innovative storage solutions from dot hill systems l.
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Innovative Storage Solutions From Dot Hill Systems

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Innovative Storage Solutions From Dot Hill Systems. Dot Hill 3000 Series Arrays Next Generation Storage. Dot Hill Overview. 20+ Years In The Storage Business NASDAQ Publicly Traded Since 2000 (HILL) 2008 revenues of $273M Headquartered In Longmont, Colorado

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Innovative Storage Solutions From Dot Hill Systems

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innovative storage solutions from dot hill systems

Innovative Storage Solutions From Dot Hill Systems

Dot Hill 3000 Series ArraysNext Generation Storage

dot hill overview
Dot Hill Overview
  • 20+ Years In The Storage Business
    • NASDAQ Publicly Traded Since 2000 (HILL)
    • 2008 revenues of $273M
  • Headquartered In Longmont, Colorado
    • 250+ Employees In 9 World-Wide Locations
      • Over 40% Engineering
  • Provider of World-class Storage Solutions
    • Entry-to-Mid Range Family of RAID Storage Arrays
    • Mature 7th-Generation RAID Technology
    • Extensive Patent portfolio
    • Over 300,000+ Systems In Use Worldwide
entry level product refresh
Entry Level Product Refresh

Dot Hill’s 2009 product strategy …

… a refresh of the Entry Level 2000 Series …

… the Dot Hill 3000 Series

  • Laying the groundwork for the next generation
    • Higher processor performance and I/O speeds
    • Support for enhanced and new DMS functionality
    • Latest generation components for low cost and long lifecycles
  • New Controller Design
    • PCI Express Architecture
    • Intel EP80579 (Tolapai) System-on-a-chip Processor
    • 2 ports on main board, optional 2 port mezzanine card
    • Existing 2u12 and 2u24 chassis support
    • 2.5”, 3.5”, SAS, SATA and SSD support
3000 series key benefits
3000 Series Key Benefits
  • Up to 2x performance increase over 2000 Series

Examples under development include Neptune to Mercury to Titanium performance graphs, 12x600 versus 24x300 price performance data

    • Up to 40% increase over 2002 “Mercury” performance
    • 2u24 chassis for twenty-four 15k spindles in a compact 2u design
    • FX version will offer over 2000MB/s streaming throughput for video applications
  • Improved Return on Investment

Working to quantify power saving with data prior to launch

    • Reduced operating costs with 595W 80+% efficient Bronze Rated power supplies
    • Drive-spin-down capability for even greater savings
    • “No forklift” upgrade capability from 4Gb installations
  • Continuing the Dot Hill Innovation Story
    • Expanded licensed software options for data protection
    • Easy to setup and use with the RAIDar 2 user interface
    • Continuing the SAS, SATA and SSD integration, SimulCache , & EcoPower
    • Flexible design optimized for virtualized server environments
dot hill product evolution
Dot Hill Product Evolution

2008 2009 2010

  • 2000Neptune
      • 2130
      • 2330
      • 2530
      • 2730 / 2730T
  • 5000Krypton
      • 5730
  • 3000Titanium
      • 3120 / 3130
      • 3320 / 3330
      • 3520 / 3530
      • 3720 / 3730
      • 3920 / 3930
  • 2xx2Mercury
      • 2122added
      • 2322 / 2332
      • 2522 / 2532
      • 2722 / 2732
  • 2000 Series JBODs can be attached to the 3000 Series controllers
  • 2000 Series storage (Neptune and Mercury) can be upgraded with 3000 Series controllers
    • Upgrade will be available after the product launch
target markets
Target Markets

Primary Market/Applications

Disaster Recovery, remote replication

Classic IT Markets (MS exchange, Database, Server Virtualization)

High IOP performance (Electronic trading systems and EDI systems, or Database applications such as Oracle and Medical PACS)

Emerging Video Surveillance - low bandwidth, long term storage

Secondary Market/Applications

Niche – Military, telecommunications, and mobile storage applications

Requirements – Rugged, high IOP/MBpS and/or <600mm depth

Titanium FX Market / Applications

Streaming video market

Channel product as “performance differentiator”

product features
Product Features

Dot Hill 3730 / 3720

    • 2 Ports 8Gb Fibre Channel host attach per controller
    • 2u12 and 2u24 chassis

Dot Hill 3930 / 3920

    • 2 ports 8Gb Fibre Channel and 2 ports 1Gb iSCSI host attach
    • 2u12 and 2u24 chassis

