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How To Find Suppliers For Your Retail Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Find Suppliers For Your Retail Business

How To Find Suppliers For Your Retail Business

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How To Find Suppliers For Your Retail Business

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  1. How To Find Suppliers For Your Retail Business

  2. Getting the right suppliers for your business might seem a matter of luck, but it takes hard work. Using traditional sources, you can hit the jackpot and find a supplier who offers the best products at the right price. These methods may involve some effort on your part, but they are not completely useless. Some of these traditional methods for finding suppliers are mentioned below. If these methods fail, or you're running short on time, there are always short cuts such as using Esources directory. • Esources advantages • reviews have been very positive about the ways the directory can help people find suppliers. The resellers, retailers, ecommerce vendors, and even people who are looking to stock their garage sales business, can hope to find the best suppliers through this directory. opinions have made more and more people aware of the benefits of using this directory. It is easy to use, and offers multiple resources in addition to the supplier directory at no cost. Of course there is a premium service too, that offers additional benefits. You can sign up for this directory service if you are hard pressed for time and need to find suppliers without spending hours or even weeks on the search.

  3. Find trade events • The traditional methods of finding suppliers have their advantages if you're up for the challenge. It is a good idea to look for suppliers through this route. For example, you may want to find business conferences and trade events where you can network with suppliers. Many vendors are surprised to know through reviews that Esources offers a list of events that are coming up in a particular city. So you can be alerted well in advance when you are planning to attend an event. • Subscribe to journals • Besides attending trade shows, browsing trade journals is another way to locate suppliers. The difficult part has usually been how to find the right trade publications. Since each business caters to a niche, finding journals that target this niche can be difficult. Usually, the local library has information on the right journals and retailers can also find more information by looking through community web sites and forums dedicated to trades.

  4. Contact the nearest suppliers and distributors • Finding suppliers who will offer products and the right prices is often a challenge. However, seasoned resellers understand that they have to look in the right places in order to find the best suppliers. Suppliers expect resellers to buy in bulk. The more you buy, the more the supplier profits, and the more they are willing to work with you. However, if you buy smaller lots, the supplier loses interest in working with you. Since you can't necessarily increase the amount of products you purchase, you may look for suppliers who are willing to work with smaller retailers. This way you might be able to find discounts.

  5. Similarly, it is a good idea to reduce shipping costs by a working with suppliers living close to where most of your customer base resides. This is particularly true if you are dropshipping and the supplier directly sends the products to the customer. Otherwise, if you are stocking your brick-and-mortar store, or warehousing products, it's easiest to find suppliers operating close to where you are. This would reduce transportation costs considerably. • The reviews inform that you don't have to consult trade journals, or hunt down suppliers by visiting every warehouse and distributor in the vicinity. Finding suppliers is made easier thanks to the Esources directory. However, for those with an adventurous bent of mind, and the time to spare, having options such as trade journals and networking can never hurt.

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