Different Measures to Eliminate Fleas Permanently
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Are you having problem with Fleas in your house? If your home is being invaded by Fleas, there\'s no need to panic because Ecofriendly Pest Control can help . So why wait, check our Packages or simply call us on M: 08 9468 8094.\n

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Different Measures to Eliminate Fleas Permanently

From Your Living Space

Pests are spread everywhere in our surrounding environment and can easily make your life miserable

even beyond your realizing. Fleas are the most annoying variety of pests both for you and your pets. Fleas

usually prefer to suckle warm blood and therefore permanently survive inside the fur of household

domestic pets like cats or dogs. This blood sucking parasite can cause common skin problems like rashes

or itching and can also the carrier of life-threatening ailments like Bubonic plagues, typhus, etc.

If fleas are present in your premises then there is a high chance of getting sick through their bites. The

host of the fleas to bite can be domestic pet animals or even human being. This dangerous pest generally

enters your home via domestic pets or through different infestations overnight. Although flea bites are not

so painful but it leaves reddish black marks on the skin surface that ultimately result in inflammation.

Therefore flea pest control in your living area should be done from time to time.

Fleas are hosted in the bodies of domestic pets and from there they get nutrition and thus survive for a

longer time without food. These oval-shaped brown colored pests are generally seen in summer or spring

seasons near the food surfaces. They lay eggs on the inside the fur of your domestic pets which get

hatched when your pets itch or scratch. These pests are commonly noticed in household items where your

pets roam around. In order protect your small children or your pets flea pest removal is necessary at least

once in a year.

Control measures for fleas

Different measures of flea pest control Perth will help to eliminate fleas from your house completely.

àInspect: Flea pest removal Perth involves professional pest controllers who carry out a complete

survey of your home spaces and note down the places where the number of fleas is more.

àApply bait: Generally, these professionals apply formulated as well as licensed bait for fleas control in

and around your home premises. These baits are totally chemical free and thus quite safe for your pets

and children.

àSealing: Then they seals all void spaces in roofs or subfloors; wall cavities; crevices and cracks of the

bathroom, kitchens, around doors and windows, and garages; plumbing penetration, etc. with silicone

sealing materials. This measure will prevent the further invasion of fleas to your home.

àSpray: If the disturbances of fleas still exist then flea pest control in Perth carry out spraying of

harmless pesticide spray in licensed quantity around the perimeter of your building.

How will you manage the primary steps of flea removal?

§All your clothing, curtains, bed linens, carpets, etc. should be washed thoroughly with antiseptic

solutions and hot water.

§Try to seal the areas where the fleas usually hide at daytime like cracked wallpapers or floorboards,

gaps in between furniture, etc.

§Call for a professional pest controller for flea pest control in Perth unless the problem takes a severe


The possible above-mentioned ways will surely help to flea pest removal in Perth safely from your

home and surroundings.


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