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Top Songs of the Week PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Songs of the Week

Top Songs of the Week

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Top Songs of the Week

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  1. Top Songs of the Week

  2. Ty Dollar $ign – “Blasé” [ft. Future and Rae Sremmurd] • Ty Dollar $ign struck it big with his remix of “Paranoid” by Kanye West, and now has hit the rap scene hard with numerous features and hit track released in the last year. “Blasé” doesn’t stray from the rap styling you would expect of Ty or Rae Sremmurd, hitting the club with loud beats and catchy hooks, but it is the perfect mobbin’ top song of the week.

  3. Young Thug – “Hey I” • Young Thug’s another rapper emerging from the last year of massive collaborations and hip hop tracks flooding the industry. Remixes and features have suited Young Thug well so far, but with his recent feature on Jaime xx’s song “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” Young Thug has really hit the spotlight. “Hey I” strayed from a majority of the songs on Thug’s latest album Barter VI and his turn-up styled tracks.

  4. Vince Staples – “Get Paid” [ft. Desi Mo] • Vince Staples did what many rappers before him couldn’t do: strike it big on the first album. Staple’s just released his first album Summertime ‘06, breaking the mold of typical hip hop tracks. With No I.D. laying down the tracks, Staple’s new album really hits back to the streets which raised him. He’s gloating in the sun of good fortune now, but realizes all luck fades eventually.

  5. Keys N Krates – “Save Me [ft. Katy B] • The Toronto trio, Keys N Krates, fuses live electronic music with a plethora of other sounds from hip hop, to house, to any other tones the simply find amusing and fitting. “Save Me” features Katy B a well-known British dance-pop artists adding her flare of vocals for an upbeat dance electro fusion track.

  6. Royal Headache – “High” • The Sydney duo dubbed Royal Headache, hail rock and roll champion of music, and have well versed themselves in the instrumentation of the genre. Taking only a day and a half to record all the instruments for “High”, the duo wasted no time showing their prowess of their love for the music. Dissonant chord progression and unusually time flow, give “High” both an eerie and graceful tone over the airwaves for the listeners.

  7. The Weeknd – “Can’t Feel My Face” • The Weeknd, Abel Tesfaye, connected with the growing youth through his trials and tribulations of drugs and love. A topic most of today’s youth can associate heavily with. “Can’t Feel My Face” falls nothing sort of this, and actually triumphs over all of his other songs as the “holy grail” of love/drug relationship rollecoasters.

  8. Journeymann Trax – “Black Forest” • Electronic music of the Aphex Twin sorts doesn’t get the amount of love it deserves in today’s mainstream EDM overrun landscape. To some there are rays of sunshine amidst the black abyss, Journeymann Trax being on of them. An artist who takes the time to create a song as a story to carry the listener through a journey of emotions with ups and downs lefts and rights and all the valleys in between. “Black Forest” does exactly that in the nine minute running time.

  9. Major Lazer – “Lean On” [ft. MØ & DJ Snake] • With the announcement of a new Major Lazer album, Diplo hit the studios again after releasing and album under the Jack U moniker with Skrillex. “Lean On” captures some of the funky reggae influence of old Major Lazer with some of the new stylings Diplo found with Skrillex

  10. Wiz Khalifa – “See You Again” [ft. Charlie Path] • An ode to Paul Walker in the new Fast and Furious movie, Wiz delivers a powerfully moving song about the ones lost, yet not forgotten. Both sad and moving at the same time, “See You Again” exemplifies an attitude we most all live in the now, because living in the past will not serve us in the end.

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