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  • Uploaded on – youth empowerment through Internet Overview (1/2) What is SchoolNet Namibia? "Kids on the block" - Namibian Volunteer Program SchoolNet Lab - Computer and Internet Solutions Demo: OpenLab Desktop (4.0) OpenLab - the Operating System

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overview 1 2
Overview (1/2)

What is SchoolNet Namibia?

"Kids on the block" - Namibian Volunteer Program

SchoolNet Lab - Computer and Internet Solutions

Demo: OpenLab Desktop (4.0)

OpenLab - the Operating System

Advantages of Linux over Proprietary OS?

Installed (Free) Software

EduKar Package -Educational content

overview 2 2
Overview (2/2)

OpenOffice 2.0 - a modern office suite

SchoolNet Services - technical and training, helpdesk

Key to success


How do you get SchoolNet Lab?

Eligible Educational Client Agreement

Who pays for a SchoolNet Lab?

Websites / Contact / Questions

what is schoolnet namibia
What is SchoolNet Namibia?

2000 established a welfare organisation with the aim to introduce computer technology and Internet access to ALL schools in Namibia.

Makes use of a low cost, sustainable computer solution (SchoolNet Lab)

Financially supported by Sida, USAID, Telecom and many others

„non-profit“ - Internet Service Provider to Education Sector (Xnet)

kids on the block namibian volunteer program
„Kids on the block“ - Namibian Volunteer Program

„Kids on the block“ volunteers repair, service and install the computer equipment for Internet use at schools.

Provides peer to peer training to learners and teachers at schools.

After completion of a training programme, volunteers get a chance to become a contract employee of SchoolNet, or are hired by schools to stay on as ICT trainers.

schoolnet lab computer and internet solutions
SchoolNet Lab - Computer and Internet Solutions

Computer lab contains:

Server (new desktop)

5 - 20 thin-clients (disk less, refurbished hand, X11 terminals)

Internet by modem or WLAN- antenna

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Accessories: furniture,switch und network cables

the operating system
– the Operating System

Gnu/Linux Distribution from GetOpenLab in South Africa(current release = version 4, September 2005)

OpenLab based on Slackware (full package compatibility)

package composition ideal for schools (EduKar)

easy installation and free to download

ideal for terminal server solutions (thin client systems)

simple administration desktop for main root tasks

advantages of gnu linux over proprietary os
Advantages of GNU/Linux over Proprietary OS?

sustainable solution

time saving administration

no costly commercial dependencies(like Windows-Microsoft)

Linux is stable and reliable

no software licenses – no costs

secure against viruses and other system attacks

limited user rights


installed free software
Installed (Free) Software

Linux–Distribution: OpenLab 4

OpenOffice 2.0 (Office Application)

Internet Browser (Firefox)

HTML Editor (NVU)

Email (SquirrelMail)

Desktop Publishing (Scribus)

Photo editing software (Gimp)

CD/DVD Burning Software(K3b) (require a CD/DVD burner device)

and lots more...

edukar package educational content
EduKar Package – Educational content

EduKar contains70 applications/programs

Wikipedia (encyclopedia)

Gutenberg (thousands of free books, ... bible)

Typing Tutor (KTouch)

EduComix (Popya, HaiTi, ...)

For Primary school (Example: Gcompris)

Games (TappyTux, chess, ...)

For science (periodical system, graph plot, ...)

And lots more...

openoffice 2 0 a modern office suite
OpenOffice 2.0 - a modern office suite

The „look and feel“ on OpenOffice is similar to Microsoft Office

OpenOffice can also read and write most of the file formats found in Microsoft Office ...

  • OpenOffice contains:
  • Writer - word processor program, similar to Word
  • Calc – spreadsheets program, similar to Excel
  • Impress - presentation program, similar to Powerpoint
  • Draw - graphic paint program
  • Math - editing mathematical formula
  • Base - database program, similar to Access
schoolnet services technical and training helpdesk
SchoolNet Services - technical and training, helpdesk

Toll free telephone helpdesk services (0800 00 57 93)

Internet access

Through own ISP (Internet Service Provider, Xnet Alliance)

Access by telephone (dial-up) or per wireless lan (range 32 km)

Affordable flat-rate 24/7 Internet Access for N$ 300 per month. (Commercial ISP rates are five times higher!)

Low cost technology computer solution a SchoolNet Lab = server + 5 computers costs only N$ 15,000 (10 for N$ 20,000 N$,15 for N$ 25,000 N$)

During the introduction of the SchoolNet, a volunteer provides one month training forteachers.

key to success
Key to success

Young, highly motivated Namibian staff and volunteers

weekly lessons in the Namibian newspaper (Hai-Ti Comics)

Good service concept, like free helpdesk support

Simple, technical solution (Openlab Distribution, based on Linux)

Service agreements with Telecom Namibia, etc ...

In cooperation with the government and private sector.

Clear aim/vision: SchoolNet for all Schools (1640) in Namibia

No license dependencies through using Open Source Software (FLOOS)


Student (user)- desktop

Administration (root)- desktop

how do you get schoolnet lab
How do you get SchoolNet Lab?

Six steps to get a SchoolNet Lab

1. Apply to SchoolNetApplication letter or fax to SchoolNet.Contents: Name of School, contact person, phone number, email address, motivation.

2. Who pays for a SchoolNet Lab?

3. AgreementSchoolNet and the school (Educational Client) sign an „Eligible Educational Client Agreement“

4. Installation of SchoolNet Lab (1-2 days)

5. Training through SchoolNet trainer (2 to 8 weeks)

6. Connect to Internet and start to use SchoolNet

who pays for a schoolnet lab
Who pays for a SchoolNet Lab?

SchoolNet Priority ListIf the School is on the top of the ICT Policy Priority List, then the cost for the SchoolNet Lab will be paid by a SchoolNet partner. Otherwise the School has to wait in the queue. Generally: Secondary Schools, followed by Combined Schools are on the top of the list and Primary Schools on the bottom.

Skip queuingIf the school doesn't want to wait, the school can carry the cost (server, furniture, network equipment and 5 computers = N$15,000) by itself. The services for self-paid schools are effectively the same.

Internet connection costsThe monthly Internet connection fee is 300 N$, paid by the school.

Additional Clients (Computer)SchoolNet makes the decision how many computers are provided to a school.If the school wants to have more clients, it can buy additional clients for N$2000 each. A SchoolNet Server can comfortably support up to 20 clients.

Additonal Hardware The school can also buy a printer, a CD/ DVD burner, memory sticks and other accessories and peripheral devices for their SchoolNet Lab.

eligible educational client agreement
Eligible Educational Client Agreement

Agreement between SchoolNet and the School

Some points from the contract:

The School (Educational Client) has to provide a secure classroom (padlock, burglar bars) for the Lab, which must be accessible to learners and teachers at all reasonable times.

This classroom should be well ventilated (or air-condioned)

The school must provide at least two local contact persons. These contact people perform simple administration tasks and also report problems to the SchoolNet helpdesk. If problems occur, the school contact persons and the SchoolNet helpdesk solve them together.

The EC must guarantee secure accommodation and subsistence for the SchoolNet staff during the installation and the training period.

The full contract (10 pages) is found

websites contact q uestions
Websites / Contact / Questions

Homepage from SchoolNet Namibia

OpenOffice homepage

OpenLab homepage

The SchoolNet Eligible Educational Client Agreement

Content of EduKar (comparative feature chart)

Contact:SchoolNet Namibia, P.O. Box 7102, Katutura, Windhoek toll-free phone: 0800 005793 (only for support cases) phone: 061 212 973 fax: 061 213655 email: