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Some Jockstrap Fails That Could Be Harmful For Men

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Some Jockstrap Fails That Could Be Harmful For Men - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some Jockstrap Fails That Could Be Harmful For Men

Are you aware of the reason why men’s jockstrap underwear was

introduced to men? The respective men’s underwear styles was

brought among men for the sole reason to protect and support the

manhood while involved in cycling (which was back then thought

to harm the manhood by constant paddling). However, this intense

protection can only be provided if men choose the proper type of

jock strap, and unfortunately, men make mistakes over and over

again, leaving the equipment vulnerable to all kinds of injuries.

This article talks about the various mistakes men tend to make in

choosing men’s jockstrap underwear that can be fatal in the long


1. Excluding the style from the list

This is one of the biggest mistakes a man makes by not opting for


jockstraps at all and by continuing in their traditional pair of men’s

brief underwear or men’s boxer briefs. Men, especially athletes

think that they can play a sport such as rugby or football without

having that extra layer of fabric down there that can protect or save

their manhood from getting hurt.

2. Not incorporating the functional cup when needed

Jockstraps are available without cups, but when you are involved

in rigorous activities that require protection like football, hockey,

baseball, soccer and more. The cup acts like a wall between the

manhood and an external harm. When the cup is not inserted, the

privates are bare open to any kind of harm done by the activities.

3. Not removing the cup at all

Not all the sports require the functional cup. Some sports require

physical activities like running (without being hit) and the chances

are that you might get jock itch (a common problem faced by men

who wear jockstraps) producing chafing and discomfort. Make

sure you remove it from sport to sport and activity to activity in

order to keep everything comfortable down there.

4. Loose leg bands

When the idea is to play harder, make sure you get the right fit.

From the cup in the front to the leg bands, everything should be in

place if you want to achieve what you’ve desired. Though the

construction of the jockstraps might trouble but eventually, you’ll

understand the reason behind placing the bands in that order.

Unfortunately, when the bands are too loose, they tend to twist and

roll and that can pull a strap out of place, leaving the jewels open

to serious injury.

5. Choosing a fragile waistband

When you buy the respective apparel style for fashion purposes,

then the waistband does not matter. However, if a waistband is

flimsy and fragile and you’re planning to wear it for the next sports


challenge, make sure the waistband is sturdy and protective. Thick

waistbands stay in place even when the activities involve heavy


These are some mistakes that men make when they plan to go for

men’s jockstrap underwear. These should be avoided when sports

is what they’re preparing for and not pleasure. Agacio has a

supportive assortment of jockstraps that are equally protective and

appealing to the eyes.