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Right as a tenant for rentals apartment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Government created some rules & regulation for safety & security. It is our duty to follow rules & regulation. There is rent agreement or tenancy agreement will signed by both landlord and tenants before moving in the rental property. So there are some them through which you should aware about it as a renter or tenant. For more Information- http://circlapp.com

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Our Government was created some rules & regulation, laws, conditions, etc. for safety & security; it is

our duty to obey our laws & orders, regulations. As the same government made rules for landlords and

renters/tenants, so that the problem raised by any of them can sort easily. There is rent agreement or

tenancy agreement will signed by both landlord and tenants before moving in the rental property. So

there are some them through which you should aware about it as a renter or tenant:


Your landlord cannot discriminate or move you out against Race, place of origin or ethnic origin, religion,

sex, age, sexual orientation or marital status, Family status, Disability. There are so many landlord give

there negative response due to pervious mentioned issues. If any of landlords will give negative

response due above of this discrimination you can contact or get help from Law office & write a

complaint against them. Your government will take necessary action these types of landlords as soon as



After move in rentals apartment you should know your rights, which will be helpful for you. And

landlord will not able to take any advantage & cannot make you fool. So it is better to know your rights

after you move in rentals apartment.


You should know that the apartment where you shifted it is safe and secure place for you and

the broken or damage part well repair or replace. Because it is very necessary that you will know

about the issues related Rentals apartment. There are several issues raised by tenants after

moving in to other property, they face new problems in rental property which is not discussed

by the landlord to them. So it is good to be aware about it.

Right as a tenant for rentals apartment 7436995


As renter you should aware about the access of vital services like hot n cold water, electricity,

fuel (gas), etc. because you pay your rent which is included with these services or pay directly to

related service provider. So the landlord will not shut off these services, they can shut it down

for short time for maintenance but not take control over them.


Your landlord will have any right to visit on daily basis or stay with you for long time. Landlord

cannot take visit regularly; they can take visit for maintenance only. Only for short time for a day

only landlord will stay with for 3 to 4 days, only in case of emergency can stay with you.


Your landlord will to increase the according to their need, as we know renting is a business for

landlord but landlord should have to follow the rules made by government. So they cannot force

you to pay rent according to their requirement. They may raise rent once in 12 months

according to the government rules and rent should be within the legal limits.


Your landlord will not interface between you and your family; you can stay with your family in

their apartment for rent without any issues. They will not refuse you to take your family with

you in their apartment. And your children and family can noise on reasonable amount so others

will not get disturbed by you.


A landlord does not have any right to keep copy of tenancy agreement, written notice of your

landlord’s legal name and address and rent receipts. You have also have right to take a copy of

these documents and carry them where it is needed. And if landlord will refuse to give your

copy documents then you should take help from your law.