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Keep Cost Down With Quality Cheap Wedding Favors www.OliviaB

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Keep Cost Down With Quality Cheap Wedding Favors www.OliviaB

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  1. Keep Cost Down With Quality Cheap Wedding Favors www.OliviaBridal.com Lets face it - weddings cost a lot of money. From flowers to favors, the little things add up. It is sometimes necessary to save money anyway you can. Wedding favors opens the door to big savings. You do not have to spend a fortune to thank your guests and they will not be disappointed. There are a few things you can do to keep the cost down when buying your wedding favors. Cheap wedding favors will save you money, but still give a good quality gift to your friends and family that have come to share your wedding day with you. Taking a simple route when choosing wedding favors will help keep things cheap. Buy your supplies or favor items in bulk to get a nice savings. You can also find wholesalers that will sale you items at a supplier cost, so you can save over paying retail. Look around for ways to get discounts for purchasing large amounts of items. Buy simple things that you can dress up later. Avoid fancy designs or embellishments that add to cost. Keeping your bottom line simple with also keep it cheap.

  2. Handmade wedding favors can be as costly or as inexpensive as you want. The most common handmade favor is food-oriented. You can make large batches of candies, cookies or even treats, like popcorn balls. Package them nicely and you have a favor anyone would love. Food type favors go over well with guests because it is something they can use and do not have to worry about finding a place for it in their house. Painted glass items are also easy to do. Flea markets offer some great finds on cheap glassware, like candle holders. Paint a personal message on them and you are ready for the wedding. If you have a special hobby or talent put it to work to make your wedding favors. If you are a writer, try writing a nice letter or poem on pretty paper to give as a favor. If you crochet, make coaster sets for your guests in your wedding colors. If you have a flair at origami, make up some cute animals for favors. Use your talents and make gifts that will really mean something to your guests.

  3. Starting with a simple favor idea and then adding your personal touch to it will help you end up with a favor that is as nice as it was cheap. Your guests will like that you took time to make something just for them. The last thing your guests are thinking about is how much you spent on the wedding favors, so as long as it is nice it does not matter how much it cost.

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