why to choose action tesa for laminate flooring n.
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Why to Choose Action Tesa for Laminate Flooring PowerPoint Presentation
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Why to Choose Action Tesa for Laminate Flooring

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Why to Choose Action Tesa for Laminate Flooring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read here why people are choose Action Tesa for Laminate Flooring.

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Why to Choose Action Tesa for Laminate Flooring

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why to choose action tesa for laminate flooring

Why to Choose Action Tesa

for Laminate Flooring?

in today s tech era people want everything neat

In today’s tech era, people want everything neat and clean. The trend is the same reason for the invention of Laminated Flooring. It is developed by a process of laminate over wood/ synthetic fiber (sometimes stone) along with a photographic image, for a better look. When compared to other natural flooring option, it is very less expensive, as developed using synthetic fiber and is easy to install. You can select as per your choice from a wide variety. There’s a universal EN 13329:2000 (European) standard, which specify several testing methods used for Laminate Flooring usage and requirements.

Action Tesa is also working in the same area, to provide better durability Laminate Flooring along with zero maintenance and effortless installation process. They offer a wide range according to your usage of the floor.  The flooring is constructed using a four layer structure starting from a base of durable plastic to deal with high pressure. After that there is a High Density Fiber Board (HDF) / Synthetic fiber to stabilize the pressure, which is developed using pulped waste and chips extracted from wood fiber. Additionally, there is a photographic pattern layer which usually contains wood grain and papers for the decoration. To avoid burs, stains, scratches and resistant on the surface, they install Aluminum Oxide protection sheet.

you can choose any one flooring options from

You can choose any one flooring options from Action Tesa HDF Flooring range as per your requirements.

Endura:  This flooring option is developed for better endurance and durable experience in crowded areas (Corporate Offices, Cafes, Showrooms, Retail Outlet).

Elite: This comes along with a synchronized embossed texture to make sure the floor looks like a real world, mostly for decoration purpose.

Handscraped & Herringbone: Handscraped Flooring mainly delivers deeper and richer rustic surface look, which ensures calmness texture along with elegance.  Herringbone Flooring helps you to provide an authentic look with traditional floor pattern.

king size to cover a large area you can go with

King Size: To cover a large area, you can go with this flooring option. It can be available in many shades for the excellent finish in Banquets, Auditorium, and Airport Lounges, etc.

Essenza: This will be used in domestic application for the consistent daily footfall. You can opt many choices for your Bedroom/ Family Room/ Hotels Room.

Argentum & Platina: For the high durability with excellent finish in medium footfall you can go to Argentum Range. For the heavy footfall area you can select the Platina Range.

In the end, most of these wooden flooring are 2000 & 4000 RC Abrasion Test certified as per EN 13329, famous for scratch resistance.

Check our Laminated Wooden Flooring @ http://actiontesa.com/hdf-laminated-flooring.php.

thank you

Thank You

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