New Technology

  • Intel Tolepai 1.2Ghz integrated chipset and Linux OS
  • 2GB system RAM per controller
  • Low cost 2u12 chassis (ULC) and 595W power supply
  • 7 chassis JBOD support, up to 96 3.5” or 144 2.5” total drives
  • 6Gb SAS interconnect between drives & chassis
  • Time Delayed Drive Spin-down (v2)
  • 1000 Maximum snapshots and AssuredRemote as new DMS options
  • SMI-S version 1.2
  • Bundled RAID and JBOD upgrade capability
  • Possible FX option, streaming video improvement
titanium t100 key features
Titanium T100 Key Features
  • Improved Disaster Recovery with AssuredRemote™
    • Off-site replication capability with new AssuredRemote feature
    • Support for up to 1,000 Snapshots per storage array
  • Combined FC and iSCSI capability in the entry level market
    • Hardware to compliment to the AssuredRemote DMS software
    • Improved value and flexibility in dual-use environments
  • The time is now for 8Gb Fibre Channel
    • 8Gb infrastructure has come to the entry level market
    • Performance advantages with 8Gb dual port speeds
    • Improved back end and drive attach performance with 6Gb drive support
    • Support for up to 7 JBOD chassis or 144 drives attached
  • Simple bi-directional replication software option for 3000 arrays
    • Now – AssuredRemote™ software option for all 3000 arrays
    • Late March – 3000 “R” series, fully bundled remote-replication enabled storage appliance (e.g. 3930R)
  • Creates new class of entry level appliance with mid-range level features
    • Totally integrated – no server level application s/w required

human error


Snapshot / Volume Copy

computer virus

software program malfunction




site disaster



RAID 0,1,3,5,6,10,50

hardware or system malfunction

Dot Hill Data Management Software Covers All Bases

benefits of 8g fibre channel
Benefits of 8G Fibre Channel
  • Digital content increases to grow at a rate of 30-40% per year
  • New applications and operating systems create increasing amount of SAN traffic
  • Increased headroom for increased levels of data protection and tiered migration of data
  • Specific benefits by vertical markets
    • Financial – faster transaction speeds
    • Video – support for higher video resolutions and data rates
    • Server virtualization pushing more bandwidth down existing SAN links
  • Future proofing of SAN
    • 8G Fibre Channel Storage Attached Networks provide increased headroom for future bandwidth and growth needs
fibre channel evolution


Used for ISL and edge


These are used for ISL’s ONLY

Fibre Channel Evolution

3000 series

FCoE uses Ethernet as it’s physical transport



Roadmap to 100GFCoE!

Inter-Switch Links (ISL) provide higher core bandwidth than its sister edge speed



Roadmap to 160GFC ISL!


FC Edge

These speeds can also be used for ISLs

Edge Links are the predominate SAN inter-connect


2000 series


3000 series


Roadmap to 128GFC Edge!


‘97 ‘01 ‘05 ‘08 ‘11

FC Edge and FC ISL speeds compatible back and forward 2 generations with auto-negotiation!

Source: FCIA web site

improved customer experience
Improved Customer Experience
  • RAIDar 2.0
    • First introduced with the 2xx2 Series products - RAIDar 2.0
    • Provisioning and configuration wizards provide step-by-step, intuitive screens enable users to quickly bring storage online
    • A number of unique views provide alerts of important storage events and warnings
    • Users can drill down to understand the health status of a drive, power supply, controller or any other field replaceable unit
      • Details on health status, usage, and manufacturing details are available
      • Ideal for troubleshooting and proactive maintenance

3730 / 3930 2u12 design

3720 / 3920 2u24 design

configuration view
Configuration View
  • Click on the to collapse the “Configuration View”.
  • To Expand the “Configuration View” click on
  • “Configuration View” shows all Logical and physical views.
    • Vdisks
    • Volumes
    • Hosts
    • Physical
      • Enclosures
system event view information
System Event View Information

Warning Events

Informational Events

Critical Events

# of Informational Events

# of Critical Events

# of Warning Events

dh3930 performance
DH3930 Performance

DH3930 vs. DH2730 (RAID 5, 12 Drives)

  • Iometer testing demonstrates 2x throughput improvement over previous generation (2730)
  • More performance testing currently underway
    • SPC-1 Testing
    • SSD Testing
    • Competitive testing
    • 3 Gbit vs. 6 Gbit
competitive throughput
Competitive Throughput

1 – Measured with Iometer

2 – Published on

taking advantage of the x86 roadmap
Taking Advantage of the x86 Roadmap
  • Titanium
  • 1.2GHz Tolapai
  • 2.5Gb PCIE
  • - 2x DDR2-400
  • 72K/264K IOPS
  • 1750 MBps read
  • 1450 MBps R5 write



Progressive Levels of Performance



  • Krypton:
  • 2.0GHz Turion
  • 120MHz PCI-X
  • 150K/375K IOPS
  • 1600 MBps (read)
  • 1375 MBps (R5 write)


  • Mercury:
  • 1.8 GHz Turion
  • 120MHz PCI-X
  • 90K/230K IOPS
  • 1200 MBps (read)
  • 800 MBps (R5 write)


  • Neptune Turbo:
  • 700MHz Pentium
  • 100MHz PCI-X
  • 50K/150K IOPS
  • 1100 MBps (read)
  • 700 MBps (R5 write)
  • Neptune:
  • 566MHz Celeron
  • 100MHz PCI-X
  • 30K/90K IOPS
  • 1000 MBps (read)
  • 600 MBps (R5 write)
spc performance
SPC Performance

Comparable performance cost to more expensive solutions!

1 – Published report on

hdd support
HDD Support
  • Low RPM (below 10,000) drives, often with a SATA drive interface
    • Best value for cheap and deep solutions, $/GB is key purchase criteria
    • LFF 3.5" HDDs satisfies this better than SFF 2.5“ HDDs
  • High RPM (10,000 and above) drives, often with a SAS drive interface
    • Best value for performance driven solutions, $/IOP is a key purchase criteria
    • Two 10k 2.5” drives can outperform a single 3.5” drive spinning at 15k RPM
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
    • SSD delivers the best performance, but at a premium price
    • LFF 3.5" HDDs satisfies this better than SFF 2.5“ HDDs

3000 Series Backplane

8Gb Fibre Channel via two pre-installed SFPs

Two optional 1Gb iSCSI ports with the 3930/3920

Command line control via serial and new mini-USB connections

Future function with USB type A connection (not used in T100)

New 8088 SAS Expansion connecter with 6Gb support

Network management port

Continued evolution of the R/Evolution design

3000 series configurations
3000 Series Configurations

First digit is the Product Family (2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx)

Second digit is the host attach (9 for Hybrid, 7 for FC, 1 for JBOD)

Third digit represents 3.5” 2u12 (xx3x) or 2.5” 2u24 (xx2x) chassis

Fourth digit represents the version (O for LX)

Fifth digit represents the bundle (C for Dot Hill, S for copy and snapshot, R for Remote)

software update
Software Update
  • 3000 Series Data Management Services Update
    • 1,000 usable snapshots
    • 127 snapshots per Master Volume
    • VolumeCopy and VSS/VDS unchanged from previous products
    • 60 Day try-n-buy for all DMS features
      • No free snapshots included
  • Drive Spindown
    • Inactive drives can be spun down after a user specified delay for greater power savings
    • Scheduling and timed disk scrub enhancements planned for later this year
dc power markets
DC Power markets
  • Telecommunications, Disaster recovery
    • With a need for failure proof” systems, the markets have been long time users of 48v DC powered equipment for its ability to run on backup power and AC to DC conversion at power in.
  • Military and transportation markets
    • As data storage needs move from building-based data centers to vehicles, trains, and other mobile installations, DC power is a logical choice with existing DC power storage and recharge capabilities unmatched by AC power. This also applies to the growing “data center in a cargo box” market, allowing for quick deployment of IT resources in remote areas.
  • “Green Initiatives”
    • We all know that computer components operate inside the box with DC voltages, and that AC-to-DC conversion wastes power and generates heat. IT facilities are evaluating the ability to convert to more efficient DC power for entire data centers, lowering the IT center operating costs and improving backup power options.
ecostor battery free protection
EcoStor™: Battery-Free Protection

Dot Hill is the first to provide super capacitors and compact flash for battery-free cache backup

Better Data Protection

Ensures no data loss in case of power outage

Environmentally Responsible

Eliminates battery usage and disposal

Outstanding Financial Benefits

Reduces administrative costs

No cost for disposal of hazardous materials

Fewer FRU to track and stock

Increases profitability by reducing downtime

No time or staff costs to recover of lost or corrupt data

No performance impact during battery replacement service

Lowers total cost of ownership

Longer in-service time: 10+ years vs. a 2-3 year battery life

Eliminates 3+ Services calls within 10 year period

No Battery Replacement Costs

Reducing lifecycle costs through innovation

data protection services
Data Protection Services
  • AssuredSnap (Snapshots)
    • Point-in-time logical image of a physical volume
    • Protect against accidental or malicious loss or corruption of data
  • AssuredCopy (Volume Copy)
    • Complete physical and independent copy of a volume
    • Additional protection against complete vdisk or volume failure
    • Mitigates multiple application I/O contention (e.g., production vs. data mining)
  • AssuredSnap/R (Remote Snapshot Replication)
    • Remote data replication
    • Disaster Recovery capability
    • Centralized backup

human error




computer virus








hardware or system malfunction

Causes of data loss source:

Ontrack, a data availability service provider

Assured - protection against all forms of data loss

r evolution architecture overview
R/Evolution Architecture Overview
  • Modular Design with Maximum Redundancy
    • Compact 2U, 12 or 24 Drive Form Factor
    • Single or Dual Controllers with dual host ports
    • Redundant, hot swap components
  • Common Elements
    • Firmware
    • Data Management Software
    • Field Replaceable Units (FRU)s
    • Unrivaled Data-in-place Migration
    • AC/DC Power Options
  • Advanced Technology
    • EcoStor™ battery-free cache backup
    • SimulCache™ low latency cache mirroring
    • Nebs Level 3/MIL-STD-810F compliant

Continuation of the r/evolution storage architecture

simulcache technology
SimulCache™ Technology

2: Server gets acknowledgement data was written

1: Server writes data

Host Interconnect

Disk Interconnect





Disk Interconnect

  • High Performance / Low Latency Cache Mirroring
  • Better Write Performance
    • Mirrored Writes are 92% as efficient as Non-mirrored
    • Reduces Load On Controller Processor & I/O Bus
  • Better Data Protection
    • Redundant Controllers Insure Against Data Loss

Data simultaneously mirrored to both controllers

Controller 1

Controller 2

Host Interconnect







SAS Drives