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Alternative medicine, therapies by Janine Keane

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Alternative medicine, therapies by Janine Keane - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medicine can be defined as the practice (or science) of maintaining and restoring health through study, diagnosis and treatment of patients. It can also be defined as any agent that treats a disease.

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Alternative medicine, therapies by Janine Keane

Medicine can be defined as the practice (or science) of maintaining and restoring health

through study, diagnosis and treatment of patients. It can also be defined as any agent that

treats a disease.

Professional therapist Janine Keane says that an alternative medicine is any form of medicine

that does not fit within the scientific framework of western medicine. Once a form of

medicine has been proven scientifically effective, and a theory has been determined to

explain in the language of western medicine why it is effective, it should no longer be

considered alternative.

Unfortunately some alternative treatments do not cure the disease either; however, they

almost never have side effects (unless you are allergic) and are usually much more cost

effective than modern pharmaceuticals.

Some of the recognized alternative health therapies AKZ Management provides today are:

1. Aromatherapy - this is a very popular alternative health therapy. It is based on the

concept that the body's imbalances can be corrected with the help of the inhalation of

different aromas.

2. Acupuncture/ acupressure - these two therapies are combined under one head because

the function under the same premise, i.e. that the body has certain nodules or pressure

points, which if blocked or stimulated can be efficient in curing pain and many other serious


3. Herbal medicine - perhaps the most popular of all the alternative health available, the

herbal medicine has taken the world by storm. It has proved beyond any doubt that it is

extremely efficient in treating and curing many fatal diseases. The herbal treatment

harnesses the awesome power of the nature for providing relief and permanent cures.

4. Homeopathy: Homeopathy was developed in the 1800's by two doctors who noticed that

quinine, the only medicine capable of treated malaria, caused symptoms of malaria in

healthy people who were given it. They theorized that like would cure like, so caffeine which

normally causes wakefulness would be used to help someone who was not sleeping through

the night, sleep better. Alexis Zargar a professional therapist also serving with Akz

Management homeopathy is probably the only alternative medicine that is safe to try


without speaking with an expert, because the active substance is so dilute that it is not

possible to over dose, or incur side effects on the amounts in the local health food store,

never mind the few bottles you would keep in your home. At the same time, it is still best to

consult a homeopath to be sure that what your taking will work for what you need.

5. Oriental medicine: Oriental medicine is the only form of alternative medicine that is truly

comparably to western medicine as a complete system of medicine. Oriental medicine is

based on several theories developed thousands of years ago and first elaborated on in the

Yellow Emperor's Classic, between three and five thousand years ago. Oriental medicine

includes the practices of massage, acupuncture, herbal therapy, qi gong, and several others.

Tradition Chinese Medicine is a variant of oriental medicine specific to China. It is the only

variant of oriental medicine the can be found with relative ease in the United States. In

many parts of Asia, oriental medicine is still considered the standard of medical care and

western medicine is 'alternative.'