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Works of Art

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Works of Art

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  1. Works of Art How to access INTERPOL’s Works of Art database via

  2. First you must connect to the webpage: You will find the shortcut to the link to Stolen works of art at the bottom of the home page

  3. And go to the link “Access to the stolen works of art database” WORK OF ART DATABASE

  4. To view this database you will need a username and password

  5. By default the search engine will search for Stolen Objects WORK OF ART DATABASE but you can also search for Discovered Objects by changing the search options

  6. There are 3 criteria boxes but only two mandatory fields. You must specify either the type of WOA or the file number before clicking on search. Click on "List" WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA

  7. A box will appear containing a list of WOA Click on object type. For more detail use the + sign to open sub-folders! WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA An unopened folder has a + sign and an opened folder has a - sign. Clicking on either the + or - sign will open or close the folder

  8. Sub-folders provide precise descriptions of WOA; if the exact nature of the object is unknown, you may choose the generic option to widen your search. For this example, you know it is a cello so you click on the + sign next to "Musical Instrument", then on the + sign next to "Strings", then on the + sign next to "Played with bows" and then you click directly on the word "Cello". WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA The last action is to click directly on the word itself. It will then appear in the box, should you wish to modify what is in the box, you should click on "Reset"

  9. In the "Type" box now appears the criteria: "Musical Instrument > Strings > Played with bows > Cello A description box will appear each time you click on "list". To remove or modify this data you must click on "Reset". WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA Once you have chosen the relevant data close the window

  10. Be cautious when using this field as your query should correspond exactly to the same sequence of signs, characters, digits and markings as registered in the database You may wish to add additional criteria to your search: inscriptions / markings, height, width, and shape. ONLY IF YOU ARE CERTAIN! WORK OF ART ADDITIONAL CRITERIA

  11. Search results WORK OF ART LIST OF RESULTS By clicking on the title or the photograph you will open the WOA file

  12. A Stolen Work of Art file provides information such as: photos, artist, period, description, markings, size and administrative information. Double click on image to enlarge view WORK OF ART FILE Both INTERPOL (IPSG) and the National Central Bureau (NCB) references are given, if you have information please contact IPSG and the NCB in question using these references.

  13. You may also search by file number and directly launch the search WORK OF ART ADMINISTRATIVE CRITERIA

  14. In the same way as before this file number brings you to the Work of Art file WORK OF ART FILE If a poster has been published then the reference appears on the file

  15. Imagine you wish to describe the following painting. You should think about the following: what is it? a painting, a print? On what type of material is it painted on? What characters or objects are depicted? What technique was used? Is the artist's signature on the painting? Key words will help your search. It is an oil painting on canvas, depicting 8 children playing outside.Two girls are sitting on a goat, a girl is lying next to a basket and a boy is in a tree.

  16. 1 2 3 4 To search for this painting you may use the "List" to describe the painting. 1) It is a painting so we click on the + sign beside painting for more options. WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA 2)It depicts an exterior scene, so again we click on the + sign to open further sub-folders 3) There are children and a goat, so we click on the + sign next to 'with figures and animals' 4) It is not a religious painting. As there are no more + signs, click directly on the words which will highlight

  17. Each time you click on "list" a box will appear to help you describe the work of art. If you click on "reset", it will remove all previously entered criteria WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA The "Lists" available within the main criteria section change according to the type of WOA selected. As we have chosen "Painting", the "Medium/Technique List" provides various painting techniques. Choose "Oil" in the mediums list and it appears in the box

  18. In the "Materials List" you have a list of materials on which paintings can be made. WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA

  19. Should the item exist in the menu you may type the word or at least the first letter to speed up your search In the "Descriptions List" you may select a number of criteria WORK OF ART MAIN CRITERIA This may already be enough to make a search but if you know the name of the artist an A to Z list of artists is available

  20. Additional criteria section In the same way as before, we can select the shape. (Avoid using colours because they can often not be determined with certainty) Be cautious when using this box, only use criteria of which you are 100% certain

  21. If you do not find the searched work, click on « Back to search page » and withdraw one criterion to get more possibilities If you find it, click on the photograph

  22. Once the search is launched and the file is found and opened we can make another search or exit the WOA database Click on Back to return to search engine or exit WOA by clicking on "Menu" or "Exit", this will bring you to the main page.

  23. Imagine you recover this painting: • A portrait of a woman wearing headgear and jewelry and there is no background

  24. Start your search by filling in the mandatory field "Type" by using the list Click on the + sign next to PAINTING Click on the + sign next to PORTRAIT Click on the + sign next to PARTIAL VIEW Select directly the word FULL FACE

  25. Use the description list to reduce the number of answers by clicking on the words: WOMAN, HEADGEAR, JEWELRY, WITHOUT BACKGROUND

  26. You have 53 answers, you can use the "Back to search page" link to add more criteria to your search.

  27. By using the back to search page link, all previously entered information will be retained, and you may add more criteria to your search Only enter criteria that you are 100% certain of

  28. When you find the file Click directly on the heading or picture to see more information

  29. By clicking on the IPSG reference to see all the other items related to the case.

  30. You can now view all the other items linked to this case.