOUR BUSINESS To thrive in the future, create new paths to growth through innovation of your products, services, business processes, or business models.

  7. Hear Their Stories: With Cloud Telephony, we are able to efficiently upload data, obtain insights, and then execute against it at record time A storage unit through which to access data quickly and interact with our 10.5 million users. Andy Lackawski CTO Global Wares Darlene O'Brien CEO GlobeNet

  8. Reasons For Selecting Hosted Cloud Telephony Services Simplicity 1 2 Mobility 3 4 Cost Efficiency Scalability

  9. Best Cloud Telephony Services Provider • Altura Communication Solution • Cloud Direct • Gradwell • Sipgate • BT • Ring Central • NFON • Lily Comms • Vonage • Teliqo Direct

  10. Ring Central RingCentralis one of the noted companies that cater your business with customised call management system. It handles the customers well, keeping up the reputation of the company and provides is effective in automatic call recording. It also provides facilities for salesforce CRM integration and inbound Freephone. Your service provider will take care of all your worries.

  11. NFON NFON is one of the best cloud telephony provides and provides its trusted services all over Europe. With the tailored facilities that it provides, you will really be contended with the pricing and quality of services. They offers a 30-day trial version contract, and if you are satisfied, you can bank on the services.

  12. Lily Comms Lily Comms has been in the industry for the last five years and has gradually gained a lot of popularity. There are some special benefits for the clients of the company and it comes with powerful call-handling facilities. It has other benefits and provides you with mobile extension and personal call routing. It is compatible priced and can create a virtual conference room when you bank on the services.

  13. Vonage Vonage is one of the other brands selling with Cloud telephony, and you will be able to avail their services at a reasonable cost because they just turns the broadband cables of your devices into telephonic infrastructure. There is no installation or rental charges, and you will enjoy the compatibility with the price.

  14. Teliqo Direct Teliqo Direct is a company that you will find compatible with price. There is just a single payment to be made per month, and the quality of services is up to the desired grades. The calls are charged at wholesale rates, and this cut down the costs immensely. It brings about fully integrated support for all the devices, and there are no upfront fees to be paid when you avail the technology.

  15. Altura Communication Solutions Altura Communication Solutions is the leader in the industry of cloud telephony for business. With compatible price slabs and upgrade technical support, it has created its match in itself. There are well-organised web-oriented customer management systems and the technical edge of the company over the others is really a benchmark in the industry It offers all the facilities like auto call recording, call transfer, and a good range of scalability.

  16. Cloud Direct Cloud Direct is another noted brand that has been into the industry for quite some time. There are no issues with the quality of services, and one will have a great customer management system with the technology. They can be used well in the office and has the feature of mobility, which allows the users to use them when they are outside the office. There are other facilities like call transferring, call forwarding and much more.

  17. Gradwell Gradewell is another company that offers economic price slabs to the users. The low cost per customer is a positive aspect for the users, and it comes with a minimum contract of three months. There are personalised features for the users to change the web settings and comes with features like re-routing calls and editing voice menus. It also allows free calls between offices and inbound areas.

  18. Sipgate Sipgateis one of the brands that offer the best grades of customization and provides a vast range of prices that the users can personalise. The quality of voice calls is very good and clear. There are other facilities like auto call recording, voice customization, transfer of calls and customised web settings. People have used the product for quite some time now and has benefitted from the economic schemes that the company offers.

  19. BT BT is one of the noted companies in the industry which offers a great deal of customization to the users. There are as many as eight lined per broadband connection. You can maximise the lines to 100, as per your requirements.

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