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Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi

Cheating Playing Cards in Delhi

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  1. Active India Digital Products Spy Cards Products Contact No.-9650823988

  2. Active India Digital Products • Active India is one of the renowned company in Spy Camera in Delhi & all over India. We are best Dealers, Manufacturer & Traders in Industry. • Spy Cards is an subsidiary of Active India, which deals in Cheating Playing Card Products & Marked Cards. • Every product is best in Quality & Design which gives required results.

  3. Cheating playing Card products We are providing various type of Cheating Playing Card Products.The Main products of are company are as follows • Secret Invisible Playing Cards Contact Lenses • Latest K3 Playing Cards Device • New Shirt Playing Cards Device • CFL Light Playing Cards Device • Power Bank Playing Cards Device • New Secret Latest I-Phone device • Shirt Cuff Playing Cards Device • Secret New Key Chain Device • Latest New Watch Phone Device • Secret Marked Playing Cards

  4. SECRET INVISIBLE PLAYING CARDS CONTACT LENSES • These Contact Lenses are used to read the Marked Cards, which are specially designed and have Marks on back. • It have a high range of 30-40 cm you can see the marks from this distance. • Also useful for other spy activities.

  5. LATEST K3 PLAYING CARDS DEVICE • K3 Playing Card Device is an all-in-one poker Analyzer. • It is User-friendly and handy • Uses its own rechargeable battery • Reliable and error-free results in seconds •  Inbuilt camera scans all the numbers and suite of Rival's cards 

  6. NEW SHIRT PLAYING CARDS DEVICE • New Playing Cards Shirt Device is a device which in combination with short-sleeves shirt and mini hidden camera works efficiently. •  The mini camera hidden inside the sleeves has an analyzer. • The analyzer is kept in front of edge marked cards and it will automatically scan all the cards within seconds.  • HD quality lens works in a dark room also.

  7. CFL LIGHT PLAYING CARDS DEVICE • The specialty of this device is that a small pinhole camera is hidden in CFL light of your room. • At the same time it will connect to a wireless output device like TV, Computer, LCD, LED kept in the monitoring room. • Scanned Codes are transferred from CFL to the output device within seconds.

  8. POWER BANK PLAYING CARD DEVICE • This Device is the latest and newest product for scanning the cards in Playing Card Games. • Looks very elegant and authentic that no one can detect your device. • Built with latest Technology and very convenient to use. • This device has pre -installed Hidden camera built inside. • This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player without notifying others.

  9. NEW SECRET LATEST I-PHONE DEVICE • Product is made with latest Technology which fulfills all customer needs. • Device is very compatible and handy so that you can carry it anywhere. • This device has pre -installed Hidden camera built inside. • This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player without notifying others.

  10. SHIRT CUFF PLAYING CARD DEVICE • This device is the most advanced and noteworthy device in the Spy market. • A small scanner is installed inside the cuff buttons which examines all the numbers and suites of the opponent’s cards secretly. • All the details are transferred to user through vibrating device or earphone. • This product looks very stylish and works efficiently.

  11. LATEST NEW WATCH PHONE DEVICE • This product is very new and trendy in market and remains last longer. • A hidden scanner is installed inside the watch that identifies all the information of the challenger. • It comes with Earpiece which helps you to get connected with your device unobserved. • The Device come s with latest technology, Earpiece, charger, Battery & Connector with 1 yr warranty.

  12. SECRET NEW KEY CHAIN DEVICE • This device is very common in look because it has a shape like a key chain. • The small scanner, which is secretly capture the details of your rivals card is hidden inside the keychain. • It is 10 Times Faster and Accurate than K3 Analyser Device.

  13. SECRET MARKED PLAYING CARDS • Made with durable materials which remain last longer. • Have Marks on its back which can be read only by Special Contact Lenses. • Available in many variant and attractive colors.