How field staff management application can help in managing employees?
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field staff management application the real time location of field staff and information send to the admin. You can know that where is your field staff and where is your asset also.The application work on Linux/Windows and Smartphone then you should read this PDF.

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How field staff management application can help in managing employees?

If you are a service provider and want to improve performance of your team

then you should start using a field staff management application to

manage your flock. Presently what you are doing is you are using mobiles

for location tracking and task assignment.

Management with mobiles

When you want to know location of an employee, you call him and inquire

about his position. He gives a brief description about his whereabouts and

keep you guessing to determine his location. If you want to assign him a

job, you can make a decision only after knowing about his location. Mobile

tracking results in unnecessary delay in job assignment and completion. Also

you can track only one employee at a time.

But if you’re using application for field staff location tracking, you will

save time. The app will bring speed and transparency to the process. You

can see geographical location of your employees on the app and also you

can communicate with the field staff in a hassle free manner. The app will

connect you with your employees for smooth communication.

How the app works?

The app works like a platform on which you can real time geographic

location of your employees and also communicate with field staff by clicking

on their positions. Its advantage is that you can match employee location

with that of clients and save your employees time. On the other hand, the

employees can see client location on the map. It is a real help as the

employees won’t need calling back or calling clients for determining location.

When a job is complete, employees can generate quick invoices on their

mobiles. The field staff management application can generate invoices in

an error free manner. You only need entering your service charge and taxes

applicable in the application for generating invoice. Advantage of generating

invoice with app is that it can add over payments to present bills. The app

records payments for future use. When it generates bill for a client, it

searches whether the client has any overdue payment and adds overdue

payment to the present bill for the client.

How is it helpful for employees?

Every employee has to prepare a timesheet that shows his output like how

many assignments he completed and how much time he spent on a specific

job. Timesheet is needed for calculating salaries. Here the application can be

used an online timesheet that can be seen in real time.

In addition to field staff location tracking, you can see how your

employees are doing and whether they need any training. The online

timesheet will help you determine availability of the employees and also you

can see how much time they are spending on jobs. Also you can see the

data in real time.

Another advantage of the application is that you can allow your employees

to leave for job instead of coming to office for attendance marking. Take

their presence on application as attendance and in this way provide them

more time to serve clients.