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Web Services A set of tools and protocols which enable software applications to communicate, pass data and issue commands to each other over the Internet or Intranet. Web Services – XML 1.2 Online Auto Dealership

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web services
Web Services

A set of tools and protocols which enable software applications to communicate, pass data and issue commands to each other over the Internet or Intranet.

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web services xml
Web Services – XML

1.2 Online Auto Dealership

An interface that describes a collection of operations that are network accessible thru standardized XML messaging.

Self-contained, modular apps that are over the internet --described--published--located--invoked

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web services3
Web Services
  • Applications
    • Talk to each other
    • Pass data to each other
    • Send commands back and forth
    • Can be inside / outside the firm
  • Standards:
    • Vendor specific with EAI or BPI
    • None with Java
    • Core set with XML
  • XML transfer over HTTP or SOAP

Session 7

web services4
Web Services
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) customizable method for tag creation
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) msg protocol to encode XML
  • UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) distrib directory of web services available
  • WSDL (Web Services Description Language) XML formatted lang for web svc
  • ebXML (electronic business Extensible Markup Language) modular suite of specs for standardizing XML globally for facilitating trade

Session 7

web services limitations
Web Services -- Limitations
  • The HTTP reliance – “sessionless” or “eventless” – when one computer interacts with another across internet – no ongoing connection between the two – no memory of the transaction

-- interaction done thru requests/responses but can not maintain info between requests

  • Not good for complex transactions – banking,
  • Use SOAP as a work around

Session 7

web services limitations6
Web Services -- Limitations

Security – authorization and encryption not basic

-- non-repudiation messy (when company gets confirmation of PO – can not be undone

Work Arounds

-- customized systems interacting with untouched web services at other firms – messy

-- no standard way to do interface

Work Services Networks

-- an integration hub available thru subscription

Session 7

information management
Information Management

Information Management faces 4 challenges

  • Information overload – help needed on filtering / selecting
  • Digital Rot – longevity of digital knowledge undermined by assumptions
    • Everything is kept / nothing crashes
    • Digital format captures everything
    • Library can sort it out later

Session 7

information management8
Information Management
  • Multiplicity of formats/media4 nodes = 12 connectors then add more !!!!

Session 7

information management9
Information Management
  • Transaction and Version Management

Now want digital trace of content’s history

    • How has file evolved from draft to finished copy?
    • Who has been sent file, who has approved, who has seen?
    • Has file been received? How accepted?

Session 7

information management10
Information Management
  • Transaction and Version Management

The KEY is in the CAPABILITIES to associate relevant control info with any text indicating

    • The WHAT (added, deleted, changed)
    • The WHO
    • The WHEN

And maintaining that text within or linking to the text

  • XML content is self-describing
  • XML had no rigid distinctions between
    • Content
    • Control

Session 7

response to information management
Response to Information Management
  • XML provides standardized means for capturing, storing, describing:
    • Information content and structure
    • Rules and information about how that control s/be understood, managed, stored, and referenced
    • How the content is transmitted, transformed and/or presented
    • How content is related to each other

Session 7

web services top ten
Web Services – Top Ten
  • Think plumbing between computer pgms to pass
    • Data/Content
    • Command
  • Web Services – next logical step in integrating the Internet into the Enterprise
  • Standards not really up to par yet – many things need agreement before it can take off
  • XML is the heart of web services
  • Probably org is already using web services but not aware
  • If implemented well, greatly decreases complexity of system integration for org
  • Web Services will be THE protocol for data exchange over the Internet
  • Sun Microsystem’s J2EE and MS’s .NET – 2 main platforms of choice for development
  • Most Web Services is intraorganizational today
  • Next growth phase – B2B communications --

Session 7

  • EDI is electronic data interchange –
    • Uses traditional record format to record transactions between firms
    • Has standards the X.25 for example
    • Has been around since 1970’s
    • Used to transmit transactions between suppliers/customers
    • Expensive to implement and maintain
  • Will Web Services take over from EDI?

Session 7