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Dr. Rick Bierman

Dr. Rick Bierman

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Dr. Rick Bierman

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  1. Dr. Rick Bierman 415-302-4397

  2. Lyme & Morgellon Fiber Disease What is Lyme disease? Borrelia borgdorferi & 30 other Borrelia sp + 300 variants Co infections:Babesia microti, Babesia variant, Bartonella henselae, Mycoplasma sp, Erlichia sp Lyme virus? Human Spumaretrovirus, Echo virus? Fungi, others Morgellons & possible other tick borne protozoa Lyme Disease is now thought to be the fastest growing infectious disease in the world.

  3. Borrelia borgdorferi & 30 other Borrelia sp + 300 variants

  4. Borrelia sp. Main actor in a play? At least four forms: Spirochete: LPS; endotoxins, ammonia 2.CWD 3.Cyst: mucoid layer, 11 months 4.Granular 22 both linear and circular plasmids. Has an affinity for fatty tissues, invades white cells, neurons and fibroblasts, Can invade the central nervous system with 12hrs

  5. :Ixodes scapularis (dammini), Dermacentor variabilis Mode of transmission: Tick Fleas? Mosquitos? Sexual transmission/ fluids?

  6. Neurotoxin Illnesses and Gene Dynamics Richie Shoemaker MD: Mold Warriors HLA DR gene: Lyme, Mold, Non Specific Reactivity Poor recognition of cytokines Impaired Hypothalamus: Cog-neg Staph (biofilms), neurotoxin blocking sites Elevated leptin: uncontrolled weight gain LOW MSH:key regulatory hormone Lower melatonin: stress, insomnia Leaky gut syndrome, gluten sensitivity, poor nutrient absorption Lowered endorphins: sensitivity to pain depression, poor motivation

  7. Neurotoxin Illnesses and Gene Dynamics Richie Shoemaker MD: Mold Warriors Low sex drive White cell poor regulation of cytokines Lowered immunity to infections Lowered ADH (antidiuretic hormone) static electricity excessive thirst excessive urination

  8. Neurotoxin Illnesses and Gene Dynamics Increased cytokines in the blood: Low VEGF vascular endothelial growth factor low oxygen, restricted blood flow tingling of extremities, fatigue, Pain on exertion SOB, morning stiffness Certain gene markers to inflammatory cytokines Causing antibodies attacking Myelin sheath as in MS, Cardiolipins: poor circulation in the Small blood vessels, brain fag, psychosis, excess clotting

  9. Co infections Allopathic Reported co-infections: Erhlicha, Anaplasma, Bartonella, Babesia, Wa-1 HHV6, Herpes, Cog-neg Staph Other Reported Associated Organisms: Brucella, Visnea virus Mycoplasma fermentans Rickettsia BX/BY virus Gregory cancer group SV40 virus Candida, Ganthastoma spinigerum

  10. Lyme TherapiesPlan of action Eliminate co-infections Inactivate the Borrelia Reduce inflammation, Increase cellular energy, alkaline ph Regulate the immune system, target the organism Strengthen cellular membrane function Maintain a low carb diet, eliminate sugar and Aspartame, gluten

  11. Lyme TreatmentKnown therapies Rifing Antibiotics, multiple Natural antibiotics: silver, cats claw, herbs, essential oils, Homeopathics: nosodes and constitutional Hyperthermia Immune support Supportive Therapies Ozone therapies Infared Sauna heavy metal removal nutrition, exercise

  12. Lyme TreatmentEssential Nutrients Magnesium/B vitamins/Zn Fatty acids: EPA/DHA, omegas Trace minerals/ coral calcium Transfer factors/immune modulators Ph alkalinizers: Trisalts Buffered C Phosphatylcholine Liver/Gallbladder detox support Bowel support/ Lymph cleansing Anti inflammatories: turmeric, fish oils Antifibrin: Bouluke, Nattokinase, Lumbrinase, Algae, enzymes

  13. Morgellons Disease (NCD) Unknown cause: Mode of transmission, insects, (bedbugs, mites ,fleas) contagious, environment #s afflicted at least 4000 (MRF) Demographic areas: Ca, Tx, Fla. Areas of the body affected: skin, peripheral nervous system, brain

  14. Morgellons Disease (NCD) Unknown cause: Mode of transmission, insects, (bedbugs, mites ,fleas) contagious, environment #s afflicted at least 4000 (MRF) Demographic areas: Ca, Tx, Fla. Areas of the body affected: skin, peripheral nervous system, brain

