seasonings and flavorings
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Seasonings and Flavorings

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Seasonings and Flavorings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seasonings and Flavorings. Adding spice to your life!. Seasonings and Flavorings. Seasonings – enhancing the natural flavor of the food without significantly changing its flavor. Flavoring – adding new flavor to a food. Seasonings and Flavorings. Main ingredients = main sources of flavor

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seasonings and flavorings

Seasonings and Flavorings

Adding spice to your life!

seasonings and flavorings1
Seasonings and Flavorings
  • Seasonings – enhancing the natural flavor of the food without significantly changing its flavor.
  • Flavoring – adding new flavor to a food.
seasonings and flavorings2
Seasonings and Flavorings
  • Main ingredients = main sources of flavor
  • Spices, herbs and flavorings enhance the natural flavor, not replace or recover it.
when to season and flavor seasoning
When to Season and FlavorSeasoning
  • Most often done at the end of the cooking process.
  • “adjust the seasoning”
  • Salt and Pepper are often added at the beginning.
  • Some herbs and spices are added in the beginning to impart a specific flavor profile.
  • Be aware of the concentration factor.
when to season and flavor flavor
When to Season and FlavorFlavor
  • Added at any time depending on the cooking time, process and ingredient
  • At the end, usually fresh herbs, brandy or condiments.
  • Flavorings need heat to release
  • Ground spice release more flavor
  • Flavors are “volatile”
common seasonings and flavoring ingredients
Common Seasonings and Flavoring Ingredients
  • Salt – the most widely used to “enhance” flavor.
    • You can always add more!
  • Pepper – add the “heat”.
    • Whole, crushed or ground black pepper (DR)
    • White pepper –when color matters
    • Green peppercorns used in multi-mixes
common seasonings and flavoring ingredients1
Common Seasonings and Flavoring Ingredients
  • Red or cayenne pepper – different family same result.
  • Lemon Juice – adds acid
  • Fresh herbs – variety and intensity
  • Mirepoix
    • Onion, (garlic, shallots) carrots, and celery
    • Trinity – Cajun cuisine
  • Prepared mustard
  • Grated rind – orange, lemon
  • MSG – caution may have “ill” effect.
herbs and spices
Herbs and Spices
  • Herbs- leaves of certain plants that usually grow in temperate climates
  • Spices – buds, fruits, flowers, bark, seeds and roots of plants and trees – many tropical
use of herbs and spices
Know the products

Store dried in a cool place

Buy in small containers

Don’t skimp

Ground enhance more quickly

Use a sachet for flavoring liquids

Add a little and taste, you can always add more.

Enhance not dominate

If uncooked, it takes more time to flavor

Always taste before serving

Use of Herbs and Spices
spice herb chart
Spice & Herb Chart
  • Get one!
  • Use it as a guide
  • Get to know the spices and herbs you commonly use.
  • Understand the difference between fresh, dry and freeze dried.
  • Uses spices and herbs that are culturally appropriate – authentic cuisine.