40 insurance trends for 2011 l.
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Insurance Trends for 2011 by Claude Penland

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Insurance Trends for 2011 by Claude Penland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Insurance Trends for 2011 by Claude Penland, Actuary

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40 insurance trends for 2011

40 Insurance Trends for 2011

By Claude Penland,

Associate of the Casualty

Actuarial Society


  • 40. Bermuda market may be getting crowded, though Flagstone Re’s Chief Executive Officer said to not count Bermuda out.
  • 39. Worldwide Takaful (Islamic insurance) market is growing fast.
  • 38. Microinsurance market has promise in developing countries, though it may take an enormous effort.
  • 37. The values of commercial-backed securities on insurance companies’ balance sheets may need to be marked down.
  • 36. Consider these ten emerging risks for insurance and reinsurance companies. Reflect on the World Economic Forum’s list, as well as Lloyd’s.
  • 35. Look out for insurance brokers with guns on the high seas.
  • 34. Actuarial jobs are the #3 career, according to CareerCast.
  • 33. High-risk health insurance pools are only attracting two percent of expected consumers.
  • 32. There will be a number of insurance technology challenges, including cloud computing and mobile applications.
  • 31. Obesity costs $300 billion per year, according to the Society of Actuaries.
  • 30. What is the future of insurance regulation? Actuaries consider that question.
  • 29. Alternative pharmacy networks are emerging, according to Milliman.
  • 28. The annual calls for the National Flood Insurance Program to be privatized have begun.
  • 27. Beijing, China automobile traffic is among the worst in the world. Microsoft Research Asia is studying how cabbies get around for better ideas about efficient driving.
  • 26. MileMeter’s pay-as-you-drive metered car insurance is growing in popularity.
  • 25. Health record proposal to support personalized, predictive, preventative and participatory medicine.
  • 24. Insurance mergers and acquisitions are expected to increase globally in 2011.
  • 23. Office of Personnel Management plans to build a healthcare claims database.
  • 22. Disgrace insurance for sponsors is now available to protect their reputations.
  • 21. States are borrowing from the US federal government to pay unemployment insurance.
  • 20. Property and casualty insurance companies increase their use of predictive analytics.
  • 19. Some insurance runoff specialists are growing up fast.
  • 18. Rainfall contracts launched by the CME Group.
  • 17. There are not enough qualified insurance regulators in the United Kingdom. Solvency II is contributing to that employee shortage.
  • 16. United States insurance companies lose 6,000 jobs.
  • 15. The combination of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and Solvency II will place strain on insurance companies’ balance sheets.
  • 14. Institute of Actuaries of India has plans to expand throughout Asia.
  • 13. US companies’ health plan “grandfathering” with regards to health “reform” is still in flux.
  • 12. Medicaid costs anticipated to increase a lot in several US states.
  • 11. New Hampshire is pushing for more locally-domiciled insurers.
  • 10. CEO’s, CFO’s, Chairmen, Presidents, CIO’s, General Counsels and COO’s are very well paid among the largest ten property and casualty, health and life insurers: a compensation comparison.
  • 9. The Asian reinsurance market could consolidate.
  • 8. Virtual insurance, such as crop insurance in FarmVille, might be on the rise.
  • 7. Insurance claims adjusters and lawyers are using social networks for investigations.
  • 6. Sinkholes in Florida are becoming an insurance problem.
  • 5. Medical malpractice costs increasing.
  • 4. Automobile insurance claims costs in the United Kingdom are rapidly rising.
  • 3. Saudi Arabian health insurance premiums increasing 30% per year.
  • 2. Mortality improvements may slow within a few decades.
  • 1. The Canadian insurance-linked securities market should grow.