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The 17-Point Landing Page Optimization Checklist PowerPoint Presentation
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The 17-Point Landing Page Optimization Checklist

The 17-Point Landing Page Optimization Checklist

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The 17-Point Landing Page Optimization Checklist

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  1. 17-Point Landing Page Optimization Checklist

  2. Contents 3 4 5 8 11 14 18 19 Letter from the author First and foremost This is the title of the second chapter Fourth chapter is also fun Is it fifth chapter already? Sixth chapter Seventh chapter, right here! Eighth chapter for the end Title of the book 2

  3. Step 1 – Kill the Navigation The landing page should not distract the visitor with the ability to navigate away from the page. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 3

  4. Step 2 – Gives a Shout Out to a Specific Target You have realistically about 2-4 seconds to let the visitor know they came to the right place. Call them out – be it direct or indirect with familiar imagery or dialogue. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 4

  5. Step 3 – For the Body, Apply K.I.S. S…. S. When inbound lead generation is the objective, I’ve never seen a single landing page design using more than one single message and offering more than one single promise… Landing Page Optimiization Guide 5

  6. Step 4 – Create A Killer Headline You need a clear, concise, benefit-rich headline that grabs your reader’s attention and tells them they’ve come to the right place. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 6

  7. Step 5 – CTA = ATF Most of your visitors won’t scroll below the fold, so if you’re make a free offer, give them an easy to click, highly visible call to action without scrolling. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 7

  8. Step 6 – Action Colors & CTA Buttons with Contrast There’s a lot of debate about button colors, but one constant is that the button color should contrast (NOT blend in) with the surrounding design elements. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 8

  9. Step 7 – Specific CTA Button Messaging “Submit” is not good enough. Test button text that gives a specific command or speaks to the end result (i.e. “Free Instant Access”). Landing Page Optimiization Guide 9

  10. Step 8 – Leverage Social Proof “As seen on” logos, social media share buttons, testimonials, or referencing the number of downloads/ subscribers all let your visitors know they’re making a smart decision by opting-in. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 10

  11. Step 9 – Use Directionals and Visual Cues The landing page should incorporate arrows, boxes and other visual devices to draw the eye to the call-to- action area. Even a simple arrow pointing at the desired call-to-action can boost conversions… like it has for our friend at the newly launched UX AUDIT. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 11

  12. Step 10 – At Least ONE Hero Image Typically an image or graphical representation of the lead magnet will bump conversions, but not always. So start with it as a control, but make a note to test without it also. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 12

  13. Step 11 – Don’t Ask for More than you Need [Minimize form fields] Don’t ask for information you don’t need! If you only plan to followup via email, just ask for name and email, at most. (In fact, test dropping the name field, too, if you don’t plan to personalize your followup messages.) Landing Page Optimiization Guide 13

  14. Step 12 – Source Messaging to Landing Page Match The text and imagery on the landing page should match (almost exactly) the ad copy and imagery that was in the creative that brought the visitor to the landing page from a traction channel. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 14

  15. Step 13 – Be Social While landing pages don’t typically go viral, some of your more altruistic visitors will click Facebook and Twitter share buttons, so make it easy and obvious for them to do it. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 15

  16. Step 14 – Be Consistent with the Brand You don’t have to stick your logo on every landing page, but the overall look and feel should be consistent with your core brand. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 16

  17. Step 15 – Privacy & Terms Not only are privacy policies and terms of service required to advertise on some sites (including Google), they’re also good for conversions. Landing Page Optimiization Guide 17

  18. Step 16 – DYNAMIC CONTENT! If you have an inbound marketing software or tool similar to Hubspot (if not, you can try it FREE for 30 days here)… dynamic content not only enables you to reduce form size dramaticallyfor repeat visitors and customers – but it also can use tracking to change up the messaging based on the user’s past behavior! Landing Page Optimiization Guide 18