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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth

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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth

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  1. Termite inspection An insect which is very soft and mostly tiny in nature, relies completely on wood for it's food is termed as a termite. They do originate from cockraches and probably the evolution started during the dinosaur era. Here are the list of termites found across the planet – King, Soldiers, Queen, Teritiary Queen, Secondary Queen and last but not the least Worker Termites. There is a lot of wood used both in interior and the exterior portions of the house these days, compare to a couple of decades ago. Purely because wood increases aesthtics value, sometimes usage of fine wood like teak and rose wood can appreciate the value of the house depending on the quality of the structure, design of the building. Maintaining wooden floored or wooden roofings comes at the cost of frequent inspections and eradicating any minor or major termite infections. Common areas where termite infection could be critical • Areas where concrete and wood meet, it could be roofs, floors, weakning of these kind of spots could be realy hazardous. • Basements which store old and rugged things are a safe haven to these insects. • Porches, Window sills/frames, Porches, wooden decks, joists, sub floors, support posts etc; • Wooden steps or slabs which are not cleaned and maintained for a long time can attract these termites. How to identify termite infection • You must note that the very nature of these insects is to hide under a thin skin of the wood, they would start feeding from the inside and it's usually very hard to determine during the initial stages of the infection. • If the floor or the roof, or the edge part where the wood and concrete meet are dampaned, that is a sure sign that the insects have started feeding onto the structure. • Drywood termites are capable enough to create a tunnel inside the furniture, they will start appearing after days or months of consumption, the best way to check is to regularly check how the wood sounds when you gently knock on it using a screw driver, if it sounds hollow you need to contact a specialist to diagnose it further. Termite inspection Perth, WA

  2. It is normal for people to purchase a house in Perth, which has been pre inspected for Termite by the Best Termite inspection team in WA. Home buyers in Perth, WA do not hestiate to inspect the house for termites, especially if it is a resonably old house or a commercial property or if it has a lot of wood in the materials. Real estate companies tend to get the Cheapest Termite inspectionPerth quote, as they have a good bussiness relations with the termite inspection team across Perth or for that matter the entire WA. Best Practices • Annual Maintenence: It may not help in completely terminating the infestation, however instead of curing, it helps in preventing the termites to feed on the wood as the infection is detected at early stage. • Pre Purchase Termite inspection in WA: Although the house might look really pretty at a first glance, it is advisible to check if the property has been inspected by an accredited inspector for termite inspection. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Us: Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth 1260 Hay St, West Perth Western Australia 6005 0862444271 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: