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Карточка, обмен серверами | Бал телеканалов NTV в России PowerPoint Presentation
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Карточка, обмен серверами | Бал телеканалов NTV в России

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Карточка, обмен серверами | Бал телеканалов NTV в России - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Компания Tvshara предоставляет качественную карту, совместное использование серверов и ball ntv в России. У нас есть широкий выбор пакетов телевизионного обмена.

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Карточка, обмен серверами | Бал телеканалов NTV в России

совместное использование сервера -Компания Tvshara предоставляет качественную карту,

совместное использование серверов и ball ntv в России. У нас есть широкий выборпакетов

телевизионного обмена.

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What is karshsharing ?

Carding is when access to the coded satellite TV channels is granted to the official access cards over the

network (in other words, the cards "shuffle" from the English " to share ") . Thus, watching satellite TV

programs is becoming much cheaper.

How does it work ?

It's simple : every few seconds your receiver sends a request to the server of the sharing. The key for

decoding the TV signal is read from the official access card and sent to you on the receiver, which

decodes the picture. A lot of traffic is not required for this - you only need a reliable connection.

How easy is it to connect?

Connect your digital receiver to the Internet (via Ethernet port or USB modem , for example via 2G or 3G

) , install any emulator program ( WiCardd, MGCamd, NewCamd, Camd3 or similar ) on it, register ,

follow the setup instructions and immediately see TV. Activation of the subscription is instant .

when is it necessary are you interested

When is it necessary ?

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Why we are the best

The use of specialized software of the new generation and protection against DDoS attacks allow us to

provide you with quality card-shuffling without plugs at any time of the day or night.

Uncomplicated .

Our server supports all popular protocols - newcamd, camd35 and cccam . One receiver consumes from

0.07 to 0.12 MB per hour , that is you can watch encrypted channels even with slow connection in hard-

to-reach places, via a mobile phone via GPRS or a modem.

Online support .

If you have any questions - click on the " Online help " tab at the right border of the window and

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The breadth of choice .

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