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Edmond Watches designs the wrist watches for men hand only. We are using the latest fashion trend to prepare our watches. The best watches designs by us are appreciated by different fashion designer and by people who ware it.

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Swiss watch made by edmond watches

Luxury Swiss Watch That

Men Wants For His Hand

A watch is a man’s ultimate instrument of fashion much like a woman’s

accessories, thus when you slip in a pretty collection of screws on your hand

you have to make sure it matches your personality and style. Much can be

told about a man from his choice of a watch. At we

make sure you find the perfect dials which best matches you and your

personality from our vast collection of luxury watch for men. It is here

that you are sure to find your best friend. Our custom made collection of

watches ensure you do not find a similar one in the market.

The true mark of gentleman lies in his choice of watch and thus we at provide you the best range of luxury watch for men.

These watches are made with highly impressive dials which makes them all

the more worthy of adorning your wrist. Our watches come in cushion shape

cases which prevents them from external breaks and scratches. Here at our collections are greatly valued by watch

connoisseurs all over the world which makes us a name you can trust and

rely on.

Swiss watch made by edmond watches

We have exclusive Swiss designs thus commanding attention everywhere

you go. They have been designed in such a way that their style stands the

test of time; such is our guarantee of the immortality of our designs. We

have a special collection to suit your style and taste. These are custom made

luxury watch for men and are sure to make other men jealous when you

wear them. Our latest collections are Spray and Pole Guardian. The two new

exciting collections have been designed keeping in mind the functionality of

watches as well as the mammoth fashion statement they make.

The Spray model has been created to pay tribute to the pioneer solo sailor,

Joshua Slocum. The collection has been made keeping in mind the sporty

streak in every man. The Pole guardian model has been smartly created to

withstand high altitude and it combines three smart features like Smart

Locker, Power Ring and a new 24hr dial.