moving with the rising tide n.
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Moving with the Rising Tide . PowerPoint Presentation
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Moving with the Rising Tide .

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Moving with the Rising Tide . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moving with the Rising Tide .

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  1. Moving withtheRisingTide.

  2. Dr Jamie McCray, Delaware Sea Grant Nanci Hersh, DiAE, Executive Director Ashley S.K. Davis, DiAE, Artist Director The DiAE brings diverse arts programing and professional artists to schools throughout Delaware. Their models of aesthetic, hands-on learning through the arts offers students of all ages an opportunity to experience the creative decision making and critical thinking necessary to see beyond their circumstances and make connections to others and the world around them. Delaware Sea Grant helps communities wisely use, manage, and conserve our state's valuable coastal resources by fostering sustainable coastal economies, developing resilience to coastal hazards, and preparing the next generation of coastal leaders.

  3. Science teacher Stephanie Sherman and her 9th grade students .

  4. Climate Change and Impacts Grant Goal: to use photography and dance to explore the impacts of sea level rise and storm intensification on communities in coastal and inland Sussex County. Source: DE Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control,

  5. “I seem to learn/retain information better when I am up and moving around rather than sitting still.” R.H

  6. “I liked that through photography we learned about climate change and its effects. It was a fun way to learn about climate change.” -K.C.

  7. “Taking pictures gave me a real-life perspective on how man can cause global warming and climate change.” -L.H

  8. “The variety of learning methods helped me better understand the material.” -N.H.

  9. “One of the first times where a class felt less like a class and more like something I would do in my free time.” -B.B

  10. “Watching Carly skip across the field with delight claiming- ‘I am a photographer’ after participating in a workshop led by Leah Beach (teaching artist) run through DiAE was inspiring. He was engaged, empowered and excited, something I rarely see from him in the classroom. Traditional education is hard for him, but after taking pictures outside, he even engaged in the content discussion in the classroom. What a transformation.” Stephanie Sherman, Sussex Academy, Science Teacher