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Why Do You Keep Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephones PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Do You Keep Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephones

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Why Do You Keep Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Do You Keep Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephones and Data

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Why Do You Keep Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephones

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Why Do You Keep Paying Too Much for Your Business Telephones and Data - Granite Communications and ACC Business Can Dramatically Cut Your Costs?

Does there appear to be a conspiracy going in business communications? You feel like uncovering the best price is almost impossible. Every time you finish signing a new contract you find someone else who is paying a much lower rate. Does it make you angry? Granite Communications and ACC Business can lower not only your bill, but your stress levels, too.

Pulling Your Hair Out Should Not Be Part of Getting the Best Telecommunications Deal

Do you remember the last time you worked on getting quotes for your business telephone services, DSL, or data services? You likely wasted hours, if not days or weeks, trying to contact all the right people. Then you had to explain what you needed over and over again. Finally came the worst part of the ordeal. You received all of the quotes, of course half of them were wrong, and the other half confused you with all of their alternatives masking the final cost of their offers. Do you really want to do that again?

Granite Communications should be the first place you turn to eliminate your headaches. They will gather all of the details on how your company uses your phones. They take the time to learn about your local telephone lines and your long distance services. Then they go to work for you. Instead of you banging your head against the wall, their team goes to work uncovering all of the best options for you. They work with a group of telecommunications companies, staying informed of the deepest discounts and special offers for businesses in your area.

When Granite comes back to you with their recommendations you will be looking at something totally unexpected. You will find detailed information you can understand, which meets your requirements, or often includes additional services, all at great prices. Did you notice it did not say the rock bottom lowest prices? While low prices are important, quality of service is equally important. Granite Communications will make sure you get the best service at the best price.


You Can Save Money Even If Your Business Requires AT&T Service

What if you business demands you stay with AT&T? Then instead of working with the Granite Communications team of OBJ Group you will switch over to the ACC Business team. ACC Business is a unique opportunity which comes through AT&T. It allows you to get the lowest prices, the ones AT&T only offers through supporting dealers, while having the highest quality lines and services in the world.

This does not only include your telephone services but your data services as well. It does not matter if you need DSL, PRI, Dedicated Internet Access, or just basic telephone service, the ACC Business group will lower your prices.

Stop Being Frustrated With Service, Demand Better Service and Support at Lower Prices

While it may sound like the best reasons to work with Granite Communications or ACC Business is focused on price, it is not. The best reason will be found in service. Have you ever been frustrated trying to wade through all of the phone menus and departments of large telecommunications companies? When you need service you can never find the right person?

Maybe it was just to get a billing question answered, and you spent an hour punching buttons and being shuffled between people. This is the real joy of working with the OBJ Group. You do not call the phone company, you call their support team and they take care of it for you. When you call you get real people, answering real phones, and getting the job done quickly.

Wake Up From the Telecommunications Nightmare and Discover Real Solutions

Are you ready to quit fighting through the nightmare of hunting for the best prices? Do you want to have the highest quality support and service possible? What if you could have all of these added benefits for no cost? Allow the phone company to pay for it instead of your business. You can have it all by contacting Granite Telecommunications, or the ACC Business Team at OBJ Group. It is time to discover high quality service at the best prices, the easy way.