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Medical Leadership. Competences in action for SAS Doctors. Introductions. Amy Brockbank Project Manager for Educator Development & Medical leadership, North Western Deanery Dr Arokia Sundari Antonysamy Medical Leadership Trainee. Objectives. Introduce Medical Leadership

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Medical leadership

Medical Leadership

Competences in action for SAS Doctors


Amy Brockbank

Project Manager for Educator Development & Medical leadership,

North Western Deanery

Dr Arokia Sundari Antonysamy

Medical Leadership Trainee


  • Introduce

    • Medical Leadership

    • National Initiatives

    • Medical Leadership Competency Framework

    • North Western Deanery Medical Leadership Programme

    • Materials available

  • Discuss & Consider

    • Strategy for implementing Medical Leadership for SAS doctors

    • Challenges and ideas to overcome barriers to Medical Leadership

    • Toolkit for SAS Doctors

  • Materials

Why medical leadership
Why ‘Medical Leadership’?

  • Built on the concept of Shared Leadership.

  • Not restricted to people who hold designated leadership roles

  • Leadership which is shown through a shared sense of responsibility for the success of the organisation and its services.

  • Acts of leadership can come from anyone in the organisation, as appropriate, at different times, and are focused on the achievement of the group rather than of an individual.

  • Therefore shared leadership actively supports effective teamwork.

    (Medical Leadership Curriculum)

Why do we need to develop medical leadership
Why do we need to develop Medical Leadership?

History of…

  • Low levels of medical engagement in management and leadership

  • Tensions between doctors and managers

    Acknowledgment that…

  • ALL doctors require management and leadership competences to be effective practitioners; SOME take on service leadership roles

  • Leadership is a requirement of all doctors as laid out in the General Medical Council (GMC) publications Good Medical Practice and Management for Doctors.

    Growing evidence of a link between…

  • Medical engagement and organisational performance (Ham and Dickinson, 2008).

  • Medical engagement and patient safety (Firth-Cozens and Mowbary, 2001).

National drivers
National Drivers

  • The NHS Next Stage Review Report (2008) highlights a commitment to improving leadership within the NHS

  • National Leadership Council aims to champion the transformation of leadership across the NHS and ensure that world-class leadership talent and development exists at every level of the system

  • Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership Project

Enhancing engagement in medical leadership project
Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership Project

This UK-wide project aims to promote medical leadership and help create organisational cultures where doctors seek to be more engaged in management and leadership of health services and non-medical leaders genuinely seek their involvement to improve services for patients across the UK.

Key project outputs
Key Project Outputs…

Medical Leadership Competency Framework

The Medical Leadership Competency Framework (MLCF) describes the leadership competencies doctors need in order to become more actively involved in the planning, delivery and transformation of health services (June 2009 update)

Medical Leadership Curriculum

The Medical Leadership Curriculum is based on & developed from the MLCF and details the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to be formally achieved and consolidated as all doctors progress in their careers.

(Medical Leadership Curriculum)

Medical leadership competency framework
Medical Leadership Competency Framework

To deliver appropriate, safe and effective services, it is essential that any doctor is competent in each domain.

Demonstrating personal qualities
Demonstrating Personal Qualities

Demonstrating Personal Qualities

  • Developing self Awareness

  • Managing yourself

  • Continuing personal development

  • Acting with integrity

How the mlcf is being used
How the MLCF is being used…

  • Basis of Medical Leadership Curriculum

  • Integrated into Undergraduate and Postgraduate curricula

  • Personal Development Planning

  • Career Planning

  • Appraisal

  • Recruitment

  • To inform leadership development programmes…

Leadership development nhs north west
Leadership Development: NHS North West

  • Healthier Horizons – 10 year vision for the NHS North West

    • Highlights importance of strengthening clinical leadership

  • NHS North West Leadership Fellows

    • June 2009 launch of Pilot

    • Initiated after NHS Next Stage Review

    • Partnership with the clinical pathway groups

    • 14 clinical leaders (not all medical)

    • 12 month secondment – support clinical pathway groups implement Healthier Horizons

  • North Western Deanery Medical Leadership Pilot Programme

Medical leadership programme

Project started February 2008


7 Medical Leadership Trainees

Based on the MLCF

Medical Leadership Programme

Medical leadership clinical training
Medical Leadership & Clinical Training

  • Vocational Component

  • Orientation placements

  • Projects

  • Workplace Based Assessments

Clinical Component

  • 4 Year Programme

  • Integrated into clinical training

  • Approximately 50%

  • Clinical training can be extended by a maximum of 2 years

Academic component

  • Manchester Business School, University of Birmingham and the Kings Fund

  • MSc in Health and Public Leadership

  • Work alongside trainees on the NHS GMTS

Working alongside NHS Graduate Management Trainees

Demonstrating leadership competencies
Demonstrating Leadership Competencies

  • Knowledge, Skills, Attitude Framework

    • Medical Leadership Curriculum

    • MLP Handbook: Outlines the KSA and includes suggested learning tools

  • Workplace Based Assessments

    • Many developed; includes

    • Time Management

    • Chairing a Meeting

    • Presentation Skills

    • Audit Based Discussion

  • Portfolio

Example of Suggested Learning tools from the Medical Leadership Programme Handbook 2008

Curriculum Area

Personal Qualities & Professionalism

Learning Tools

Myers Briggs Type Inventory

Honey and Mumford Learning Styles Inventory

Reflective practice

Transformational Leadership Questionnaire

Urgent and important time management matrix

The four principle method to medical ethics

Structured departmental visits to share good practice

Understanding Adult Learning Principles

Potential barriers to medical leadership
Potential Barriers to Medical Leadership

  • Time Conflicts

  • Negative perceptions of management and leadership in the NHS

    …“moving to the dark side”

  • Challenges associated with bridging different cultures

  • Lack of formal recognition for informal leadership roles

Key points
Key Points

  • Core concept: Medical Leadership is for all doctors

  • National drives for developing medical leadership

    • Next Stage Review

    • National Leadership Council

    • Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership

  • National projects developing tools to aid the development of medical leadership

    • Medical Leadership Competency Framework

    • Medical Leadership Curriculum

  • These tools are translated into local leadership development programmes

  • Learning from specific programmes can be used to help implement Medical Leadership by all doctors…

Group work
Group Work

30 minutes to:

  • Discuss how you can develop/implement medical leadership and demonstrate you have completed Medical Leadership initiatives in your workplace;

  • Consider potential challenges you might face in completing (1) and how you may overcome them;

  • Discuss what might be helpful in terms of a Medical Leadership toolkit for SAS doctors.

Useful links
Useful Links

Information on the Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership Project:

Medical Leadership Competency Framework:

Medical Leadership Curriculum:

Medical Leadership Project Documents & Publications:

National Leadership Council:

North West Leadership Academy

North Western Deanery Medical Leadership Programme


Medical Leadership Pilot Programme 2008 Handbook:

Time Management Workplace Based Assessment:

Presentation Skills Workplace Based Assessment:

Chairing a Meeting Workplace Based Assessment:

Audit Based Discussion Workplace Based Assessment: