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St Louis Rental Property Management

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St Louis Rental Property Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Property management service have a responsibility of maintaining the highest rate and consistency in tenancy. This happens by making the property as attractive as possible.

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Rental Property Management Companies

Rental property management companies are meant to add value to your property and investment. If left

on their own, they will prepare a contract or deal that favors them at the expense of you the landlord.

Before signing a contract, it helps to have an idea what to expect. This allows you to negotiate the best

terms that will safeguard your investments. Here are the issues we recommend that you pay close

attention to during negotiations.

Consistency Tenancy

Property managers have a responsibility of maintaining the highest rate and consistency in tenancy. This

happens by making the property as attractive as possible. Proper maintenance and addressing issues as

soon as they arise ensures that tenants remain in your house for the longest time possible. Demand that

the managers maintain a particular rate of occupancy with a commitment clause in the contract. This

will guarantee income consistency. There should be penalties in case this target is not met including an

end to the contract. It is upon the managers to vet potential tenants to ensure that they are of a caliber

that can deliver consistency and high quality tenancy.

Declaration of Occupancy

The property manager should be open enough to declare occupancy each month. Such details enable

you to calculate your percentage returns instead of depending on information from the office. The

managers should also provide open access to bank accounts where the rent is deposited. You will never

doubt the amount entitled have auditing issues. It is also a way of tracking down the rate of occupancy

to ensure that it corresponds to what the company has declared.


Maintenance Plan and Details

Real estate managers have a responsibility of maintaining the property to make is as attractive as

possible. Tenants will depart from a property that is poorly maintained leading to low occupancy and

inconsistent income. The best managers draft a maintenance plan that seeks to increase the

competitiveness of the address. The plan should include both scheduled and emergency maintenance

details. The contract should capture what is required to keep your house in the best condition possible.

Costs and frequency of maintenance should be reasonable.

Advertising Plans

Tenants respond to adverts when making a decision to occupy a property. It is the responsibility of

managers to advertise in the right platforms. Adverts shine spotlight on a property with the aim of

attracting the right tenants. Failure to advertise means that regardless of the nature of your property, it

will never attract the right tenants. This will delay the rate at which you get returns on your investments.


Property managers use advertising gimmicks to attract landlords to their fold. All the details provided

are not necessarily true. To avoid falling into their trap, it is advisable that you get a list or contacts of

landlords whose properties are managed by your target company. Such landlords will give you their first

hand experience.

Having been rated among the best rental property management companies, we provide expertise and

excellent return on investment. We grant you the power to negotiate your contract.