  15. Morgellons Disease (NCD)

  16. Morgellons Disease (NCD)

  17. Morgellons Disease (NCD)

  18. Morgellons Disease (NCD)

  19. Morgellons Disease (NCD)

  20. Morgellons Disease (NCD) Sxs and signs include: Stinging, biting, itching and crawling sensations on the skin and under the skin <night Non healing or slow to heal skin lesions, skin tracts Seed like granules, black specs, multicolored fibers coming out of the skin Joint pain Cotton like Fibers coming out of the skin/nose Neurological impairment, brain fag, cognitive issues Bug magnet Hair loss Weeping of fluid from skin Painful lumps or bumps under the skin

  21. Morgellons Disease (NCD) Causative agents: Insect vectors Free living Micro nematode Trematodes Baculovirus-GE, Vitera Bionite (Bacillus subtilus) Silica/chitin/diatoms like Pseudomonas sp. Anthrax/B. thuringiensis Co infections: Anaplasma, Plasmodium, Unknown GE microbe

  22. Morgellons Disease (NCD)/Therapy Environmental: House: Ecovie, Ecochem, Menthol crystals vinegar, borax, flea busters, DE ozone, peppermint, Freq generator Car: borax, dry ice Duct system: air filter, ozone, ecovie Bedding: change every night, plastic liners on mattresses, pillow, Talc, DE Clothes: Ecogenisis, Borax, Arm & Hammer Microwave, Freezer HEPA vacuum cleaner, change bag freq

  23. Morgellons Disease (NCD)/Therapy External Treatment FIR sauna H202 baths, Borax Bath Ecovie bath, Basic H bath Wash: Sulphur soap, H202 spray Nuclear bath soap Lotions: Olive oil, Coconut oil, 15% sulphur cream MSM cream from Dermatech, essential oils Neem, Tee Tree, Rosemary, Bois du Rose, Balsam of Peru, Anise, Lavendar, Clove, Garlic Thyme, Rosemary, Cinnamon, DE, Andiroba oil

  24. Morgellons Disease (NCD)/Therapy Internal Remedies Homeopathics: Antracinum, Morgellon Fiber Kroeger: Threadworm, vein worm Hookworm Antiparasite: Rain forest AP, Garlic, Wormwood/ Black Walnut, Quinine, Wormseed (Epozoate) MSM, sodium borate, Fenbendazole, Cats Claw Artemisinin, Super W, Oz copper Antibacterial/ Antiviral: Silver, Olive, Lomatium MSM, Oz Sulphur water, Spillanthes, stabilized H H202, Arginex, Chinese Herbs Antifungal: Candex, Salt/Vit C: Himalayan, Celtic, Brine,

  25. Morgellons Disease (NCD)/Therapy GET RID OF NUEROTOXINS:Fish oils phoscholine, Enzymes, Nuero-antitox (Jernigan), Chlorella, charcoal, clay, Chitosan, Chinese herbs, Glutathione Diet: No gluten, amylose, sugar, root veggies Support: Iron, Yellow dock, Liver detox, Phase 1 & 2 pathways, Kidney,

  26. Morgellons Disease (NCD)/Therapy Rifing: Morgellon freg: CAFL Parasites: Nematodes, Strongiloydes Filiarial worms, (Steinernema variant) (Gnathastoma spinigerum, Schistosome Viruses, Herpes, Candida Pseudomonas sp. Malaria, Babesia, WA-1 Anthrax, Strep pyrogens Chlamydia, Wolbachia. Borellia, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Bartonella

  27. RifingEquipment F165 Doug machine (AKA Coil Machine) Mag Pulser (used "grounded") GB4000 with amp B3 + Amp Mag Pulser (without "grounded") EMEM7V (Dr Loyd) EMEM5 (Dan T.) B3 Rife/Bare Beam Ray Godzilla zapper

  28. RifingTreatment Treatment work up incrementally don’t overtreat, wait till HERX is over HERXs:Worsening of symptoms: Rx: Buffered Vit C PH-alk Energize the body: Scenar, MWO, Photon stimulator, ENBAR, molecular enhancer, EM w/ spark caps Molybdenum Melatonin Super EFF Good Water

  29. RifingDoug Coil How to Build a QSCI 1850 Coil Device

  30. RifingDiscussion Which therapies complement rifing? Which ones decrease its effectiveness? Suppression of the disease How does rifing work on these organisms? Capacitor array who can build it? What machines work together Success stories Dangers of rifing with lyme and Morgellons Cyst freq and treatment Supplements that support rifing Duration of treatment