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  2. OVERVIEW • Social media goals • Creating a content plan • Engaging & Consumer service • Illustrations • Platforms & Advertising Best method for: • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Pinterest • Google + • YouTube • Others: LinkedIn, Snap Chat, Tumblr, Soundcloud • Weigh success • Questions

  3. GOALS OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS • Gain brand awareness • Drive traffic to your website • Increase revenue (by increasing signups or sales) • Efficient social customer service

  4. USES Engagement Competitive Intelligence social spying Establish and tell your brand’s story, Develop and engage brand enthusiasts – Result: optimize social media based on what competition are/aren’t doing – Result: loyalty, word-of mouth marketing, accumulative bookings Customer service Marketing Intelligence research – learn about trending topics and what your consumers are talking about – Result: new trends and topics, understanding your guests Monitor and maintain profiles for feedback/complaints – Result: GSR, reputation management

  5. CREATING A CONTENT PLAN • Use your marketing plan! • Engage with audience • Posting platforms &making a schedule • Create and share content to tell your brands story

  6. CREATING SHARABLE CONTENT • Strong headlines • Optimize for network • Vary content & don’t over-post • Include link and call to action

  7. RELAVENT & INTERESTING CONTENT • Articles that pertain to your location or industry • Local news • Example: Town updates, new businesses, Game changers in the community • Example: Kimberly Reid Top 5 Things to do in New York • Sharing partners’ content • Local events • restaurant’s special event or town parade, etc. Example: Local • Example: Local liquor company posts recipes that you make at your restaurant

  8. ENGAGEMENT • This pertains to positive and negative comments. It’s definitely great to send the positives out to the public. Try to reconcile the negatives through direct messaging or take it offline. • followers! Engage with your • favorite… Like, comment, retweet, • Let your followers know that you will be out there and listening

  9. DIFFERENT PLATFORMS, DIFFERENT CONTENT • Content sharing on diverse platforms • Advertising via social media – organic views and the ever changing algorithms • Promoting and pay to play breakdowns – search out what works for you • Reviews on social Media platforms

  10. Tryviews We've helped thousands of personal brands and companies kick-start their social media campaigns

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  12. Creatives If art naturally works through your veins, after that producing magnificent artworks is completely effortless for you personally. The cyber community is now considerably more appreciative of what aesthetics gives. The world wants your talent as well as your talent deserves to be proven off. Pursue your interest powered by imagination and depend on us in planning the right audience for you personally. Entertainers Bringing joy to persons may be the true essence to be an entertainer. Permit the complete planet be filled up with smiles as you carry out your tips and ignite the entire mood. Share happiness all over. Get more supporters and find more fans whose times will be filled with your amusing online existence. Commence your digital entertainment trip today and see an absolute change tomorrow.

  13. Never underestimate the effectiveness of your terms. You don't know how tremendously they have got influenced your readers. If you believe that your write-ups is significantly considerable, you don't have any reasons to never create your sites’ readership obtain stretched to the most. Let the whole planet to understand your items and discuss your opinions to every presence you have touched.

  14. Social Media Marketing Get the most effective social marketing solutions especially suited to your budget. Each specific choice consists of an ideal balance of social mass media strategy; creative design and backup; social media management, public media advertising; and platform particular reporting.

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  19. Conclusion Never underestimate the effectiveness of your terms. You don't know how tremendously they have got influenced your readers. If you believe that your write-ups is significantly considerable, you don't have any reasons to never create your sites’ readership obtain stretched to the most. Let the whole planet to understand your items and discuss your opinions to every presence you have touched.