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External Website Hosting Business Case [Free Template] PowerPoint Presentation
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External Website Hosting Business Case [Free Template]

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External Website Hosting Business Case [Free Template] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on \n\nFor short term online campaigns, it doesn’t make sense to go through 6 months of planning and testing. \n\nUse this business case to walk your through the key advantages to getting your campaign up quick, with total control over content and SEO. \n\nWhat the business case includes: \n- Tactical Overview \n- Quick Facts and Online Gaps \n- Tracking and ROI Comparison \n- Affiliate Opportunities \n\nGet the budget you need to meet your goals and become a more agile marketer ...

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Presentation Transcript

Company Name


Tactical Overview

Reasons why <company name> should allocate budget towards moving website to a more

agile hosting environment.

Quick Facts and Online Gaps

Organic Search

To boost “findability” organic results are critical. In the top 5 results, XXX successfully link to

the promotional landing page. All branded keywords show online website results, instead of

the promotional landing page. :

1)Current search on branded keywords brings us old archive links such as:

Example 1

Example 2

If the page was maintained/supported externally – we could better control the organic

and paid search results with links that drive traffic directly to the co-branded promotional

landing page. Most notable SEO updates based on gaps:

Add keywords in page meta tags (H1, ALT, meta title, keywords) so that Google

can prioritize the keywords on the page.

Use LIVE TEXT for copy on the landing page instead of imagery – instead of

messaging embedded in banners and graphic images.

Increase co-branded keyword density / consistency.

Add more context and direction prior to Call to Action (CTA) links, i.e. have

information about the promotion and then the CTA link.

Landing Page, Segments & Mobile Viewing

We are seeing an estimated unique visitors a month at less than XXXX1 This low traffic is

mainly attributed to having only 1 single landing page and messaging targeted to one

general market persona. From using competitive online demographic tools, we have

identified at least 3 different audience personas that span the digital ecosystem of XXXX.

There is some missed opportunity to target people based on their needs and interests.

1  Source  (s):    CompetePRO,  WooRank,  Quantcast,  Facebook  Insights,  Consumer  Barometer,  Alexa,  SocialMention,  HubSpot  


Additionally, when you type the URL through a mobile smartphone, you are redirected to

the main mobile site home page, which does not have any direct navigation to the

promotional landing page.

If maintained/supported externally – we could create multiple versions of this landing

page, optimized for mobile viewing, with a priority of messaging that is more specific to

these personas. We could edit brand updates quicker and modify interactive widgets to pull

up a personalized information with social log in. We estimate this would increase the

conversion rate by 1/3 just because of mobile viewing, “findability” and social sharing. The

following are the personas we would recommend marketing to:

Persona 1

oEthnicity, age range

oEducation – number of children and income per year

oEcommerce affinities

Affinity 1


Affinity 2


Affinity 3


oSocial media networks

oPromotional triggers (e.g., questions / polls in social, sweeps, promotions,

grassroots videos on YouTube/Vimeo, photo contests, blogs and interest

group forums)

Social Engagement & Loyalty Programs

Organic search results are limited because page is “siloed” for other promotional activity

and not tied to active cross-promotion in social channels – namely Facebook, G+, TW,

LinkedIn. There are also no social sharing widgets on the promotional landing page to

facilitate page sharing.

If maintained externally – we would add page social sharing icons to the site. By using

banner placements across social networks we could also drive traffic to the landing page

when there are other relative offers to these same personas. Some top line suggestions to

boost traffic from social channels:

1.Cross-site banner placements and Anchor Text links

2.Social promotion and online video

3.Social share functionality – possibly even with incentive to share

4.Feature in social / blog / communities / articles with links to the promo page


5.YouTube video promotion, with tagged bitly links and CTA overlays (SEO, traffic)

1  Source  (s):    CompetePRO,  WooRank,  Quantcast,  Facebook  Insights,  Consumer  Barometer,  Alexa,  SocialMention,  HubSpot  


Tracking ROI

Using Web Analytics to track the path from advertising to conversion

If maintained/supported externally – the greatest advantage is the visibility you would

gain on end-to-end conversions. Currently the site is tagged but data is not easily

accessible for campaign optimization. In addition to online conversions, eCoupons could be

used to track in-store conversions. This following is a n example of a conversion “funnel”

which identifies areas for improvement in the website content, conversions and usability.

Hosting and tracking - Impact on Revenue

If revenue data was available we could also forecast a revenue increase over time. For

example, if we target a 1/3 increase in online traffic to the promotional landing page with

“owned media” enhancements (SEO, content and mobile enhancements) we could use

benchmark conversion rates to based on traffic patterns and know top purchase times of

the year and seasonality for paid advertising in search. If we had control over site hosing, we

could see more information regarding page health, bounce rate, time-on-site and pages per

visitor for the individual landing page, right now we can only see insights for the full brand


Pixel Remarketing Opportunities

In addition to increasing click-thru conversions, engagement and visibility we would also be

able to take advantage of the full cookie pool for remarketing banners ads using pixels

placed on the brand website.

Based on Demand Side Platform (DSP) targeted [x+1] to the individual online visitor,

we could see as much as a 37% increase in conversion rates. (source)

We could also place conversion pixel on all form confirmation page so make sure

paid media is optimized based on conversions and not just click thru’s & impressions.

1  Source  (s):    CompetePRO,  WooRank,  Quantcast,  Facebook  Insights,  Consumer  Barometer,  Alexa,  SocialMention,  HubSpot  


Post SEO, Mobile and Content Enhancements:

Omni-Channel or “Agile” Retail Marketing

Once we have landing pages with messaging targeted to different personas and in a

responsive design for mobile users, we could then increase opportunities to market to these

personas in places where they interact online. The areas of focus to highlight based on the

identified personas would be online sweeps, promotions/coupons, videos on

YouTube/Vimeo, social sharing and other competitor sites like Office Depot, Staples and


Affiliate Opportunities

Using Groupon or LivingSocial and their email marketing lists we would be able to reach a

whole new prospective audience of shippers. We could also add a lead capture component

and start controlling email/mobile opt-ins and distribution lists, offering eCoupons that will

benefit “omni-channel” tracking to in-store conversions (source)

Increase conversions and mobile traffic for in-store experience, Groupon is seeing

1/3 of North American transactions originating from mobile devices (source)

A loyalty rewards push would create an exclusivity angle to persuasive acquisition. This

might limit the number of people willing to convert, but these will be a highly qualified

audience that would repeatedly use the service and be the best chance of becoming

valuable advocates for the brand. We could also geo-targeting for paid advertising


1  Source  (s):    CompetePRO,  WooRank,  Quantcast,  Facebook  Insights,  Consumer  Barometer,  Alexa,  SocialMention,  HubSpot