9 hottest wedding trends to welcome in 2018 n.
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9 Hottest Wedding Trends to Welcome in 2018 - A2zWeddingCards PowerPoint Presentation
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9 Hottest Wedding Trends to Welcome in 2018 - A2zWeddingCards

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9 Hottest Wedding Trends to Welcome in 2018 - A2zWeddingCards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here are the 9 hottest wedding trends that we predict will be huge for 2018. Get your notebooks ready, and find the best wedding trends 2018.
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9 Hottest Wedding Trends to Welcome in 2018 - A2zWeddingCards

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. 9 Hottest Wedding Trends To Welcome In 2018 With every New Year, there is an influx of fresh and more amazing wedding ideas to get excited about. While some of the timeless wedding ideas and inspirations never become outdated, some other wedding trends 2018 pop up.  The upcoming year 2018 will also bring lots of newness in wedding themes, trends, ideas and inspirations. We have listed down all the trends that will be hot and sparkly this year. Check them out.

    2. Metallic shades are in • In previous few years, metallic shades have out thrown various wedding colours from the market. The same would be applicable this year also with a slight change in the shades. In place of gold, brass and rose gold, the mix of silver and chrome will steal the show.  The online wedding invitation and other wedding décor market have already started to flood up with these shades.

    3. Trending navy • Black has been the most sensuous colour when we talk about wedding inspirations but, the colour will be almost replaced by navy blue shade and why not? It is hot, gorgeous and stunning to fit in each wedding idea.

    4. Floral in style • Flowers have always been an important part of any wedding since time immemorial and this is supposed to continue the same. However, these years floral will have some eclectic touches with coloured glasses, geometric shapes and vintage cut glasses. The bolder and brighter pastels will be used for floral this year.

    5. Add the taste • The traditional 3-course meal set is completely outdated in the contemporary wedding world. The modern couples are choosing the food they personally love. From sharing plates to pizzas, food vans and various other fast foodstuffs are totally in.

    6. New entertainment ideas • The couples are focusing on giving an incredible experience with lots of memories to their wedding guests. For this, they are incorporating innovative entertainment ideas along with interactive elements in their wedding.

    7. Texture is the new trend • The texture will be completely a rage in 2018 in almost everything and it would be applicable to wedding inspirations and trends too. Different textures, patterns and something different from various elements of wedding totally trendy this year. Bring some new ideas that get noticed.

    8. Creative desserts • When it comes to desserts, couples are using highly creative and innovative ideas. Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and custards are simply making the biggest wedding trends. This does not imply that wedding cakes are totally going out in fact; couples love the cake cutting ceremony as it gives them one perfect picture for their album.

    9. Formality is back • In recent times, we have witnessed that couples loved the casual wedding ceremonies more but, it will be no longer the same in 2018. Formal weddings with the whole lot of formality like cleaner floral, classic tuxedos, and a hint of sparkle will be back this year along with the trend of Hot Foil Stamping Wedding Invitations.

    10. 2018 wedding décor • With all the changing wedding inspirations, wedding décor will also witness some major changes in 2018. The hanging floral will be a big hit along with wedding wreath and drapes. Wildflowers in the modern floral installation will also be a part of the weddings this year.

    11. SaurabhAgarwal • Saurabh Agarwal is the co-founder of A2zWeddingCards. With his years of experience in wedding card designing, he excels in writing exclusive wedding related blogs. His website is a splendid space for latest wedding invitations designs and ideas. He is highly devoted and amorous for the work he performs. With his remarkable work in the industry, he continues to be a palpable wedding columnist with an incredible and prodigious writing talent.