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Effective White Hat SEO Services for Business Improvement in NY

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Effective White Hat SEO Services for Business Improvement in NY - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are looking for effective white hat SEO Services for quick results and business improvement. Contact to the specialized company WQC Design Studio to get premium quality SEO services.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important to any Web Site. Good quality content is what makes a site visited on a regular basis, so it is true to say for Search Engine Optimization to be relevant and successful to any site, quality content with relevant key words will enhance searchers. Spiders or Search Engines will search the web for relevant and information stuffed content, which they gather and store for future searchers to utilize.

The site which contains the rich content is stored within the Search Engine Index and is catalogued and ranked. This is where you are able to have your Web Site ranked at the top based on your rich, information stuffed content that is rated highly by major Search Engines.

WQC Design Studios is able to ensure your website created by us is rated and ranked among the highest.

We will ensure Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, AltaVista and the other entire Search Engines index your Website as top, relevant information content for searchers. The built in web Crawlers or Spiders are able to do this based on the strategic positioning of your content on the Web.



SEQ Packages offered by us at WQC Design Studio are tailored to meet your needs. Every package gives a 6 Month program which will ensure you are covered based on the one you order; whether; Gold, Silver, Bronze or Platinum, our service for each package is professional and very detailed.



Social Media Optimization makes use of various social media options to ensure you have a multiplicity of viewers and users who are able to get information about your goods and services. Social media sites will optimize your viewership when information filled content; blogs, as well as postings, are circulated. The social media sites are RSS feeds, Twitter, video sharing websites, unique photo postings as well as sharing unique content that will generate a plethora of engaging comments that will encourage conversations. These social conversations are shared within the many sites and are viewed as well. The viewership encourages interest and this encourages commerce.



ORM is the process used to scour business sites for bad or good reviews and protects the reputation of these businesses so as to not have these not so good reviews be the first thing seen during searches. Online Reputation Management will determine the level of negative reviews versus the potential for growth of the particular business, and endeavor to mitigate damage control with swift customer input based on the information.



Imagine wanting to find a certain business within your geographical location, and you go online and input the general information. The local search engines will find the geographic address and all the relevant information within the business database and relay this information to the searcher. Having this information immediately available to the searcher is classified as Local Search Marketing. No longer does the person need to rely on Yellow Pages, Directories, and Television Ads or radio Ads; the information is available online and is available within your local geographic location. Hotels, Restaurants, Salons, Fast Food eateries as well as any business who utilize this source for business promotion are listed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Information available through Local Search Marketing are address, telephone number, business name, services offered, as well as business hours.



As a business owner, it is important to have your goods and services noticed. Your Web Site is the window to your business and you need to have as many visitors who will potentially become customers. This is your Conversion Optimization. Having visible Ads, targeted Key Words that will capture the searcher as well as keep the search engine engaged to ensure your Web Site is visited more during any search. Quality content that has the targeted Key Words which will cause the searcher to become your customer as well as have other visitors converts. These factors are all connected to Optimize your searches and convert them; so the potential of your PPC or Pay Per Click content needs to be relevant and saturated with wholesome information.



  • Google Panda Recovery is what is called an Algorithm or a formula, which is used to sweep listings on Google and throw out content and Websites that are not contributing valuable information to the Search Engine. Many Websites have suffered from Google Panda and have lost their listing rates; however, there are ways to recover from this position.
  • Always write good quality content and ensure there is LSI in the content to attract Search Engines. Highlight keywords with italics in H1, H2, and H3 to ensure word density within your article.
  • If after investigation and your site has been downgraded by Google Panda, get rid of the low content on the site, or write good content follow-ups with relevant information.
  • Ensure content is authentic and not copied. This is a red flag for Google Panda and you will have lots of issues with plagiarism.
  • Ensure your content is SEO friendly and there are social media promotional steps to ensure your site is current or is being viewed in real time. Twitter is a good social media platform with which to ensure quicker indexing.


Google Penguin recovery is a long and laborious road to travel. Recovering from being downgraded by this algorithm will require you to do the manual work yourself. Some persons initially hired an SEO who for some reason or other does not know the magnitude of damage that is being done from faulty or bad content. To recover from Google Penguin removal, scouring your site may be the only option. You must take the bull by the horns and get rid of as many of your bad content, posts, blogs, etc. in order to be free and clear for Google to reinstate you to their presence.

Another route which is available to Web Site owners is to disavow the content on their site. It will be painful, but it will be worth the effort and the commitment. Having done these two steps as well as resubmitting credible and information packed content, you need to wait for Google to reinstate you.



Marketing by Emails is quite popular. It is a simple method of promoting, selling or offering goods and services to potential customers. Many companies have a directory of their customers and will as a promotion, send emails to them giving information of sales, special offers etc. Other businesses will buy an email listing and use this to market their products. Some companies have begun to utilize the mobile availability of Smartphone, Tablets as well as Kindle to ply the public with promotional information.



Here is a Statistical look at our six months progress using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO

(Social Media Optimization) at WQC Design Studio.



On this journey with WQC Design Studio and what we are able to offer, you will be mindful that the information is just a taste of what we are able to do. Our team of SEO, Content Writer, and Graphics and Website Design persons is only too eager to avail you of our services. We look forward to having you as Clients and will endeavor to give you the most Professional care ever.


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